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About Ellona

With more than 500 collective years of expertise and 16 patents, ellona develop unique solutions for indoor and outdoor environments to identify, monitor and remediate to environmental nuisances, whether it is air quality, odors, noises, particles, or gases. The objective of ellona is to help companies improve their environmental impact according to local regulations, optimise their processes and maximise wellbeing of employees and citizens.

Ellona has developed a lineup of connected solutions for both indoor and outdoor application cases, awarded by the Airlab challenge (4 stars for WT1, outdoor solution and Winner for POD2 indoor solution).

Our Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring and data processing system is always on-line, always on duty, constantly working to detect events in a timely manner, allowing for fast and efficient interventions and risk mitigation. By making the invisible visible, we provide our customers with actionable data to make every environment healthy and safe in order to live more, better, together and in confidence.

With 45 employees on total, Ellona has set its headquarter in Toulouse, France where our technology was born, and also opened offices in Paris and the United-States. Ellona already has 100+ customers over 4 continents and has built a worldwide distribution network with distributors and partners to promote its offer and innovative solutions.

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