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GasClam 2

Soil/Ground Gas Monitor

CubTAC Personal Benzene Detect...

Personal VOC Detector

MiniPID 2 PID Sensor

High sensitivity sensor

SF6 LeakCheck P1:p

Portable SF6 leak detector

SF6 GasCheck 6000

Handheld leak detector

SF6 AreaCheck P2

Fixed SF6 leak detector

MiniPID 2 HS PID sensor

High sensitivity sensor


World's safest PID technology is no...

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Superior PID technology for benzene detection

Ion Science Ltd is a leading manufacturer of gas detection instrumentation within industrial applications. Our product portfolio ranges from our revolutionary photoionization detectors (PIDs) for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with optimal performance in humid and dirty working environments, to IAQ monitors, gas leak detectors and mercury analysers, all distributed world wide.

We are ISO9001:2008 certified and actively ensure we supply the best products and services to the industry. Our aim is for the customer to feel satisfied with the performance of our instruments, and with the performance of the Ion Science team.


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