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About Petzl


Founder Fernand Petzl's passion was for caving. Expertise in this began to grow with the design and crafting of solutions for ascending, descending, belaying and moving about in the dark. In 1970, the first "Fernand Petzl" brand products were produced in a workshop in Saint-Nazaire-Les-Eymes, Isère, France. Since then, the company that established in 1975, has grown into an international enterprise. All the while preserving its personal feel and the passion that drove Fernand.


The mission is to create innovative tools and services allowing progress, position and protection in vertical environments.



Each Petzl product is designed to meet a precise need found in the real world. Our product development process favours simple, ergonomic and reliable solutions in order to introduce innovative products that reflect the evolution of activities. Vertical products include:

Harnesses, Helmets, Lanyards and energy absorbers. Mobile fall arresters, Connectors, Descenders, Rope clamps, Pulleys, Anchors, Ropes, Packs and accessories Kits.


Petzl headlamps have been in constant evolution for over 30 years. New technologies have allowed Petzl to invent and design headlamps that are ever more powerful, more lightweight, and more adapted to the needs of professionals. Lighting products include:

High performance headlamps, Compact durable headlamps, Ultra-compact headlamps, ATEX / HAZLOC headlamps.

Access the inaccessible.

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