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PyroScience is a manufacturer of high-precision optical sensors based on unique optical detection techniques (REDFLASH technology).

The product line includes various fibre-based and smart contactless sensor heads for compact PC-operated and stand-alone read-out devices for measurements in gas, water, aqueous and semi-solid samples. Sensor systems are also available for challenging measurements in organic solvents, microfluidics and high-throughput screening and for various OEM applications, such as oxygen gas monitoring, underwater/deep sea applications, and many others.

We offer unprecedented multi-parameter solutions for applications in e.g. life sciences, experimental biology, aquatic sciences, biotechnology, bioprocessing, microbiology, water- and wastewater-treatment, aquaculture, marine research, or environmental monitoring.

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Simplify and Boost Your Field and Lab Research

Based on the successful FireStingO2 technology we developed the pocket oxygen meter FireStingGO2, coming with high-contrast display, integrated rechargeable battery, huge data memory, and versatile long-term logging features. It has never been easier to perform your oxygen measurements in gas and liquids wherever you go! We implemented leading-edge technology with ultra-low power consumption, allowing long-term logging for longer than 1 year, even with permanently activated display. And an industrial-grade 4GB internal data memory will keep all your data even during long expeditions. Moreover, the FireStingGO2 offers most of all the other versatile features of the proven FireStingO2 series.

Oxygen Port

It comes with an ST-connector compatible to a broad range of fiber-optic oxygen sensors and contact-less oxygen sensors. The oxygen sensor of your choice must be purchased separately.
Here you can see our range of oxygen sensors.

Temperature Port

It also comes with a Lemo-connector for PT100 temperature sensors which can be used for automatic temperature compensation of the oxygen measurement, or simply for logging temperatures in liquids and gases.
Here you can see our range of temperature sensors.

High contrast display and silicone buttons

The high contrast display in combination with the silicone buttons offers an intuitive user interface, which allows for a complete stand-alone operation of the device. In fact, only for the final download of the logged data you will need to connect the device to a USB port of your PC. The display features ultra-low power consumption, as a result it is permanently enabled even during long-term logging. You will always keep an eye on your actual oxygen measurement.

Integrated rechargeable battery

The FireStingGO2 comes with a powerful integrated lithium ion polymer battery, supporting a reliable stand-alone operation. You will be astonished how seldom the FireStingGO2 needs to be recharged. Typical laboratory usage (3h operation per day with 2s sample interval) requires recharging only after several months!

Life Measurements

Connect the oxygen sensor type of your choice, enter the sensor code, perform a quick 1-point or a precision 2-point calibration, and the display will immediately show the measured oxygen levels, temperature, humidity, and air pressure.

Long-term Logging

Start data logging of oxygen, temperature, humidity and air pressure via the intuitive user interface. Choose the logging interval (1s – 4h) and the logging duration (1min – nonstop) and let the FireStingGO2 do the job. Leading-edge technology with ultra-low power consumption offers unsurpassed logging durations without recharging the battery. At 1s logging interval a fully charged battery will typically last for >1 week, at 10s logging interval typ. > 2 months, and at 10min logging interval typ. >1 year! If this is not enough for you, simply connect an external power bank to the micro USB port of the FireStingGO2, which will scale up the maximum possible logging durations even more.

Huge data memory

The FireStingGO2 comes with a built-in data memory of 4GB of industrial grade giving space for ca. 40 million data points. This huge data memory will offer you virtually unlimited data memory even during long expeditions. Even if you log at 1s logging intervals, you will not have filled up this huge data memory after 1 year of around-the-clock operation!

Versatile PC software

The FireStingGO2 Manager software (Windows) is used for downloading and analysing the logged data from the device. Moreover, this software allows to control the device (adjusting settings, calibration, start/stop logging) without using the user interface of the FireStingGO2.

Micro USB port

The micro USB port can be used for recharging the internal battery with any standard recharger and/or computer USB port  and for data communication with the versatile “FireStingGO2 Manager” software (Windows).

Innovative REDFLASH Technology

The REDFLASH technology from Pyro Science is based on the unique oxygen-sensitive REDFLASH dyes. In contrast to common techniques using blue-light excitation, the REDFLASH dyes are excitable with orange-red light and show an oxygen-dependent luminescence in the near infrared (NIR). The REDFLASH technology impresses by its high precision, high reliability, low power consumption, low cross-sensitivity, and fast response times. The orange-red light excitation significantly reduces interferences caused by autofluorescent samples. Further, the NIR detection technology significantly reduces interference with ambient light, known from the old blue-light techniques.

Integrated Pressure and Humidity Sensors for Easy Calibration

The FireStingGO2 device comes with integrated sensors for atmospheric pressure and relative humidity of the ambient air, which are important parameters for precision calibrations of oxygen sensors. This offers an user-friendly and fail-safe calibration procedure at ambient air, as the relevant pressure and humidity values are measured automatically.

Automatic Pressure Compensation

The integrated pressure sensor is used additionally for automatic pressure compensation of oxygen measurements performed e.g. in units of %O2 or %air sat. These oxygen units show a dependency on atmospheric pressure changes (weather changes).

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