13-4 Cool Nitrile


High cut resistant glove free from fibreglass and steel fibre
High level of comfort

Category: Cut
SKU: 13-4CNI
Standard: ANSI CUT, EN388, EN388 CUT
Cut resistant: A4, D
Attributes: Oily environment, Palm coated, Warm environment
Coating: Nitrile

As an integrated producer and distributor, our goal is to provide demanding industries with innovative glove technology to keep workers hands protected from injury. Eureka values Safety through progress! Eureka solutions are always bringing new technology to the benefit of our customers.

Clear purpose of each product – one product per user segment…

We always try to understand the end user requirement in terms of physical properties. We clearly map our products according to two axis. Such as “cut resistance / user environment” for seamless, or “moisture / temperature” for winter gloves.

A name to carry the purpose…

To help overcome the challenge of getting the right products to the right working conditions all our products have names that give an indication of how they are made and meant to be used!

Lean all the way!

Eureka is focusing on using the best available raw materials and avoid common but detrimental shortcuts. We aim to stay within mass-market cost levels to suit demanding industrial users. A high cost efficiency is provided by a modular approach, a lean organization with integrated producer-distributor and fast moving logistics.


Vibration Gloves

Vibration Gloves can be a very valuable tool in reducing Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome. Eureka’s innovative glove matching process matches your rotating and impacting tools with the appropriate glove model to maximize protection and minimize long term vibration induced damage.

Arc Flash Protection Gloves

Eureka’s Arc Flash series is based on selected para aramid fiber technology, anti static yarns and advanced coating technology to provide optimal protection from arc flash explosions.

Cut Resistant Gloves

Our Cut range offers high dexterity and best fit models from A/A1 to F/A9 cut resistance (EN388:2016 / ANSI).

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