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Global player with a brand heritage of 130 years, Bollé Safety is the world leader in PPE eye protection. Bollé Safety offers a wide range of innovative eye protections adapted to each market segment, focusing increasingly on eco-design. The brand equips 20 million workers over 100 countries with products that improve their performance and well-being, whenever there are vision risks, even in the most extreme environments. Bollé Safety is also a reference in the prescription protection market and offers co-branding and customization services. Since 2021, it has accelerated its CSR approach covering the measurement of its impacts, product, and packaging innovations as well as internal commitments.

XXL panoramic vision, maximum optical quality, interior settings, ergonomic headband with shape memory, sporty design … FLASH is THE reference in welding helmets. Suitable for all welding works, it is resistant to extreme heat // -5 ° + 55 °.

Product Pros:

  • XXL 98 x 87 mm field of vision
  • Ergonomic shape-memory headband



  • Guaranteed minimum resistance of the protective eyewear against everyday risks including dropping the protective eyewear onto the ground, ageing by light exposure, exposure to heat or corrosion etc.

Standard for welding

  • Specifies safety requirements and test methods related to the eye and face protective equipment used for welding and associated techniques. This European standard specifies the requirements and test methods related to the personal protective equipment used to protect the operator’s eyes and face against harmful optical radiation and other specific risks due to customary welding or cutting processes or other associated techniques. The standard specifies protection, including ergonomic aspects, against the risks or hazards of various kinds: radiation, inflammability, mechanical and electrical risks. This standard defines the terms used and specifies the requirements related to materials, design and manufacture.

Standard for welding filters

  • EN379 belongs to a series of European standards drafted by the European Standardization Committee (ESC) within the scope of the application of the European Directive on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). It specifies the requirements related to welding filters which automatically switch their transmission factor in the visible to a lower value when a welding arc is ignited (qualified welding filters with numbers of switchable levels). The specifications of the standard apply if such a filter is to be used for the continuous observation of the welding process and if it is only used during the period where the arc is ignited. The standard also specifies the requirements for welding filters with different welding factor areas in the visible (called welding filters with a double number of levels). These filters are used for the protectors of welder eyes or fixed to an installation.

European standard

  • Frame marking must include the CE symbol.



  • Available with an auto-darkening, variable shade filter. Permanent UV and IR protection.


  • The new TRUE COLOR technology on our active filters makes it possible to improve colour recognition while reducing eye fatigue and increasing visibility of the welding area.

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