Turbine Flow Sensors

The FTB370 Series flow turbines are designed for flow rate measurement of water and many water based liquids. They are compact in design and have a wide measuring range. The liquid flowing into the FTB370 series is divided by guiding blades into four split streams. The uniform loading of the bearings from four sides causes the forces to cancel themselves out and wear gets reduced to a minimum. The extremely hard bearing materials also ensure an extraordinary life expectancy.

Paddlewheel Flow Sensors

Streamline your flow measurement operation with the FP-5100 Series flow sensor. Using this compact flow sensor, a matched sensor installation fitting, an OMEGA® flow meter or controller, and ordinary handtools, you can assemble a complete flow monitoring or controlling system in minutes. Accurate to ±0.2 fps, with repeatability at ±0.1 fps, this insertion sensor operates on a simple electromechanical principle, proven in thousands of liquid flow applications worldwide. It all adds up to precision, dependability, and convenience– basic advantages that are quickly surpassing its in-line competition.

Convert your maintenance hours into minutes with the FP-5300. Should a sensor, rotor, or O-ring need to be replaced, it takes only seconds. Reduce your system downtime substantially with a stand-alone FP-5300 sensor, or simply add a Wet Tap Assembly and eliminate downtime completely. Combined with the FP-5300 during initial installation, the Wet Tap allows sensor removal without system shut-down. Optional local or remote capability lets you place your meter up to 200 feet away without signal amplification, and you can install the FP-5300 in pipe sizes ranging from 1/2 inch to 36 inches without a lot of additional cost, because the price of the FP-5300 increases only slightly for larger pipe sizes. 

Available in a choice of chemically resistant, non-contaminating housing materials, the FP-5300 stands up to the harshest environments. The glass-filled polypropylene housing version is lightweight but strong, which makes it ideal for handling a wide range of liquids, including corrosive fluids in chemical processing. For processes involving acids and solvents, the PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) housing version is a tough fluorocarbon that is highly resistant to more severe fluids. 

The sensor works on a simple but precise electromechanical principle based on measuring the rate and volume of flow in your pipe. Four permanent magnets, imbedded in the rotor blades, spin past a coil in the sensor body. As the fluid flow causes the rotor to move, a sine wave signal is produced, directly proportional to the flowrate. The patented “open cell” feature of the rotor ensures a linear, repeatable output, up to 20 fps, with accuracy of ±0.2 fps. The result is minimal head loss and no cavitation.

Designed to allow optional conduit installation, the FP-5300 easily lets you comply with local codes requiring conduit protection. For instance, pry off the plug on top of the sensor: underneath, you’ll find a 1/2 FNPT thread. Using an optional conduit adaptor fitting kit, you can connect your conduit FPM-5000-SCAK conduit adaptor kit), and an optional instrument back-cover kit will provide everything you need for quick conduit connection to a meter or controller. Additionally, you can adapt to both rigid and flexible liquid-tight conduits, protecting your system hookup from harsh elements and mechanical damage.


  • Accuracy: ±1% full scale
  • Output Signal: 1 V p-p/fps
  • Output Frequency: 6 Hz/fps nominal
  • Flow Rate Range: 1 to 20 fps
  • Source Impedance: 8 kΩ
  • FP-5300 Series Maximum Pressure180 psig max @ 20°C (68°F)
  • FP-5100 Series Maximum Pressure200 psig max @ 20°C (68°F)
  • Minimum Temperature: 0°C (32°F)
  • Maximum Temperature: See chart on spec sheet for complete temperature and pressure rating
  • Pressure Drop: Equal to 2.5 m (8′) of straight pipe
  • Maximum % Solids: 1% of fluid volume, non-abrasive, nonmagnetic, <100 micron diameter and length
  • Standard Cable Length: 7.5 m (25′)
  • Max Viscosity: 1 centipoise (water); up to 5 cp above 5 fps velocity


  • Transducer Housing: glass-filled polypropylene or PVDF
  • O-Rings: FKM
  • Shaft: Titanium or Hastelloy C(PVDF optional)
  • Rotor: PVDF

Insertion Paddlewheel Flow Sensors – Brass or Stainless Steel

Ruby bearings and a non-drag pick-off give these adjustable insertion flow sensors the widest flow range of any of the paddlewheel types. A Hall-effect device detects the passage of miniature magnets in the six rotor blades. The resulting square-wave signal can be sent hundreds of feet without a transmitter, over unshield cable. This signal can be connected directly to many PLCs and other controls without additional electronics. A depth adjustment system allows two basic sizes to cover pipe sizes from 7.62 to 102 cm (3 to 40″).


  • Power: 5 to 24 Vdc, 1.5 mA
  • Signal: Square wave, 11 Hz/fps (approx.), current sinking output, 20 mA maximum, NPN (Hall Effect)
  • Cable: #22 AWG 3-conductor, 6 m (18′) standard; 650 m (2000′) max
  • Accuracy: ±1.5% of full range
  • Range: 0.3 to 30 fps
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 14 bar (200 psi) at 24°C (75°F)
  • Maximum Temperature: 93°C (200°F) at 0 psig


  • Probe Body: Brass or 316 SS
  • Rotor: PVDF
  • Shaft: Nickel-bound Tungsten Carbide standard, ceramic optional
  • Bearings: FP6501/FP6502: Ruby ring, ruby end stone, set in PVDF bearing holder, FP6511/FP6512: Bronze Ball Valves standard, 316SS optional 

Shipping Weight:

  • FP6501: 1.8 kg (4 lb)
  • FP6502: 2.3 kg (5 lb)
  • FP6511: 5.9 kg (13 lb)
  • FP6512: 6.8 kg (15 lb)

Pipe Size Range:

  • FP6501/FP6511: 7.62 to 31 cm (3 to 12″)
  • FP6502/FP6512: 31 to 102 cm (12 to 40″)

Fitting Size:

  • FP6501/6502: 1½ MNPT
  • FP6511/6512: 2 MNPT

Insertion Paddlewheel Flow Sensors

The OMEGA® FP7001A paddlewheel flow and temperature sensor is ideal for accurate monitoring of typical industrial water flows, hard-to-handle corrosive aqueous solutions, and high purity fluids . The FP7001A utilizes a paddlewheel-like rotor whose motion is converted into a high-level square wave pulse output by an open collector Hall effect sensor. Pulse amplitudes from 5 to 18 V are possible, depending on input power. The FPW-15 120 Vac converter plugs directly into a wall socket and outputs a regulated 15 Vdc at 400 mA.

The DPF700 Series panel meter supplies power for the flow sensor and provides rate indication, or totalization and batch control (when ordered with the dual relay option). When ordered with the analog output option, the DPF700 can be used to interface the FP7001A flow signal to such items as strip chart recorders, dataloggers, and computer interfaces.

The system consists of the flow sensor, an installing fitting, and the electronics. The PVC tee fittings are supplied with a PVC locking nut, and the galvanized iron tee fittings are supplied with a brass locking nut to provide secure metal-to-metal mounting to the threaded brass insert.

The FP7001A is not compatible with FP-5300 or FMG-5300 Series installation fittings. When powered by the FPW-5 five Vdc wall socket converter, the FP7001A has a TTL level pulse output which can be used with a variety of pulse input flow indicators, signal conditioners and controllers. It is not compatible with the FPM 5500/5740.


  • Accuracy: ±2% of full scale
  • Repeatability: ±1% of full scale
  • Power: 5 to 18 Vdc @ 10 mA maximum
  • FP7001A Sensor Wetted Materials: polypropylene body, PVDF paddle, FKM O-ring, 316SS shaft. Galvanized iron tee includes brass insert and locking nut. PVC tee has PVC insert and locking nut.
  • Fluid Temperature/Pressure Range: Do not exceed the maximum ratings of your piping. Depending on the material of the fitting, the operating temperature/pressure may be limited by your piping and not by the sensor. For all PVC tee fittings, do not exceed 150 psig @ 27°C (80°F), 100 psig @ 38°C (100°F), 60 psig @ 49°C (120°F) 30 psig @ 60°C (140°F), due to the insert in the tee. FP7001A sensor: 0 to 26°C (32 to 80°F) up to 150 psig; max. pressure decreases 1.1 psig per each 0.56°C (1°F) above 27°C (80°F) for a max temperature of 93°C (200°F) at 18 psig max
  • Frequency Output: Nominal 1 Hz/fps; amplitude of open collector pulse = Vdc input power
  • Cable Length: 2.4 m (8′)
  • Weight: 0.2 kg (1/2 lb); FP7030 fitting: 4.3 kg (9.5 lb); FP7030-GI fitting: 2.8 kg (6.25 lb)
  • Max Viscosity: 5 cps
  • Temperature Sensor Specifications
  • Range: 2 to 150°C (36 to 302°F)
  • Accuracy: ±1°C
  • Output: 10 mV/°C
  • Power: 5 to 18 Vdc

Turbine Flow Meter

OMEGA® FTB700 Series turbine flow meter has an unique system precisely-machined helical rotors and high-quality jewel bearings. The rotor is the only moving part. Small magnets on the rotor hub are electronically detected by a solid-state Hall-effect sensor outside the wetted area. The turbine rotor uses journaltype sapphire and ruby bearings for minimum friction and maximum life. These bearings are ideal for long life in water and water-based fluids, and give exceptional low-flow characteristics. The entire rotor assembly (rotor, hubs, bearings, rotor strut) can be removed from the meter as a single unit without removing the meter from the pipe.


  • Maximum Working Pressure: 150 psi PVC, 200 psi carbon steel
  • Carbon Steel Maximum Temperature: 93°C (200°F)
  • PVC Maximum Temperature: 49°C (120°F)
  • Accuracy: ±1% FS
  • Signal: Squarewave pulse
  • Power: 6 to 24 VdcB 


  • Meter Body: PVC or carbon steel
  • Flanges: Van Stone w/steel backing flange for PVC bodies, 150# ANSI for carbon steel bodies
  • Turbine Rotor: PVDF
  • Rotor Shafts: Zirconia ceramic
  • Bearings: Sapphire journal, ruby ball 

FTB700-D (Optional Display)

  • Power: 11 to 24 Vdc, 20 mA max
  • Rate: 8-digit autorange
  • Total: 8-digit, selectable decimal
  • Memory: Non-volatile (no battery needed)
  • Pulse Output: 0.1 sec, open collector Analogue Option 4 to 20 mA, user-programmable

FTB700-T (Optional Blind Transmitter)

  • Output: 4 to 20 mA
  • Loop Power: 12 to 26 Vdc (isolated)
  • Accuracy: ±1%
  • Response Time: 3 sec, 95% FS

Turbine Flowmeters with Local Digital Display

The turbine flow meter from the FTB790 Series with microprocessor-based electronics offers a durable, compact, high-precision fluid measurement device, with total and rate indication. Information is clearly displayed on a large 6-digit liquid crystal display with only 2-point floating decimal for totals from 0.01 to 999,999. All operations are easily performed with only 2 buttons.

The basic unit and display are powered by 2 lithium batteries, providing up to 5 years of use. Cumulative total, batch total, and rate of flow are standard. A single-point field calibration curve can be stored in memory. 

The turbine meter can also be ordered without display electronics. A special pulse output model (FLSC790-P-ND) must be ordered to obtain an open collector current sinking output operated on 9 to 35 Vdc. The output is a square wave pulse with a 3-wire connection.

Accessories for Turbine Meters With the Display:

The FLSC790-MA provides a 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 5 Vdc output for rate indication. The output module requires field calibration. The 4 to 20 mA dc is a 2-wire system requiring 8 to 30 Vdc power (24 Vdc recommended).

The FLSC790-P pulse output module provides an unscaled open collector sinking output operating on an applied voltage of 0 to 60 Vdc. The output is a square wave pulse with an amplitude the same as the supplied voltage.

The FLSC790-P-DC external power module for the FLSC790-P, allows for 9 to 30 Vdc external power for the pulse output. Internal batteries in the display can be used as an auxiliary power source.

The FTB790-RK remote kit allows remote mounting of display electronics. This option expands the applications into wider fluid temperature ranges to -40 to 121°C (-40 to 250°F). The LCD display can be mounted up to 90 m (300′) from the turbine meter.

The FTB790-RK-FM is an FM approved remote kit. It allows the display electronics to be mounted in a hazardous area up to 30 m (100′) from the turbine meter and for fluid temperatures of -40 to 121°C (-40 to 250°F).

The FLSC790-BATT is the replacement battery for the display electronics. Batteries provide 5 years of use.

The FLSC790-90D is a 90° mounting adaptor designed to allow displays to be mounted 90° from the standard position.



  • FTB-791: ±2% rdg
  • FTB-792, FTB-793: ±1.5% rdg
  • FTB-794, FTB-795: ±1.0% rdg

Temperature Range:

  • With Remote Electronics Kit: -40 to 121°C (-40 to 250°F)
  • Without Remote Electronics: -10° to 60°C (14 to 140°F)

Wetted Components:

  • Housing: 316 SS
  • Journal Bearings: Ceramic (96% alumina)
  • Shaft: Tungsten carbide
  • Rotor and Supports: PVDF
  • Retaining Rings: 316 SS

  • Viscosity: Rated accuracy for fluids with viscosity of water (1 cSt); meters with display can be used for fluids up to 100 cSt with field calibration
  • Repeatability: ±0.1%
  • Pressure Rating: 1500 psig (103 bar). With “-HP” option: 3000 psig (207 bar)
  • Display: 6-Digit LCD indicates flow rate, batch and cumulative total
  • Battery Life: 5 years
  • FM Approvals: Standard turbine meters only with display and no accessories are FM approved for Class 1, Div. 1 (Sanitary and high pressure units are not FM approved)(Models with “-ISO” threads are not FM approved). hazardous environments

Economical Ball Bearing Turbine Flowmeters With 37 Degree Flare Fittings

OMEGA® FTB-201 Series turbine meters have male flared-end fittings for easy connections. They are built to meet the performance requirements of MS 33656, though they do not carry a military specification. These units come with a mating 2-wire connector and can be supplied with the integrally mounted signal conditioners, shown in the to-order table below, to provide 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 5V, and factored pulse outputs.

37° Flare Installation Kits

Proper application of a turbine Installation kits for turbine meters with 37° flare end fittings consist of two lengths of stainless steel tubing cut to a length appropriate for the upstream and downstream straight pipe runs and flared at one end. Mating sleeves and nuts are included. The kits can be conveniently butt-welded into the piping system. Flow straightening sections may be provided with the installation kit. These kits are available in tubing sizes from ½ to 2″. 

These turbine meters are intended for clean fluid service only; where there is any doubt concerning possible particulate impurities in the process fluid, strainers are recommended. In addition, when using these units for fluids with viscosities other than 1 centistoke, special calibrations and universal viscosity curves are available – consult OMEGA’s sales department. 


  • Accuracy: ±0.5% of reading
  • Repeatability: ±0.1% of reading
  • Temperature Range: -268 to 232°C 
  • Maximum Intermittent Overrange: 150% of maximum range
  • Installation Kits: 340 SS, 1.7 mm thick
  • Electrical: Two-wire connector included
  • Max Pressure Drop: 0.34 bar 

Materials of Construction: 

  • Body: 304 SS
  • Rotor: 17-4 PH SS
  • Bearings: 440C SS

Hygienic Turbine Flowmeters For Process Liquid Measurement

OMEGA’s FTB400 Series hygienic design turbine flowmeter is accepted as meeting 3-A sanitary standard no. 28-01 for measurement of process liquids where highly hygienic standards are required. The meter is available in sizes from ¼ to 3″ with standard Tri-GripTM (Tri-ClampR compatible) fittings, covering flowrates from 1.3 to 2460 litrres per minute. The design of flowmeter and materials of construction are suitable for cleaning in place (CIP).


  • Accuracy & Linearity: ±0.5% of reading or better
  • Repeatability: ±0.1% of reading or better
  • Temperature Range: -268 to 232°C (-450 to 450°F)
  • Signal Output: 10 mV rms or greater into a 10 kΩ load at minimum flowrate

Materials of Construction: 316 SS except as noted below:

  • Rotor: 17-4 PH SS
  • Retaining Rings: 15-7 MO PH SS
  • Bearings: Hard carbon composite

Turbine Meters For Water Totalisation

OMEGA’s FTB-4000 flowmeters are highly accurate and feature tamper-resistant, non-resettable totalizers. The large faces are easy to read. Optional reed relay scaled pulse outputs allow for remote totalization (1.8 m of cable included). The pulse output option is factory installed and must be requested at the time of order. All FTB flowmeters feature built-in strainers, trickle flow indication and are shipped complete with locking nuts and coupling pieces.


  • Accuracy: from 10% of cont. to max. flow : ±1.5% of reading; below 10% of cont. flow: ±2% of reading 
  • Power for Pulse Output: 6-16 Vdc
  • Max. Temp: 90°C 
  • Max. Pressure: 150 psi 
  • Pulse Outputs: Reed Relay: 4100P Series: 1 gal/pulse (for remote totalization only)
  • Max. Reading (gals): 10 million for 1 /2 ” and 3 /4 “; 100 million for 1”, 1 1 /4 “, 1 1 /2 ” 
  • Wetted Parts: Brass body, stainless steel polyimide (fiberglass), polypropylene, EPDM O-Ring 
  • Installation Requirements: 10 pipe diameters upstream, 5 downstream 
  • Mounting: Horizontal or vertical for 1 /2 ” and 3 /4 ” models, Horizontal Mounting Required for 1″, 1 1 /4 “, 1 1 /2 ” models. 

Economical Flow Sensors

The FTB2000 series Hall-effect turbine flowrate sensor is ideal for OEM applications involving low flow liquid monitoring. The low cost, coupled with 1/2 % repeatability, makes it an ideal candidate for replacing dispensing timer systems. Unlike existing timing systems, turbine technology is not influenced by changes in system pressure caused by aging filters. The sensor’s standard power and output specifications make it easy to retrofit to existing controllers.


  • Wetted Materials
  • Accuracy: ±3% of reading
  • Repeatability: 0.5% of full scale
  • Body: Nylon 12 
  • Turbine: Nylon 12 Composite 
  • Bearings: PTFE/15% Graphite
  • Operating Pressure: 13.7 bar 
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to 100°C 
  • Viscosity: 32 to 81 SSU (.8 to 16 centistokes)
  • Filter: <50 microns Input 
  • Power: 5 to 24 Vdc @ 8 mA
  • Output: NPN Sinking Open Collector @ 50 mA Maximum (1 to 2.2 K Ohm Pull-Up Resistor Required) (Hz Output) 
  • Electrical Connection: FTBMC2005 model: 1m Cable. IP65 rated. FTB Models: Spade Terminals 2.8/6.3 x 0.8 mm (0.110/.248 x 0.031″)
  • Inlet/Outlet Ports: FTBMC2005 model: 3/8″ BSPP (G 3/8) Male FTB Models: 3/8″ NPT Male


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