Circulation heat exchangers | HTS

These compact circulation coolers provide a cooling circuit with a stable pressure and delivery stream as well a precisely adjustable operating temperature. The cooling capacity is generated using a plate heat exchanger over the attached cooling water. Since there is no active chiller present the devices run quietly, in an energy saving manner, and represent an economic alternative to conventional chillers. HTS systems are suitable for exact temperature control of external applications such as Peltier elements, bioreactors, etc.

Custom-made Solutions

Reference projects in numerous branches

Our products embody leading technologies for temperature control of scientific experimental setups, research plant or industrial production processes. But there are areas of use in many other branches. Typical applications include stress tests in mechanical or electronic components or temperature-dependent tests on foodstuffs, cosmetic products and building materials as well as simulation of environmental conditions and aging processes.

If you need a temperature control solution which is specially adapted to your needs, then speak with us. We are happy to advise you personaly and to present you with suitable solution approaches or to show you already realised reference projects with comparable requirements.

A further specialist area for our temperature control products is integration into plant. For this we offer flexible solutions for installation of our heating and cooling plant in test stands, machines, industrial plant, production plant, medical devices, analytical systems and much more.

Beer Force Ageing Test Baths | BFT

The unit is fitted with a programmer for automatic temperature cycles. The changing the temperature between 0 and 60 °C in a cycle time of 24 hours artificial aging of the beer is achieved. All models meet the requirements of Safety Class III (FL). The housing and all parts which come into contact with the fluid are made out of high quality stainless steel.

Calibration baths | Unical

The modular concept is based on the combination of a calibration bath with a Unistat. This determines the temperature range and the speed of change of temperature. The calibration bath made out of stainless steel is constructed like a calorimeter and allows good homogeneity. Calibration bath with a diameter of 118 millimetres and a bath depth of 384 millimetres are offered to calibrate measurement and control sensors. The calibration space is free accessible and symmetrical. The upper edge is designed for taking a bearing with a thread for glass thermometers and, in the other side, creates a sealing ending for a customer-specific bath cover.


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