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Welcome to Avantes!
Avantes is the leading innovator in the development of fibre-optic spectroscopy instruments and systems with nearly 30 years of experience developing customer-defined spectrometer configurations.

With a long history of consulting with clients across diverse industries and applications, Avantes is an experienced partner, equipped to guide customers who want a solution tailored to their application and research needs. By building best-in-class spectrometers and providing second-to-none customer service, Avantes offers customers the peace of mind that the Avantes solutions they purchase will meet, and exceed, their expectations.

Curious how spectroscopy can help you reveal answers by measuring all kind of materials, in-line, at your production facility, in a lab or even in the field? Browse through our products or contact us for advice and guidance. We are happy to help you!

The AvaSpec-HERO is the answer for those who need high resolution and high sensitivity. This spectrometer combines the best of both worlds, so no compromise needed. The AvaSpec-HERO is built up around our High-Sensitivity, Compact (HSC), 100mm optical bench offering a NA of 0.13 and a cooled, back-thinned detector (1024×58 pixels). Electronics wise, it uses our latest AS7010 board, which includes a high-performance Analog to Digital convertor with excellent noise performance and the ability of high-speed communication through USB 3.0 and Ethernet.

The combination of these two state-of-the-art components will give you an excellent instrument, offering the ideal balance between sensitivity and resolution and the capability of using longer integration times in low-light applications, yet ensuring perfect signal-to-noise performance, transferred by the latest communication standards.

The Avaspec-HERO is suitable for use with replaceable slits, offering optimum flexibility for a variety of applications. The combination of all the above features makes the AvaSpec-Hero your ideal companion for all your spectroscopic measurements.


High resolution and sensitivity
Cooled, back-thinned detector
High-speed USB3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet
Standard equipped for use with replaceable slits

Specifications (see datasheet for total):

Wavelength range:200-1160 nm
Resolution: 0.2 – 7 nm, depending on configuration
Stray light:0.5%, depending on grating
Sensitivity:445,000 counts/ μW per ms integration time
Integration time:5 ms – 180 s
Detector:CCD array image sensor with one stage TE Cooled, 1024 pixels
Sample speed with onboard averaging:5.2 ms/scan
Data transfer speed:5.2 ms/scan (USB3 and ETH)
Dimensions, weight:185 x 161 x 185 mm, 3500 g

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