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946 Portable VA Analyzer

Mobile heavy metal analysis

Determine trace levels of arsenic, mercury, and copper in water in the field with the 946 Portable VA Analyzer. By determining heavy metals on site instead of in the lab, you are able to obtain results within minutes instead of shipping samples to the laboratory and waiting for results.

Our 946 Portable VA Analyzer offers you:

  • Full mobility – perform your analysis anywhere and get results quickly.
  • Simple handling – low-maintenance sensor and accessories included.
  • Accurate results – detect trace levels of heavy metals.

The 946 Portable VA Analyzer at a glance:

  • Portable battery-powered analyzer for mercury, arsenic, and copper in water
  • Straightforward operation: predefined methods, semidisposable sensor, results within seconds
  • High-quality results suitable for analysis in accordance with WHO guideline values
  • Complete package with all accessories you need to get started

Don't take the sample to the lab – Take the lab to the sample

With the 946 Portable VA Analyzer, you can take a sample, analyze it, and get the results in one go.

The time-consuming task of taking samples to the laboratory to perform the analysis is therefore eliminated.

Straightforward and quick heavy metal analysis

From sample introduction to results evaluation, the 946 Portable VA Analyzer makes analysis as easy as can be.

The 946 Portable VA Analyzer makes your work easy along the entire process. Simply put the sample in the dedicated cell, start the predefined method with one click, and get the result on your laptop screen only minutes later.

Bottles, pipettes, cell, and sensor – All in a convenient case

The convenient transport case contains all accessories you need to start measuring:

  • Instrument with compact, robust measuring cell and cables
  • scTRACE Gold sensor
  • Reagent bottles, pipettes, and more accessories

The screen-printed, semi-disposable scTRACE Gold sensor:

  • is robust and easy to use
  • requires little maintenance
  • yields precise results (down to the single-digit µg/L range for arsenic)

Accurate and reproducible results

The 946 Portable VA Analyzer allows you to perform measurements with the sensitivity, accuracy, and reproducibility required to detect the levels specified in official guidelines*.

Analyte Limit value*  Limit of detection

Arsenic  10 µg/L    1 µg/L 

Mercury 6 µg/L     0.5 µg/L

Copper 2000 µg/L 0.5 µg/L

*) As specified in the Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality of the World Health Organization.


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