Tally Board Auer Control

Control the operation and stay informed in the event of radio communication overload, fail or screen out. Designed to monitor the location and breathing air of rescue personnel, this external monitoring system is a must for ensuring a high level of safety for emergency teams. With radio-controlled, real-time clock, LED control clocks with overdue indicator, apparatus tags and space for rescue team notes, this control has it all.

  • Monitor service time on breathing apparatus
  • Provides accurate information for precise and quick rescue measures if necessary
  • Weather, water and splash proof
  • Low maintenance
  • Apparatus tags come in 4 colors for at-a-glance identification

HP Compressors

Designed to quickly charge 300  and/or 200 bar cylinders, MSA high pressure breathing air compressors work seamlessly as part of an air purification system that meets the highest, most stringent standards. Low operating speed for continuous, reliable operation. All moving parts are electronically balanced to run smoothly.
A variety of horizontal, vertical portable and mobile models with charging capacity from 100 up till 570 liters per minute (larger models on request) are available.
The compressors can be supplied with electric, gasoline or diesel engines.
Vertical models from 230 up to 570 are available also with highly efficient noise suppressing cabinet for indoor application.
Great variety of options and accessories are available.
  • Humidity control
  • Electronic Computer Control
  • Oil pressure control
  • Temperature control
  • Filling panels

Storage and Transportation

We at MSA have designed your equipment to withstand the most severe environmental hazards, to ensure it is protecting you at all times. Therefore it is worth to also keep your equipment clean and ready for use while storing or transporting it under protected conditions to the point of action. Our standard hard-cover cases fulfils all important basic needs to protect your equipment during transport and storage.

Design Features (depending on product)

  • Room for one fully equipped SCBA with one or two 6.8l cylinder including mounted mask with demand valve and additional equipment e.g. like the monitoring devices of the alpha Personal Network
  • Simply and safely stackable with design integrated snap points on front and back side
  • Dedicated smooth outside areas for stickers and individual labelling


Stable and Rugged Construction (depending on product)

  • Robust and UV stable plastic shells
  • Metal buckles and inherently stable hinge-joints
  • Big handles for usage with gloves
  • Stable standing feet
  • Integrated sealing frame to block rough dust or splash water

Covers for Cylinders

Breathing air cylinders cover and protect your most valuable asset – under a high pressure. The quality of this security comes at a price. Your breathing apparatuses were designed to withstand most environmental hazards. Compressed air cylinders, however, can already lose operational safety by superficial damage and can become unusable. So it is worth to keep your cylinders undamaged and clean while they are in use under protected conditions.

Our protective covers meet all basic needs for the protection of your cylinders.

Easy to use, safe and reliable

Basic covers

  • Blended fabric, which surface is protected by a special weave with a flame-resistant thread.
  • The special impregnation is used to repel water, dust, oils and grease.
  • The inner padding is located on the bottom of the bottle and offers optimal impact protection.
  • The cover is closable with a cord on the neck of the cylinder
  • A reflector print ensures increased visibility, even in low light situations.
  • The Design fits for all typical 6.8 liter cylinders

eXXtreme Covers

  • The selected mix of the fabric layers and threads is stretchable which increases the flexibility and makes the case extremely resistant against external damage.
  • Thick blended fabric (Nomex-Viscose-Lycra), which surface is protected by a special weave with a flame-resistant
  • Nomex thread. A foam layer within the fabric also protects the bottle better against shocks.
  • The special impregnation is used to repel water, dust, oils and grease.
  • The inner padding is located on the bottom of the bottle and offers optimal impact protection.
  • The cover is closable with a robust zipper on the neck of the cylinder in order to limit the potential contact surface for a flame attack on the cylinder.
  • Velcro locking prevents accidental opening.
  • A perfect visibility in any situation ensures a large reflector print in combination with a special luminescent stripe on top and bottom.
  • The applied handle loop provides an ideal carrying comfort.
  • Fabric with flexible fit for all typical 6.8 liter bottles

Rescue Sets

RespiHood – Rescue hood with constant airflow

To complete the versatility of fire service safety products MSA offers the RespiHood. This rescue hood is designed for rescuing people from hazardous areas.


The rescue worker places the hood over the head of the person to be rescued. After tightening the neckband slightly, air is supplied by the second connection on the rescue worker’s self contained breathing apparatus. A constant airflow of about 50 l/min is provided with a medium pressure of 7 bar from the feed line.

Features RespiHood

  • Rescue hood with constant airflow
  • Signal yellow flameretardantmaterial ideally suited for rescue work
  • Large anti-fog coated visor provides a large field of vision and therefore helps to prevent panic
  • Available with European standard
  • Stored in a flame retardant and water-tight pouch, attaches to e.g. the hip belt of the SCBA

Rapid Intervention Team Bags

Instant help under severe circumstances

The Bag for Rapid Intervention Team is carried by a firefighter and supplies breathable air to a person who had an accident in a hazardous atmosphere. It is supplied with a pneumatic system that is connected to an existing cylinder. Depending on the application, it can be equipped with the rescue hood RespiHood or a combination of demand valve and full face mask as required.


  • Flap with large, handy SingleLine manifold
  • Safe handling even at zero visibility
  • Bag can be secured to the affected person using a carrying strap
  • Strain-relief for the SingleLine hose: safety belt with carabiner
  • Material: PAX®-Dura, black
  • Accomodates one 6 or 6.8 litre cylinder (recommendation: use blast protection) incl. Pneumatic system
  • Compartments for accessories such as demand valve, mask, hood, rescue loop
  • Padded, with robust base plate
Pneumatics Components
  • SingleLine: patented hose-in-hose technology that combines high and medium pressure air supply
  • Pressure gauge at manifold is easy to read during operation
  • Standard pneumatics as featured on BA set
  • SL-long version: extended SingleLine (1500 mm)
  • QuickFill version: fast charging of cylinder in 45 sec. or direct refill of cylinder of trapped person
Technical Specifications
Overall Size
Length: 750 mm
Width: 170 mm
Height: 290 mm
With SingleLine Pneumatics < 6 kg

alphaCLICK High Pressure Coupling System

alphaCLICK is the high pressure coupling system for very simple and rapid connection of compressed air cylinders to the pressure reducer. Now enhanced with new safety features on adapter and coupling.

SPEED – allows changing cylinders at ten times the speed of normal threading
SAFETY – unique flow restrictor in the cylinder adapter avoids uncontrolled air flow and the safety release  in the coupling is a two-step disconnection sequence to avoid unintended opening.
VERSATILITY – approved for and fits on all 200 bar or 300 bar standard threaded cylinder valves, on all AirMaXX, AirGo and BD96 SCBAs and on filling panels

alphaCLICK – Filling Coupling
  • Allows cylinders to be taken off the SCBA and attached to a filling panel within seconds
  • Existing filling panels can be easily retrofitted
  • Available as complete kits with coupling, cylinder adaptor and bushings for common outlets and blind plug, for 200bar or 300bar
  • The check valve is a new safety feature for filling couplings which drastically limits the air stream in case of unintentional opening
  • Both Standard and Filling Coupling already provide a basic three stage safety mechanism


With its large, colored operating buttons, swivel connections, silicone line and maintenance-friendly design, this lung-governed demand valve set milestones for fire fighting around the world. Features automatic first-breath activation (depending on model), as well as automatic deactivation on separation from mask (depending on model). Available in both normal and positive pressure versions.

  • Automatic first-breath activation (models AE, AS and AS-C) and automatic deactivation on mask separation (models AS, AS-C)
  • Maintenance-friendly design with quick-removing protective cap and limited-lubrication valve assembly
  • Ergonomic hand size for right- or left-handed, gloved operation
  • Available in both normal and positive-pressure models

Steel Cylinder

MSA steel compressed air cylinders meet a wide range of applications, needs, and budgets. MSA cylinders can be ordered empty or charged and are equipped with cylindrical thread M18 x 1.5.

  • MSA offers cylinder versions with 300 bar service pressure and 2 to 9 litre capacity.
  • Additional safety is provided by a full choice of valve options such as:
    • integrated gauge,
    • ratchet hand wheel to prevent unintended closing
    • flow restrictor in case of valve breakage.

Composite Cylinder

MSA composite compressed air cylinders meet a wide range of applications, needs, and budgets.

Composite cylinders with  aluminium liner, over wrapped with carbon and glass fibres, are 50% lighter than the traditional economic steel construction.

  • 50% lighter than the traditional economic steel construction
  • cylinder versions with 300 bar service pressure 3 to 6,9 litre capacity
  • full choice of valve options as:
    • integrated gauge
    • ratchet hand wheel to prevent unintended closing
    • flow restrictor in case of valve breakage.


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