The latest in label creation software, Brady Workstation revolutionizes the way you create labels on your PC. Instead of using a CD to upload label-making software on your computer, you simply download the Brady Workstation platform to your desktop and add the label-creation apps you want.

Smart Lockout App

One of the biggest challenges in maintaining a safe facility is information management. There are Lockout/Tagout procedures, confined space permits, maintenance schedules and other important documents. They all need to be regularly updated and reviewed. Now you can easily complete lockout steps with step-by-step instructions on your smartphone!

At Brady, we provide personalised consultation services to improve employee safety, productivity and equipment reliability, both today and down the road.

Link360™ Software is the first software to give you a complete view of the activities associated with creating, reviewing and updating visual information.

  • Create clear and easy-to-follow, visually instructive safety procedures
  • Quickly scale and deploy standardised and approved safety procedures across facilities

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The Smart Lockout App sends the most recently approved, and relevant Lockout/Tagout procedures from LINK360 to the smartphones of coworkers servicing specific machines. Via their smartphone, coworkers receive one lockout instruction at a time and can confirm its completion before receiving the next step. The smart lockout app can send a report back to LINK360 including all lockout procedure steps marked as completed.

Discover the Smart Lockout App!


Safetrak makes time consuming paper based equipment inspections a lot faster. Planning, inspecting and reporting can be streamlined, customised and largely automated in the Safetrak app to save time.

Digital support for equipment inspections

  • Safetrak enables you to keep track of inspections digitally and eliminates the need to make time consuming duplicates, decipher hasty handwriting or search for lost inspection papers. At the same time, the web application also includes an advanced inspection planning system that offers a full overview of every inspection planned and enables users to easily plan recurring inspections.

Book in, book out

  • Safetrak can be used to keep track of a wide range of equipment such as personal protection equipment, drills, hammers, screwdrivers, scaffolding, ladders, label printers or lockout bags. With Safetrak, every tool can easily be checked in or out as long as it is labelled with a serial number, barcode or RFID label.

Automated reporting

  • Predefined inspection templates can be created in Safetrak to standardise and digitalise a variety of inspection reports. The web application can generate automated high level reports by extracting data from the inspection templates at regular intervals or on demand. With just a few clicks, inspection reports containing the most recent and complete data will always available via Safetrak.

Safetrak Mobile

  • The Safetrak Mobile website can easily be accessed in the field using an internet browser on any smartphone. Enter an equipment serial number or scan its barcode to access a predefined inspection template and equipment location information. After an inspection, easily upload data with a single click for immediate reporting.

Procedure Writing

Professionally evaluating your needs and equipment requirements  Creating visually instructive procedures specific to your machinery, facility and employee safety requirements  Collaborating with your team during the process, helping you understand how to successfully maintain the programme in-house

Link360 Software

LINK360™ cloud-based software was created to answer and manage the most pressing visual information needs. Faced with the task of handling visual information across multiple locations, companies need a way to take the management of equipment visuals to the next level by closing the loop on scalability and sustainability


Brady’s selection of powerful, flexible sign generation and label software offers a choice of features, print technologies and operating systems to meet today’s growing identification needs.

Software available:

  • CodeSoft is a professional software solution for advanced barcode label design and integration.
  • LabelMark Labelling Software.
  • MarkWare Industrial Signmaking Software

Workstation Lockoutwriter App

Quickly create lockout/ tagout procedures, tags and labels. This app includes procedure printing templates, simple translations, easy-to-use image editing for callouts. Having accurate lockout procedures in place saves lives and this app streamlines the process to creating those critical aspects to employee safety.

Available by:

  • Brady Workstation Lockout Writer app on CD
  • Brady Workstation Lockout Writer app via download


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