Pneumatic (compressed air) or saturated steam powered venturi cones for safe use in adverse or explosive atmospheres when used with optional static grounding cord.

Requires minimum maintenance. Cones are crush and dent resistant. Cylindrical mixing chamber delivers higher induction ratios and fits standard API 3″ (7 cm) and 6″ (15 cm) openings.


The 40cm VF-EFi150xx fan is the largest in the range and produces a class leading airflow of up to 4,459 cfm (7,580 m³/hr).

The fan is stackable, which enables a combination of units to further increase the airflow if required, as well as reducing the space needed for storage.

The fans are ATEX & IECEx certified for use in zone 1 & 2, and have an IP55 rating.

The 2 duct adaptor allow the attachment of different ducting as required.


The VF-EFi75xx delivers up to 2,500 cfm (4,250m³/hr) and is available as 115V or 230V.

Its durable PC/ABS anti-static casing is weatherproof, flame retardant and chemical resistant and is ideal for use in the most challenging work environments. Two integrated duct adapters permit the use of a variety of ducting and allow maximum flexibility in the positioning of the ventilator.


The VF-UB20xx is a hazardous area blower with a totally enclosed motor which is safe for use in a variety of adverse atmospheres.

Super compact and lightweight, at up to 980 cfm (1,666 m3/hr) it delivers the highest airflow in its class.

Ideal for hazardous areas, it is tough, resistant to chemicals has anti-static housing and is supplied with a 7.6m long power cable.  It operates at an ultra-quiet level of 74dB at one metre.

The optional anti-static Quick-Couple™ Canister stores and protects duct from rips and tears and helps for a quick and easy set-up.  It is available with either a 4.6 or 7.6 metre duct.


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