SMS Electro/Mechanical

We have developed a printing system – designed for Electrical and Mechanical applications and contractors – that can deliver all the specialised marking solutions for cables and equipment from just one single device.

The SMS-430 is designed to give sharp print quality and handles a large range of material thicknesses, surfaces and layouts.

We offer an extensive range of high quality, cost effective and durable marking solutions, all backed by detailed technical specifications and a flexible manufacturing base to satisfy custom requirements for the myriad of industrial applications.

SMS-430 Multifunction Label Printer

Professional supplied NiceLabel software you can quickly and easily design all possible labels.

Think for example of labels that are necessary for the optimal functioning of your company and institution. Thanks to the standard integrated network connection, the printer can be seamlessly connected and managed via your internal network. There is also the possibility to connect the printer via Bluetooth or WiFi.

SMS TAG-ID2 – Professional ID & Tag printer

The SMS TAG-ID2 printer is designed to give immediate improvements to your Lock-Out / Tag-Out programmes;

Producing ‘customised’, colour coded tags that clearly identify specific risks and give you the capability to customise your Tags to be more effective, more flexible and convey a stronger safety message.

Equipment tagging with long lasting, almost indestructible tag materials, will allow greater tracking, inventory control and ensure the tag stays with the goods for the duration of its journey or the time of its storage.


The new Rebo SMS-R1 colour and cut system is a rare development; the result of enhancing the features and benefits of existing systems and adding those wished for by the current market.

The SMS-R1 is a state of the art industrial sign and labelling system, a product increasingly purchased by companies determined to reduce costs and improve production and safety by producing durable and legal signs and labels in-house and on-demand.

The SMS-R1 is unique in that it will print in multiple colours and, in the same process, cut any shape that is required.

Health safety signs can be produced quickly, with risk specific messages and in the required colours of the International legislations, in mixed quantities and in a single process.

Technical labelling for equipment, maintenance, pipes and valves can be designed and printed in ones or multiples with individual or repeated characteristics.

Rebo focused its development on cost saving, productivity, ease of use and quality. The SMS-R1 is probably the fastest device of its kind available, it has built-in ribbon saving and a unique print driver that allows any software to be used to create the original designs. Network and USB ports allow easy integration and resource sharing, and the SMS-R1 uniquely prompts the operator directly from the device – rather than the screen of the PC driving it.

The complete operation – through to final delivery of the print and cut, ready to peel and apply labels, is kept within the system – no contamination is possible and the foot print is equally reduced, allowing the product to sit comfortably in any size work space.

The materials used by the SMS-R1 are all industrial grade vinyl and polyester with an additional range of specialist materials for high temperatures, difficult surfaces and extreme environments.

Health and Safety signs become easier to create and ensure they are applied on time, in the correct location and with the risk specific message often never found in catalogues. Self-created signs allow for multiple languages to be used, extra risk information to be applied and customised warnings that are specific to each, unique work environment.

As a tool for creating visual communication in the work place, the SMS-R1 is enormously flexible and can be used for a myriad of applications – some quite unique and often very challenging. The key advantage will always be delivering what is needed, when its needed and at the right cost and quality.


The TORO is a unique revolution in Industrial sign and labelling solutions. Fully independent, operating with both battery and mains power and its own integrated operating system – the TORO goes anywhere and delivers so much. With a full colour, 9 inch touch screen, wireless mouse, full size keyboard and pre-installed design software, PDF reader, spreadsheet program and audio video software – the TORO is unbeatable in value for money and in delivering multiple sign and labelling solutions from one ‘stand alone’ system.

The Toro is an all-in-one system, with a full-size flip down keyboard, an adjustable touch screen, custom software and durable, reliable thermal transfer print technology. Just load your supply, design your label or sign and print in high quality and colour from 0.5″ (13mm) to 3.9″ (100mm) wide.

Toro is the industry’s first truly standalone high-quality thermal transfer label printer. With its optional lithium-ion battery, you can print continuously for three hours without a power cord or a computer in sight—at the far end of the warehouse, out on the ranch or wherever your truck can take you.

Toro is easy to get started with right out of the box, thanks to its simple, user-friendly design. Not only does Toro come with its own touch screen and stylus, but also software designed to make any sign or label you need with a minimum of fuss.


The ‘must have’ labelling system designed for Industry, the office, warehouses and all facilities. Easy to use, packed with features, giving endless benefits and designed to be used anywhere by anyone. The LOBO is new kind of labelling system. The keyboard is full sized with intuitive function keys and has all in one supply cartridges. It can be used anywhere and prints from 13 to 50mm, ideal for office and industrial applications and it has over 25 Industrial quality materials. It even connects and prints from your PC.

Change size and color in seconds with vinyl supply cartridges. Type easily with a full-size QWERTY keyboard. Navigate menus with the 3.5″ color display.

Sequenced barcodes, large or small text and more than 1,200 safety and health symbols at your fingertips.

No cords needed. When fully charged, the optional battery provides three hours of uninterrupted printing, which equals several days of normal printing use.


The SMS-900 is an ideal solution to ‘on demand’ sign and label requirements. Fast and easy to use, the SMS-900 helps you to get important safety messages and identification in place in minutes. The heavy duty print head, heavy duty cutter assembly and the large range of materials mean the SMS-900 is long lasting and a major advantage when big signs and labels are needed fast.

Designed to produce large, bold, long lasting heavy duty signs and labels. The SMS-900 is a solidly engineered system, built for heavy industrial environments and high workloads.

Complete with Microsoft® approved design software and an enormous library of industrial symbols and signs, the SMS-900 has a large range of high visibility, high durability materials. Multiple colour signs are easily created using our range of A4 and A5 die-cut pre-printed ‘signs on a roll’.

With an integrated ‘heavy duty’ cutter, the SMS-900 can deliver signs and labels up to 22 CM wide and over 2,5 Meters in length. The SMS-900 is designed to be easy to access, so material changing is fast and trouble free.


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