Compact High Precision Data Loggers

The OM-SP is part of OMEGA’s NOMAD family of low cost portable data loggers. Models are available for Temperature, Temperature and Humidity, AC current and Universal Process input. All models share a rugged compact form factor small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Their precision 12 bit analog to digital converter insures accurate readings no matter what input type. All models are compatible with an optional easy-to-use Windows software package that allows the user to configure the data logger, download, display and save the stored data.

Circular Chart Recorders, Microprocessor-Based

The CT9000 microprocessor-based circular recorder offers one to four trends with one colour per channel. The latter allows future trend addition upgrades and improves chart annotation of times, dates, scale values, trend line tags, and user configurable real time actuated chart messages. The instrument can have up to eight inputs. Some inputs do not have to be associated with the trend pens, i.e. display only. Up to four process values can be displayed on the 40-character vacuum fluorescent display at one time (2 lines of 20 characters each). Full English prompts allow easy configuration of the unit. Using proven dotting head print technology, there is no time difference on the chart between trend lines. This feature, along with the straight radial time line (compared to the curved lines on other recorders) allows for more accurate reading of data. The unit uses plain paper charts with pre-printed rings to further enhance readability and provide better long-term storage.

Circular Chart Recorder for Light, Sound or Voltage Events

The CT87E is a highly versatile instrument that accurately records voltage, light or sound events. LED display can read length of event, time between events or total number of events. Battery backup assures normal operation during power interruptions. The unit can also be run from any 12 Vdc source (auto or marine).

1 or 2 Channel, Circular Chart Recorder with Programmable Inputs

The CT8000 Series Circular Chart Recorder/Controller measures, displays and controls up to two process variables. Choose from a variety of programmable inputs. All recorder, control and alarm functions are easily configured via front key pad with self-prompting displays. Two user configurable alarm settings are provided for each pen. Optional control capability as well as RS-485 and NEMA-4X are available. Control outputs include SSR driver, 4 to 20 mA, or relays. In addition, the 4-20 mA option can be used for retransmitting the process value.

1 or 2 Channel, 10″ Circular Chart Recorders

CT5100 Series Circular Chart Recorders measure and display up to two process variables. Choose from a variety of programmable inputs. All recorder and alarm functions are easily configured via front 3-key pad with self prompting displays. Total panel depth of only 2.5″ is required with only a 1.3″ protrusion from the front of the panel.

Paperless Recorder/Data Acquisition System

The RD8800 Series Paperless Recorder/Data Acquisition System comes complete with operator’s manual, utility software and AC power cord for connection to the standard IEC320 AC power supply connector (similar to PC’s) on the rear of the recorder.

For full specifications, please see PDF

Paperless Recorders

The RD1000/2000/3000 Series paperless recorders offer real time display of data in a variety of formats on a high resolution, colour TFT touch screen display. The user friendly unit with plug and play cards can easily be set to monitor, record, and evaluate any application.

The user can access data on the screen, as well as from a remote site via the standard Ethernet, Web Server or optional RS232/422/485 serial interface. The historical data may be stored in a flash ROM, compact flash card, or collected in a remote host PC for evaluation and print out.

The unit’s compact size saves space and minimizes depth required behind the panel.

Expandable Input and Output Cards: Each recorder is equipped with rear expansion slots (RD1000/RD2000 Series has 4 slots, RD3000 Series has 16 slots) which work flexibly with the following plug and play I/O cards:

  • Analogue Input Cards (RD1000-3AI & RD1000-6AI): These two cards are used for 3 or 6-channel analogue inputs. Each input is isolated from each other to avoid noise and to ensure stable measurement.
  • Relay Output Card (RD1000-6R): Each card includes 6 alarm relays. Contacts are rated 5 A/240 Vac
  • Digital Input Card (RD1000-6DI): Each card includes 6 channels. Logic Low: -5V minimum, 0.8V maximum, Logic High: 3.5V minimum, 24V maximum
  • Combination Relay Output and Digital Input Card (RD1000-3R-3DI): Each card includes 3 digital Inputs and 3 relay outputs. For digital inputs, Logic Low: -5V minimum, 0.8V maximum, Logic High: -3.5V minimum, 24V maximum. For relay outputs, the contacts are rated 5 A/240 Vac.
  • Analogue Output Card (RD1000- 6AO): Each card includes 6 channels. They are used for 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 20 mA current output, 0 to 5 V, 1 to 5 V, 0 to 10 Vdc voltage output.

Communication: The standard communication interface is Ethernet with protocol IEEE 802.3 – 10/100 Base T. RS232/422/485 serial communications is optional.

For full specifications, please see PDF

Paperless Universal Inputs Recorder

The paperless recorder of the series RD8250 has dual-function keys and sharp display, OMEGA’s RD8250 is a sophisticated process recorder. The graphic user interface— comprising a nematic LCD with white LED backlight—makes configuration easy.

This recorder can display real-time data in digital or trend format. Via the front-panel USB port (order “-USB” option), the user can upload data from a flash memory card to a PC. The RD8250 comes with a universal power supply (with international plug set), 120 to 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz. Other power options include 12 to 24 Vdc isolated input, and rechargeable battery pack (order “-UPS” option). With the battery pack installed, the RD8250 can function for up to 8 hours, preserving data and settings in the event of a power loss.

Networkable Paperless Data Acquisition System

he RD8300 is the most advanced paperless recording system available. It incorporates the latest in measurement, communication, interface and processing technologies to deliver unmatched performance for your data acquisition application. The RD8300 series utilizes a high contrast 142 mm (5.6″) color Active Matrix TFT LCD display with a rugged touch screen. Use a finger or the onboard stylus, if you prefer, to perform data entry and system navigation. The front panel is also fully compliant to IP65 for use in dusty or wet areas. An intuitive icon driven menu system guides the user through easy to follow setup and control screens. The display builder feature makes setting up custom screens extremely simple. Design up to 50 custom displays containing various combinations of indicator types such as horizontal and vertical bar graphs, large and small digital indicators and horizontal or vertical trends. On-screen help is available throughout the menu system to assist you during setup and use.

When it comes to storing data, the RD8300 is extremely flexible. Data can be stored to the non-volatile internal flash RAM or any of the available storage drives including CompactFlash and USB provided there is media present.

Programmable record start and stop times allow the user to start and stop recording at predetermined intervals. Data may also be stored to a remote PC via Ethernet using the optional Exhibitor Software. In addition, the built in OPC Server allows any OPC compliant software client to connect to, communicate with and retrieve data. The RD8300 utilizes many layers of security to protect the integrity of your stored data. All data is stored in an encrypted binary format which prevents data tampering and maximizes compression. The front access media door is lockable to prevent unauthorized access to the internal removable storage media. There are 3 levels of password protection to prevent unauthorized entry into critical recorder function menus. To ensure that data files are completely error free the RD8300 has a built-in rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride battery backup system that constantly monitors the incoming power source. In the event of a power loss or power dip, the RD8300 seamlessly switches over to the internal power and begins a safe and controlled system shutdown. When power is restored the recorder immediately returns to the last state of operation. This guarantees that data files will never be corrupted by unexpected power conditions.

Powerful Math Package: The onboard math package is extremely powerful. It allows the user to input complex polynomial equations using constants, custom functions and variable inputs obtained from live channels. The resultant information can be displayed and recorded as a real time channel. Using the intuitive calculated channel setup menu the user enters in the formula and can perform a test to make sure the formula is accurate. 

Unique Sounds: Unique .wav files may be uploaded and played through the internal speaker to alert of specific types of alarms. Use any .wav file, even customize your own spoken word announcements. In areas where there is a high level of ambient noise the alarm .wav files can be output to a P.A. system or amplified speakers via the rear mounted audio connector. Each alarm setpoint can have a unique sound file associated with it. In the alarm setup menu simply select the .wav file you want to play when the alarm is active. 

Remote Control The remote control feature extends the graphic user interface of the RD8300 Series directly onto your local PC. Use remote control and your desktop PC’s mouse and keyboard to view real time data, change settings, start and stop recording or virtually anything else you can do with the recorders touch screen. Across the plant or across the planet, remote control empowers you with virtual presence.

Using the record setup menu, the user can select which channels to record, the sample storage rate, whether to record alarms and/or events, and the start/stop time and date for the record session. The location of the data file is selected in this menu along with the data file name. The user can also configure the unit to start or stop recording on an alarm level or an externally triggered input. 

Media Storage Locations 

Front Accessible (Lockable): CompactFlash, USB host (for memory stick) 

Rear Accessible: USB host, Ethernet 

Internal: 128 MB standard (larger sizes available)

Exhibitor Software Network Overview: Exhibitor Software is an extremely powerful set of tools that compliments the RD8300 and other OPC compliant devices. Incorporating functions to simplify data management via searching, reviewing, printing, or exporting historic data, Exhibitor Software allows real-time monitoring and recording independently as well, while historic recording is not affected. Also featured is the OPC Client which enables the user to build custom screens selecting various display elements and data from multiple OPC Servers, including devices other than RD8300’s. (WindowsXP/2000 Compatible).

Customizable Real-Time View: Use Exhibitors design page features to create custom real time display projects that can be saved and recalled with a click of the mouse. Create bar graphs, digital panel meters, thermometers or trend screens from live data coming from any RD8300 or other OPC compliant device accessible on the network. Using the OPC device manager, Exhibitor allows you to connect to OPC servers anywhere there is a network connection. A user definable list of data is then accessible by the design page, where customized real-time displays are built using the user friendly graphic user interface. To place items, simply point, clicks, and drags. Save your project for future use and the next time it is opened all servers are automatically connected and data will begin displaying immediately. Go one step further, and record real time data to your PC. 

Graphical Review: The composite graphical view can display all inputs and calculated data from a particular recording session. The user is able to manipulate the graph to make it easy to see interaction between recorded channels, turn channels off and on, change color schemes, expand, compress, zoom, and print. Individual channels can be displayed for detailed analysis. There is a summary function for the individual channels which provides minimum, maximum, averages and time and date for the records. The same analysis tools used for the multi-channel graph are used to scroll through data, zoom, review and expand the single channel graphs.

Tabular Data Review: The data table view displays recorded data in tabular format. All recorded information within a file can be viewed or deselected along with time stamps. Using the one click export feature, the table can be exported to Excel™ in its entirety or in portions. The data table and graph can be synchronized so that they are interactive during analysis of records. Double clicking a value in the data table will automatically bring you to the graph page with that value and time highlighted. Move the cursor over the point and detailed information is provided. Also available are separate alarm, event, and memo review screens. Memo review lists all on-screen annotations in a record.

For full specifications, please see PDF

RD9900 Series Paperless Recorder

RD9900 Series are network compatible paperless recorders with high performance and high operating function employed high visibility 5.6″ TFT color LCD. High speed of sampling rate 100 ms for 12 points and high accuracy of ±0.1% were realized, and measured data is stored into internal memory and maximum 2 GB compact flash card. As it can be monitored by a web browser display on several computers on intranet or internet, FTP transfer of data file and e-mail notification are also available. The recorder can be used for various applications such as data management, research, development, remote and wide range monitoring by utilizing internet environment.

For full specifications, please see PDF


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