Bodytrak® is a data-driven company fuelled by science, based in the heart of London, providing a smart safety solution that’s designed to reduce workplace risks and prevent incidents related to heat stress, fatigue and noise exposure.

The company was founded to help solve real problems faced by people that affect their health and wellbeing. Sparked by two key events, the SAS soldier fatalities on the Brecon Beacons in 2013 and the global rise of temperatures causing a significant increase in workplace fatalities, it was strikingly evident that no solutions were available to prevent such occupational hazards. More often than not, highly accurate sensing devices used in research labs are attached to subjects and tethered to desktop machines making them impractical for industrial and workplace environments. The opportunity to evolve the accuracy of lab-based apparatus by integrating miniature sensors and electronic components into a convenient solution that enables the same functionality in a lightweight, durable, and cost-effective wearable would change the game. From this, Bodytrak was born.

Bodytrak is now the world’s most comprehensive safety solution. The device monitors physiological responses to challenging and hazardous environments in the workplace. With the ability to provide individualised monitoring, precise data is captured through a wearable device to trigger immediate alerts enabling early intervention to prevent injury, and even death. Both the user and supervisor receive alerts when configurable thresholds are exceeded. The Bodytrak Platform provides access to automated reports to help organisations identify trends to improve safety practices, ensure compliance and enhance productivity. 

Proven by customers as an essential risk mitigation solution across a wide range of applications, such as lone working to metal smelting, Bodytrak’s mission is to disrupt the approach to health and safety in the workplace. By working with customers, regulators and the insurance industry, the company is committed to defining new standards and reducing the number of workplace incidents and fatalities around the world.

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Paper Mill

Metal Manufacturing

Lone Worker



Our pioneering products are designed to function in the harshest industrial occupational environments worldwide. From dust monitoring to gas detection and sensors, we’ve made it our mission to help you keep your workers safe.

With an estimated 1 million people dying globally from the inhalation of dust in occupational environments every year, now is the time to protect your workers. We’re continuously innovating our real-time dust monitoring technology to give you access to the information to effect change and keep your workers safe from hazardous respirable dusts.

Protecting workers for over 60 years, we have worked in a range of industries globally, with the aim of saving lives. Our safety technology is easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain and competitively priced, making the future of monitoring devices simple and effective for everyone.


Our ethos has been to create fixed and personal dust monitors that require virtually no maintenance and stay functional in even the most challenging of industrial environments. Our dust monitoring technology gives you simple, accurate data in real time so you can make decisions that save lives and improve efficiency.


There are 100 times as many deaths in the workplace caused by the inhalation of dust as there are from every other cause of death in the workplace combined. We simply can’t allow this to continue. We’re on a mission to help you change this through simple, accurate real-time dust monitoring in even the harshest of industrial environments.

Our dust monitoring technology has been in development for over 9 years. We’ve put in over 20,000 hours of testing in our purpose-built laser-lab to create a technology range that breaks traditional flaws of slow, expensive and complicated methodology. Being simple and effective helps you make important business decisions that make a real impact. Dust monitoring homepage > Real-time dust monitoring | Trolex


Founded in 1999, starting with outsourcing work for factories in the region, our mission has always been to offer innovative, attractive and functional security solutions.

More than 20 years of research and innovation, from the conception of the idea to industrialisation and commercialisation, are differentiating aspects of AMF.

The permanent search for the latest news, trends and technology is a factor of innovation in such a technologically competitive sector.

“The decisions we make today influence the future of generations to come.” Our goal is that the only footprint we leave for the environment is that of our feet.


Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd is part of Halma group plc, a group of organisations dedicated to providing safety, health and environmental technologies to support organisations across multiple industries.

We focus on gas detection by understanding current and future market requirements and responding accordingly. Our track record of growth speaks for itself.

Our vision is to protect people and the environment from gas hazards by providing both single and multi gas monitors, enabling personal and larger-scale monitoring.

Crowcon operates globally through a network of regional offices and authorised channel partners.

To support the Crowcon ethos, we take care to recruit the best talent and invest in our people by providing opportunities to develop and learn.

[email protected]


Founded in 2001, INNOTECH® Arbeitsschutz is a family-owned company with headquarters in Kirchham and branch offices in Germany and Switzerland. From the onset, the company has placed great worth on innovative, customised solutions. With a dedicated research and development team, INNOTECH® soon set international standards in the area of occupational safety. Ever since, it has driven forward the further development of innovative products. Today INNOTECH is one of the largest manufacturers in Europe which has specialised exclusively in the production of safety systems, with 88% from its own manufacture, in order to guarantee maximum quality.

According to various statistics, several hundred people have an accident on roofs every year. Accidents that could have been prevented with appropriate safety equipment and the diligent installation of high-quality fall protection systems. In the area of worker protection, INNOTECH® is the joint author of planning documents and is a joint founder of the international working group D.A.CH.S.,which consists of experts from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and South Tyrol, and whose aim is to create cross-border regulations for fall protection systems.

Safeguard Analytics

Safeguard Analytics manufactures high quality gas detection sensors, safety control systems and gas process analyzers. Our team of scientists, engineers and marketing professionals have years of experience in the global gas detection market creating innovative and distinctive products. We design our products by keeping them simple and intuitive. We deliver safe and reliable solutions for virtually any commercial or industrial gas sensing application.

Dado Lab

We are instrument designers, manufacturers and stack emission and environmental sampling experts realizing instruments and, especially, supply solutions and support to customers.

Realize the same basic solutions, already available from many manufacturers, was simply not enough for us, our target was to be recognized by the customers to be “one step ahead”.

It is our capability to create innovation that distinguish Dado lab from the other manufacturers and allowed such great feedback from customers and quickly expanding in Italy but also abroad with an extended distributors network in Europe and in the rest of the world.

Aqua Safety Showers

Aqua Safety Showers are an independently-owned UK manufacturer of emergency safety showers and eye wash equipment. With over 50 years experience serving the water, chemical, oil and gas industries, we are proud to offer a full range of standard and bespoke safety units to suit any requirements.

Our safety equipment includes indoor/outdoor units; units for use in remote locations; mains-fed/self-contained.

All are of superior build quality plus we have the flexibility to adapt, modify or design bespoke units in our UK manufacturing facility. All products exceed ANSI/EN safety standards.

Aquaria SRL

AQUARIA Srl  began its activity in December 1989, initially as a distributor of products for the control of air and water quality.

Thanks to the organization of its internal production, AQUARIA srl is able to offer a high level of customization in the configuration of the products, providing “tailor-made” solutions to satisfy the specific needs of each customer with flexibility and speed.

The testing, calibration and technical assistance on the offered instrumentation are carried out by highly qualified and experienced personnel able to support the customer, with efficiency and accuracy, in the post-sales phase.

AQUARIA srl also offers its customers a presence on the national territory with specialized and authorized assistance centers, always available for constant and timely support, with telephone interventions, on site and at its operating offices.

Sensorix | Sensors made in Germany

Sensorix GmbH is a global manufacturer and supplier of electrochemical gas sensors for detecting toxic gases such as NH3, HCl, AsH3, THT, TEOS, Cl2, O3, COCl2, ClO2, HCN, HF, H2, CO. With over 250 years of combined gas sensor experience of its employees, Sensorix offers its B2B-customers effective gas detection solutions to help them to enhance the performance of their gas detectors and increase their reliability. 

Sensorix’s customers worldwide appreciate its Quality, Reliability, and Service because Sensorix provides consistent quality with fast lead time. Our highly selective sensors show consistent performance, are long-term stable in all relevant field applications, have a rock-steady baseline even under changing environmental conditions and can thus reliably detect low gas concentrations. 

Sensorix offers its gas sensors in the following formats – 4S, 7S, Mini, Classic, Smart and Satellix – and also in customised mechanical adaptations.  


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