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Bromine CI2/C-20

Bromine CI2/C-200

Bromine CI2/C-2000

Bromine CI2/C-5000

Formaldehyde CH20/C-10

Formaldehyde CH20/C-1000

Ethene Ethylene C2H4/C-10

Ethene Ethylene C2H4/C-1500

Product Collections

Compact Gas Sensors

Highest reliability and maximum performance in a compact housing. Suitable in most of all applications.

Bromine CI2/C-20

Bromine CI2/C-200

Bromine CI2/C-2000

Bromine CI2/C-5000

Formaldehyde CH20/C-10

Formaldehyde CH20/C-1000

Ethene Ethylene C2H4/C-10

Ethene Ethylene C2H4/C-1500

Ethene Ethylene C2H4/C-200

Ethene Ethylene C2H4/CA-10

Ethylene Oxide ETO/C-100

Ethylene Oxide ETO/C-1000

Ethylene Oxide ETO/C-20

Ethylene Oxide ETO/C-5000

Organic Acids Acid/C-100

Alcohols Alc/C-100

Carbon Monoxide CO/C-1000

Carbon Monoxide CO/C-200

Carbon Monoxide CO/CF-1000

Carbon Monoxide CO/CF-10000-4E

Carbon Monoxide CO/CF-200

Carbon Monoxide CO/CF-200-4E

Carbon Monoxide CO/CF-2000

Carbon Monoxide CO/CF-2000-4E

Carbon Monoxide CO/CF-4000

Carbon Monoxide CO/CF-40000

Carbon Monoxide CO/CF-500

Carbon Monoxide CO/CFA-1000

Carbon Monoxide CO/CFA-10000

Carbon Monoxide CO/CFA-200

Carbon Monoxide CO/CFA-500

Carbon Monoxide CO/CFA-5000

Chlorine CI2/C-20

Chlorine CI2/C-200

Chlorine CI2/C-2000

Chlorine CI2/C-5000

Chlorine Dioxide CI02/C-200

Chlorine Dioxide CI02/C-5

Hydrogen H2/C-2000

Hydrogen H2/C-20000

Hydrogen H2/C-40000

Hydrogen H2/C-5000

Hydrogen H2/CA-1000

Hydrogen H2/CB-1000

Hydrogen H2/CT-10000

Hydrogen H2/CT-40000

Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2/CB-100

Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2/CB-2000

Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2/CB-500

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S/C-10

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S/C-1000

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S/C-200

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S/C-2000

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S/C-50

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S/C-500

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S/C-5000

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S/CG-100

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S/CG-100-4E

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S/CG-10000

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S/CG-2000

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S/CG-5000

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S/CG-5000-4...

Hydrogen Bromide HCI/C-1000

Hydrogen Bromide HCI/C-20

Hydrogen Bromide HCI/C-200

Hydrogen Bromide HCI/C-3000

Hydrogen Chloride HCI/C-1000

Hydrogen Chloride HCI/C-20

Hydrogen Chloride HCI/C-200

Hydrogen Chloride HCI/C-3000

Hydrogen Cyanide HCN/C-100

Ammonia NH3/CR-1000

Ammonia NH3/CR-10000

Ammonia NH3/CR-200

Ammonia NH3/CR-50

Ammonia NH3/CR-5000

Nitric Oxide NO/C-1

Nitric Oxide NO/C-100

Nitric Oxide NO/C-25

Nitric Oxide NO/CF-100

Nitric Oxide NO/CF-2000

Nitrogen Dioxide NO2/C-1

Nitrogen Dioxide NO2/C-20

Nitrogen Dioxide NO2/C-500

Ozone O3/C-100

Ozone O3/C-1000

Ozone O3/C-200

Ozone O3/C-5

Ozone O3/C-5000

Phosphine PH3/C-1000

Phosphine PH3/C-2000

Phosphine PH3/C-4000

Phosphine PH3/C-5

Silane SiH4/C-200

Silane SiH4/C-50

Sulfur Dioxide SO2/C-1

Sulfur Dioxide SO2/C-100

Sulfur Dioxide SO2/C-20

Sulfur Dioxide SO2/C-2000

Sulfur Dioxide SO2/CF-100

Sulfur Dioxide SO2/CF-10000

Sulfur Dioxide SO2/CF-20

Sulfur Dioxide SO2/CF-2000

Miniature Gas Sensors

Industry standard for portable gas detectors. Widely-used format for personal safety.

Bromine CI2/M-20

Bromine CI2/M-200

Bromine CI2/M-2EG

Formaldehyde CH20/M-10

Formaldehyde CH20/M-10-2E

Formaldehyde CH20/M-1000

Formaldehyde CH20/M-50

Ethene Ethylene C2H4/M-10

Ethene Ethylene C2H4/M-1500

Ethene Ethylene C2H4/M-200

Ethylene Oxide ETO/M-10

Ethylene Oxide ETO/M-100

Ethylene Oxide ETO/M-1000

Ethylene Oxide ETO/M-500

Organic Acids Acid/M-100

Alcohols Alc/M-200

Carbon Monoxide CO/MF-1000

Carbon Monoxide CO/MF-200

Carbon Monoxide CO/MF-2000

Carbon Monoxide CO/MF-2E

Carbon Monoxide CO/MF-500

Carbon Monoxide CO/MFA-500

Chlorine CI2/M-20

Chlorine CI2/M-200

Chlorine CI2/M-2EG

Chlorine Dioxide CIO2/M-5

Hydrogen H2/M-1000

Hydrogen H2/M-4000

Hydrogen H2/M-40000

Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2/MB-100

Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2/MB-500

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S/M-100

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S/M-200-2E

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S/M-2000

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S/M-50

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S/M-500

Hydrogen Bromide HCI/M-20

Hydrogen Bromide HCI/M-200

Hydrogen Chloride HCI/M-20

Hydrogen Chloride HCI/M-200

Hydrogen Cyanide HCN/M-50

Ammonia NH3/MR-100

Ammonia NH3/MR-100-2E

Ammonia NH3/MR-1000

Ammonia NH3/MR-1000-2E

Ammonia NH3/MR-10000

Ammonia NH3/MR-2000

Ammonia NH3/MR-500

Ammonia NH3/MR-5000

Nitric Oxide NO/M-1000

Nitric Oxide NO/M-25

Nitric Oxide NO/M-250

Nitrogen Dioxide NO2/M-100

Nitrogen Dioxide NO2/M-20

Nitrogen Dioxide NO2/M-2E

Nitrogen Dioxide NO2/M-2EG

Nitrogen Dioxide NO2/M-500

Oxygen O2/M-1

Oxygen O2/M-100

Oxygen O2/MP-100

Oxygen O2/MT-100

Ozone O3/M-100

Ozone O3/M-5

Phosphine PH3/M-20

Phosphine PH3/M-200

Phosphine PH3/M-2000

Phosphine PH3/M-5

Silane SiH4/M-50

Sulfur Dioxide SO2/M-100-2E

Sulfur Dioxide SO2/M-20

Sulfur Dioxide SO2/M-2E

Sulfur Dioxide SO2/MF-100

Sulfur Dioxide SO2/MF-1000

Sulfur Dioxide SO2/MF-10000

Sulfur Dioxide SO2/MF-20

Sulfur Dioxide SO2/MF-200

Sulfur Dioxide SO2/MF-2000

Slim Gas Sensor

The robust sensors with mounting holes for industrial applications.

Bromine CI2/S-20-S

Bromine CI2/S-200-S

Bromine CI2/S-50-S

Ethene Ethylene C2H4/S-10-S

Ethene Ethylene C2H4/S-1500-S

Ethene Ethylene C2H4/S-200-S

Carbon Monoxide CO/S-1000-S

Carbon Monoxide CO/SF-1000-S

Carbon Monoxide CO/SF-10000-4E...

Carbon Monoxide CO/SF-200-4E-S

Carbon Monoxide CO/SF-200-S

Carbon Monoxide CO/SF-2000-S

Carbon Monoxide CO/SF-2F-S

Carbon Monoxide CO/SF-4000-S

Carbon Monoxide CO/SF-40000-S

Carbon Monoxide CO/SFA-1000-S

Carbon Monoxide CO/SFA-10000-S

Carbon Monoxide CO/SFA-200-S

Carbon Monoxide CO/SGF-4E-S

Chlorine CI2/S-20-S

Chlorine CI2/S-200-S

Chlorine CI2/S-50-S

Hydrogen H2/S-10000-S

Hydrogen H2/S-2000-S

Hydrogen H2/SA-1000-S

Hydrogen H2/SA-20000-S

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S/S-10-S

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S/S-10000-S

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S/S-50-S

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S/SG-10000-...

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S/SG-200-S

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S/SG-2000-S

Ammonia NH3/SR-1000-S

Ammonia NH3/SR-200-S

Nitric Oxide NO/S-100-S

Nitric Oxide NO/S-25-S

Nitric Oxide NO/SF-1000-S

Nitric Oxide NO/SF-200-S

Nitric Oxide NO/SF-5000-S

Nitric Oxide NO/SGF-2000-S

Nitrogen Dioxide NO2/S-1000-S

Nitrogen Dioxide NO2/S-20-S

Nitrogen Dioxide NO2/S-500-S

Nitrogen Dioxide NO2/S-5000-S

O3 Ozone O3/S-5-S

Sulfur Dioxide SO2/S-100-S

Sulfur Dioxide SO2/S-20-S

Sulfur Dioxide SO2/S-2000-S

Sulfur Dioxide SO2/SF-100-S

Sulfur Dioxide SO2/SF-10000-S

Sulfur Dioxide SO2/SF-2000-S

Sulfur Dioxide SO2/SF-400-S

Standard Gas Sensors

Sensors with mounting holes and increased electrolyte volume.

Bromine CI2/S-20

Bromine CI2/S-50

Formaldehyde CH20/S-10

Ethene Ethylene C2H4/S-10

Ethene Ethylene C2H4/S-1500

Ethene Ethylene C2H4/S-200

Carbon Monoxide CO/S-1000

Carbon Monoxide CO/SF-1000

Carbon Monoxide CO/SF-200

Carbon Monoxide CO/SF-2E

Carbon Monoxide CO/SF-4000

Carbon Monoxide CO/SF-500

Carbon Monoxide CO/SFA-1000

Carbon Monoxide CO/SFA-10000

Carbon Monoxide CO/SFA-200

Chlorine CI2/S-20

Chlorine CI2/S-50

Hydrogen H2/SA-1000

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S/S-1000

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S/S-10000

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S/S-200

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S/S-50

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S/S-5000

Hydrogen Cyanide HCN/S-100

Ammonia NH3/SR-1000

Ammonia NH3/SR-200

Nitric Oxide NO/S-100

Nitric Oxide NO/S-25

Nitric Oxide NO/SF-100

Nitric Oxide NO/SF-1000

Nitric Oxide NO/SF-5000

Nitrogen Dioxide NO2/S-100

Nitrogen Dioxide NO2/S-1000

Ozone O3/S-30000

Ozone O3/S-5

Sulfur Dioxide SO2/S-100

Sulfur Dioxide SO2/S-20

Sulfur Dioxide SO2/SF-100

The Synonym for Reliable Electrochemical Gas Sensors

MEMBRAPOR, the synonym for reliable electrochemical gas sensors.Our medium-sized, family-run company supplies OEM of gas sensing solutions and puts great value on quality, customer proximity and flexibility.

MEMBRAPOR sensors are manufactured in Switzerland and applied in the most diverse fields across the world. We are proud that our ongoing search for new solutions is continuously improving our product range  and additionally, is leading to new developments.

Based on years of dedicated research and development, we are able to fabricate gas diffusion electrodes that exhibit unparalleled properties. Incorporated with practiced know-how and an innovative mindset, we produce with them gas sensors of matchless performance. Due to the modular concept of our production, we can readily adapt to customer requirements and provide economical, tailor-made solutions.



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