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Dual Purpose Anti Slip Tiles

Multiple Variants

Our most popular anti slip floor tiles are 140mmx140mm and 150mmx610mm. 140mmx140mm pieces fit perfectly onto most tile sizes whilst 150mmx610mm generally work ideally on stairs and steps (in case anyone is wondering why these particular sizes, we are an older manufacturing company and the sizes reflect the old ‘Imperial’ measurements of 5.5”x5.5” and 6”x24”, we have simply kept those sizes and made them metric).

We decided to add different elements to our anti slip floor tiles; we imagined that many customers might find it useful to also have the addition of reflective strips, photoluminescent sections, hazard chevrons etc. The dual purpose non slip floor tiles benefit from our class leading abrasive upper surface, our acrylic adhesive base and high quality plastic film carrier. Our permanent adhesive will adhere onto most surfaces, with the use of our ancillaries this helps with application and long term durability. The abrasive non slip surface is produced from minerals that are close to diamond hardness on the MoH scale, they offer superior anti slip effectiveness. Both sizes of non slip tiles come complete with rounded corners to offer excellent durability.

The four stock options of black non slip tiles that we produce are;

H3412YUA 140mmx140mm with Yellow Reflective Stripe

These square, anti slip floor tiles feature a yellow reflective strip on one side, that could be used as the leading edge, or however you like. Naturally, for steps and ledges, it makes sense to apply them with the reflective strip on the leading edge to highlight the edge of the step or ledge.

Having the strip on one edge makes it easier to apply anti slip tiles in lines to follow corners, 90° or shallower, allowing for maximum safety in low light conditions throughout.

H3412DUA 150mmx610mm Hazard and Glow in the Dark Stripe

The hazard stripe warns of potential dangers, while the glow in the dark strip helps during low light conditions. By orientating the dual purpose anti slip tile, you can achieve maximum efficiency and safety.

Applying these non slip floor tiles on ledges or steps helps to pronounce the existence of the ledge or step, helping people stay safe, even in low light conditions.

H3412XUA 150mmx610mm Glow in the Dark Stripe

Anti slip that can be applied in awkward shaped rooms, or even on ledges or steps that are prone to low light conditions, helping to guide people safely, preventing mis-steps, falls and injuries.

By piecing dual purpose anti slip tiles together, you can achieve efficient slip prevention, without having to cover the entire surface.

H3412YUA 150mmx610mm Reflective Stripe and Glow in the Dark Stripe

Dual purpose non slip floor tiles with two strips suitable for low light conditions. In low light conditions where things are still visible, the reflective strip will reflect light and help attract the eye of any people close by, warning of potential hazards such as ledges or steps. In low light conditions where visibility isn't very good at all, or even in power outs, the glow in the dark strip will help guide people, whether down walkways or warning or ledges and steps, helping to maintain efficient safety levels at all times.

Different options of anti slip tiles can be produced, but, they often require a larger minimum order quantity, for more information please contact our sales office.

If you would like to enquire or order, please contact the sales team by phone, live chat or the contact us form on the website.


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