Dräger Drug Check 3000

Find out within minutes if a person recently consumed certain drugs. The compact and quick saliva (oral) fluid-based drug test yields reliable results affordably and easily. The non-invasive drug check kit does not require electricity and can be used anywhere. Ideal for a quick, on-site analysis.

Compatible with the Dräger Drug Test 5000

Alco SCAN CA20 Pro Breathalyzer

The CA20 Pro replaces the AL6000 and AL7000 models, the CA20 Breathalyzer offers superb accuracy thanks to it’s ‘Smart Fuel Cell’ technology. This device has quickly established itself as a robust, highly accurate Breathalyzer and is already popular with the NHS and a large number of companies due to it’s robust Breathalyzer design.

Lion 700 Alcolmeter®

Widely used in global law enforcement, medical and industrial markets. The Lion Alcolmeter® is a compact easy to use breath analysis instrument, certified to EN15964. A variant is type approved by the Home Office, Great Britain for UK Police use.

  • Has the capability to store up to 3,000 records
  • Can be connected to a portable printer enabling print out results from tests to be used in HR, legal and safety monitoring activities
  • Simple, multi use button
  • Accessories available include printer, silicone case, leather pouches and software

Drager Alcotest 6000

The Drager Alcotest 6000 allows the professional user to perform a breath alcohol test with speed and precision. The measuring technology of this small and user-friendly portable measuring device has already been proven worldwide and has sold over 1,000,000 times.

  • Breath alcohol testing made easy
  • Versatile and tough
  • Convenient to use
  • Simple hygienic, Slide n Click mouth piece
  • The Alcotest hygiene plus

Drager Alcotest 5000

The Drager Alcotest 5000 is a professional breath-alcohol tester which detects the presence of alcohol. The high-speed breathalyser lets you perform numerous tests in no time! The special funnel reduces the back flow of expired air to a minimum, preventing the risk of infection to subsequent test subjects.

  • Maximum control in minimum time with Drager’s fastest ever breathalyser
  • High precision rapid alcohol testing with hygienic funnel design

Breath alcohol testing at a distance

Dräger 6820

The Dräger Alcotest 6820 handheld tester provides the quality, accuracy and reliability that our customers have come to expect from our breath alcohol detection products. With a wide range of available configurations, the instrument is easily adaptable to meet user requirements and local regulations for preliminary breath testing.


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