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Ear Defenders

The EAVE Work MKI. is the markets first ear defender that has integrated hearing protection, communication in noise, and noise monitoring software into one piece of kit.

The EAVE Work MKI surpasses all current hearing protection solutions reducing risks to health and safety while improving productivity and efficiency. The EAVE Work MKI ensures employees are protected at all times by enabling communication and environmental awareness with the headset on.


The EAVE Work MKI uses a combination of software that up until now was only used for hearing aids. It compresses noise hazards, while enhancing speech, in order to protect the users hearing without robbing them of their senses. With a combination of digital signal processing and beam forming the MKI's 4 microphones capture the frequency of voice and separate and amplify it from other frequencies. This means, that while paired with a radio or bluetooth the MKI enhances the users speech communication.


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EAVE Work MKI The EAVE Work MKI. is the markets first ear defender that has integrated hearing...
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