Dräger MSI P7

Gas leak and load test

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“Technology for Life” is the guiding philosophy. Whether in the operating room, in intensive care or emergency response services, Dräger / Draeger products protect, support and save lives.

Dräger offers its customers anaesthesia workstations, medical ventilation, patient monitoring as well as neonatal care for premature babies and newborns. With ceiling supply units, IT solutions for the OR, and gas management systems the company is at the customer’s side throughout the entire hospital.

Emergency response services, law and regulatory enforcement and the industry trust in Dräger’s integrated hazard management, in particular for personal protection and plant safety. This includes: respiratory protection equipment, stationary and portable gas detection systems, professional diving equipment and systems, as well as alcohol and drug impairment detection. In collaboration with its customers Dräger develops customized solutions, such as entire fire training systems, training concepts and workshops.

Dräger has about 13,500 employees worldwide and is currently present in more than 190 countries. The company has sales and service subsidiaries in over 50 countries. Its development and production facilities are based in Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, South Africa, the USA, Brazil, the Czech Republic and China.

Fit for the new DVGW-TRGI 2008: The Dräger MSI P7 provides several methods for you to test pipelines and containers that are filled with gas or air. The device has been tested in accordance with DVGW VP 952 and is the ideal tool for working in compliance with the new DVGW-TRGI 2008. Automatic absolute pressure and temperature compensation guarantee precise measurements.


Gas safety test in just 10 to 15 minutes!

  • The Dräger MSI standard leak procedure is particularly quick and easy for the user. There is no need to disassemble a gas meter or to connect a container with gas to the gas line. The MSI P7 uses the changes in pressure measured with and without the standard leak to determine the leakage rate and volume in the gas line in just 10 to 15 minutes! The serviceability check (gas safety check) meets the technical conditions of the new DVGW-TRGI 2008.

Load test, in accordance with DVGW-TRGI 2008

  • In the load test (previously the preliminary test), the pressure in the gas line is increased to 1 bar. The measurement results can be displayed, printed or saved.

Leak test, in accordance with DVGW-TRGI 2008

  • The leak test is fully automatic with the MSI P7. In addition, the gas line to be tested is connected to the MSI P7 via just one pressure measurement hose. The pressure in the gas line to be tested is automatically increased to 150 mbar (previously 110 mbar) by the measurement system, in accordance with the new DVGW-TRGI 2008. The stabilization and measurement times correspond to DVGW TRGI G 600, chapter

At a glance

  • Gas safety test in just 10 to 15 minutes
  • Fully automatic leak rate measurement
  • No need to demount the gas meter or establish a connection to fill external containers with gas
  • Automatic measurement of pipeline volume
  • Leak test with 150 mbar, including fully automatic pressure restoration
  • Documentation of measurement results via infrared printer and PC
  • Tests comply with new technical conditions of the DVGW-TRGI 2008.
  • DVGW-approved (DVGW No.: DG-4805BS0029) Serviceability test for natural gas, propane and air

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Dräger MSI P7

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