Warehouse Barriers – Hi-vis upright protectors

KWIK KIT Warehouse Barriers allow you to avoid machinery collisions into walls, corners, racking units, posts and pipes in warehouses and factories. Our range of hi-vis upright protectors is also suitable for public buildings and office blocks.

The KWIK KIT range of warehouse barriers can be used both indoors and outdoors. Barriers are made of hot dipped galvanised steel for durability and are also powder coated in RAL 1021 (Rape Seed Yellow) for extra visibility.

Our warehause barriers are modular systems, made of tube and KEE KLAMP fittings, making them easy to put together, dismantle and reconfigure should you need to. The KEE KLAMP system does not require any fabrication to be done on-site: all you need is an Allen key.

If a fitting or section of tube is damaged, you can easily replace it with no hassle and at little extra cost, avoiding operations downtime.

Compliant to BS EN 15512:2009

The KWIK KIT range of warehouse barriers has been designed and tested in accordance with the BS EN 15512:2009 – ‘Steel static storage systems. Adjustable pallet racking systems. Principles for structural design.’ The standard states that an upright protector should be positioned at the end of each run of racking between cross-aisles and at uprights, which are positioned at aisle and gangway intersections.

The KWIK KIT upright protectors are all a minimum of 400mm tall, and dynamic tests have been conducted to ensure that the minimum energy absorption of 400Nm is achieved. All KWIK KIT warehouse barriers are
manufactured from size 8 (48.300mm) KEE KLAMP fittings and tubing with a 3.2mm wall.

The KWIK KIT Warehouse Barriers range offers a wide range of hi-vis upright protectors:

  • Warehouse corner protectors
  • Pipe protection barriers
  • Racking protection barriers
  • Service protection barriers
  • Structural protection barriers
  • Vertical protection barriers

Please download the KWIK KIT Warehouse Barriers brochure to see the whole product range and details of each upright protector, including dimensions of each product and its product code.

Features and Benefits of KWIK KIT Warehouse Barriers

  • Modular systems
  • All upright protectors are a minimum of 400mm tall
  • Absorb an energy of at least 400Nm
  • Available off-the-shelf
  • Easy to install
  • A durable safety solution
  • Ensure high visibility
  • Cost-effective
  • Compliant to BS EN 15512:2009

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Kwik Kit – Quick Assembly Railing Kits

Everything you need for the Kwik Kit assembly is included in one box. Railing Uprights are pre-assembled to save you even more time and eliminate parts guesswork.

Kwik Kit railing kits are quick to assemble using a hex key to tighten the large, easy to use set screws. Kwik Kit® safety railing kits are pre-packaged with 6-foot post spacing for straight sections, corner sections or extension sections. By using a combination of Straight, Corner, or Extension Kits, almost any basic railing requirement can be fulfilled.

Kwik Kit Features

  • Preassembled uprights for quick installation
  • Safety Yellow coating for high visibility
  • Meets/exceeds OSHA and IBC standards
  • Available in galvanized steel or aluminum
  • Each kit covers 12 feet with 6 foot extension kits available
  • Available in corner or straight sections

Kee Access – Components for DDA Handrails

Kee Access® fittings are designed to create safety handrailing that complies with legislation covering disabled access

A cost effective solution

Under the terms of the Equality Act (previous Disability Discrimination Act – DDA), all commercial and public building owners in the UK are obliged to provide non-discriminatory access. The KEE ACCESS range of tubular fittings is designed specifically to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations Part M, British Standard BS 8300 and the Equaility Act.

KEE ACCESS fittings have been designed to give smooth handrail with size 7 tube (outside diameter 42.2mm). All fittings can be powder coated in a choice of RAL colours to meet visibility and `not cold to touch’ requirements of the Building Regulations Part M.

KEE ACCESS is ideal for creating new barriers, but the system can also be used as a retrofit solution, due to its add-on components which allow a new handrail to be added on to an existing railing system.

Kee Access® Features

  • Made of cast iron to BS EN ISO 1461
  • Fittted with KEE KOAT corrosion protected grub screws and ThreadKoat® recess protection
  • Combining 42.2mm handrail with 48.3mm uprights ensures a rigid, sturdy installation
  • Colour coating ensures a `not cold to touch’ finish
  • Add on components allow non compliant systems to be upgraded
  • Anti-bacterial coating available
  • Cost effective to install – no welding, threading or bolting required

Simplicity of Design

KEE ACCESS fittings have been designed to suit BS EN 10255 (ISO 65) steel tubes. Any KEE ACCESS railing system can be easily installed with a hex tool and tube cutters, and is therefore easily assembled without specialised workers or equipment, saving you both time and money. KEE ACCESS is the perfect handrail safety solution compliant with legislation covering disabled access.

Kee Lite – Safety Barrier Components

A Lightweight Alternative to Steel Structures with an Aesthetic Look and Design

Since 1934, Kee Safety Ltd has been dedicated to providing the world with a versatile, economical, and durable method of building tubular structures. Kee Lite & Kee Klamp fittings are available in more countries, more styles, more sizes, and more colors than any other brand of structural fitting.


Kee Lite aluminium fittings are a versatile product that are used in the construction of railings, safety barriers, racks, greenhouses, structural framework, and thousands of other uses. Large, recessed stainless steel grub screws resist corrosion and thread stripping, with maximum surface contact with tube, while providing a smooth appearance. Colour powder coating is also easy to achieve if required.

Lightweight and Corrosion Resistant

Kee Lite fittings are made from high grade Aluminium Silicon Magnesium Alloy (A356-T6) which provide for a lightweight, corrosion resistant, and strong alternative for fabrication of tubular structures. Due to the superior corrosion resistance, Kee Lite components offer extremely low maintenance in outdoor settings. Kee Lite components are only one-third the weight of our iron components, with about 75% of comparable tensile strength.

Easy Assembly

Kee Lite fittings are installed using only a standard hex key – no threading or welding required. No headaches about hot-permits, specialised labour or equipment. A standard hex key and tube cutters are the only tools required to create strong, rigid structures. Recessed grub screws, tightened by the hex key, firmly lock the tube into the fitting. No pre-fabrication of tube structures in shop – everything can be assembled and built on site. They are also reusable should you wish to dismantle or redesign your structure.


Fabricating and building with Kee Lite aluminium fittings saves time, money, and resources.

View our featured Installations to learn more about how Kee Safety Ltd can help bring your projects in on time, and under budget! Contact us today with your application for a free quote.

Kee Klamp


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