Rock Empire

Together, we will reach the peak! FEEL THE ROCK. ROCK EMPIRE

About Rock Empire

ROCK EMPIRE was affiliated with Hudy Sport a.s.

who arranged sales for Rock Empire in the Czech Republic and abroad. During that time, we helped many climbing talents and supported many expeditions. Experts, enthusiasts and the general climbing public became more aware of the name Rock Empire.

Creation of ROCK EMPIRE

In 2007, Rock Empire separated our activities with HUDY Sport a.s. In 2008, ROCK EMPIRE s.r.o. was created, and, in 2009, we took over the export rights and independently registered the ROCK EMPIRE brand.

Today, you will find our products in more than 50 countries, and we continue to offer high quality equipment.

That is why we involve our existing customers in the design process and offer several promises to our customers: And, of course, we adhere to the strictest standards and EU certifications. Over time, our product range has changed and expanded, so you can get complete equipment for sports and professional needs for a range of activities at heights. Visit our website

Contact Rock Empire

Our team can help you with any product information, quotes, or any general questions you may have about the product.

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