The TAURUS ALLROUND rail system combines the application range and benefits of TAURUS HORIZONTAL and VERTICAL in the form of a flowing transition between horizontal and vertical movement. Regardless whether industrial buildings, architecturally challenging building structures, or maintenance walkways, it reliably protects against falls. Inclinations greater than 5° and the change from the horizontal to the vertical plane present no problems to the rail system. It protects the user continuously in all planes, and also during transitions which take place between these planes. Safety problems under complex constructional circumstances are therefore a thing of the past.

  • High rail adaptability, so complex constructional circumstances can be made safe.
  • Little installation effort, thanks to versatile fastening options and wide fastening distances.
  • Great user convenience because of the slider, curves, and bends, whether travelling horizontally or vertically, yet in the event of a fall all directions are blocked.
  • The slider adapts to the speed of the protected person, and thus allows controlled movement along the rail system.


The TAURUS VERTICAL rail system is used wherever vertical ascents and descents require protection. Regardless whether ladder access, shelving/mast systems (with or without ladder), steel constructions with access systems, or as a means for shaft entry, it provides optimum fall protection. Using the matching TAURUS-GLEIT-V21 slider, deviations up to a maximum of 15° from the vertical can be secured without any problem. The slider’s ease of movement enables trouble-free movement during ascent and descent, and also ensures an immediate stop in the event of a fall. Here, the integrated energy absorber reduces the forces working upon the user.

  • Broad range of applications thanks to the seamless transition from the vertical to the horizontal plane (without attachment or detachment).
  • Flowing movement during vertical ascent and descent, thanks to the TAURUS GLEIT-V21.
  • Safe shaft entry with the mobile TAURUS-SCE push-on support – enhancement with a rescue attachment for connecting a fall arrest device is also possible.
  • Ascent aid in the form of the TAURUS-STEP, through combining the rail with integrated ladder rungs.


The TAURUS HORIZONTAL rail system is used wherever movements along a horizontally running pathway need to be protected from a fall risk. Regardless whether along roofs, facades, for overhead use, in industry or in connection with photovoltaic systems, it protects against falls from height, up to an inclination of 5°. A further significant benefit of the horizontal rail system is the flexibility in positioning of anchor points for the rope access method. This is an access process for activities such as installation and cleaning tasks in locations which are difficult to reach. By means of this method, users can position themselves at specific points on a building structure by using ropes and the appropriate safety system, in order to carry out the necessary tasks there.

  • Great flexibility provided by the fastening option to a multiplicity of substructures (concrete, steel, wood, PV substructures, etc).
  • Reduced installation effort because of rail fastener separations up to 5 m.
  • Perfect mobility in the system thanks to the sliders specially developed for horizontal use (2 of them are removable).
  • Simplification of rope access processes thanks to the variable anchor points (sliders) along the run of rail.


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