The Airturbo, originally used to meet the rigorous requirements of underground explosion proof lighting for coal mines, is BASEEFA certified for use in zones 1 and 2 industrial hazardous areas, typically in oil and petrochemicals industries for tank cleaning and pipeline inspections.

Once connected to a suitable air supply, continuous output of high quality general illumination is produced, even under water. The A-0444 is fitted with a bay light type head providing all round illumination when suspended in the work area and the moulded ball glass containing the bulb is surrounded by a protective polycarbonate dome. The A-0445 provides a flood beam giving a well diffused 30° angle of light with the standard matt reflector, or with a polished reflector, a highly concentrated spot light. The lamp has a 15mm toughened glass lens for high impact strength and pressure resistance.


Housings are spark free cast brass with a forged brass safety hook, all nickel-plated. The generator is a compressed air driven turbo-alternator of simple design and robust construction and a gunmetal impulse turbine wheel produces the energy to power the 12v 55w Tungsten Halogen bulb.


A clean dry air supply is a condition of certification and essential for the efficient running of these lamps. Deposits of dirt on the inside of the lens will adversely affect the level of illumination and if needed, air-line filters can be supplied. Another mandatory requirement of safe use is anti-static hose, designed to avoid a dangerous build up of static electricity. The Airturbo has many inherent safety features, recognised by BASEEFA; effectively pressurised and purged system, protective curtain of air from the exhaust ports, instant cut-off of the lamp if the lens is broken and cooling of heat generating components. Lamps are routinely run in, tested and set to the necessary output prior to despatch.

Features & Benefits

  • Safe Compressed Air Power
  • Reversed Air Safety Feature
  • Pressurised and Purged System
  • 55 Watt Long-life Halogen Bulb
  • Economical 0.25m3/min Consumption
  • Full Accessory Range Available


ATEX Worklite

The ATEX Worklite is a rechargeable, high output led floodlight for use in harsh, remote applications for extended periods. it offers unique levels of light output, operational duration and robustness in a self-contained battery powered lamp. it is CE marked to the ATEX directive for safe use in zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 potentially explosive gas, vapour, mist and dust atmospheres, where a T4 temperature class permits.

Two ATEX Worklite models available: the WL-85, which has an 18 LED lamp head giving over 3100 lumens output at source, and the WL-80 which also has an 18 LED lamp head giving 3100 lumens of light output but comes with a smaller, lighter battery to make it easily portable. Both models deliver a piercing 30° beam and a flood of lower level fringe light. Low maintenance is assured by the LED light source which is designed to give over 100,000 hours life.

The duration of the WL-85 is up to 21 hours on ‘high power’ and up to 40 hours on ‘low power’ and the WL-80 is up to 15 hours on ‘high power’ and up to 22 hours on ‘low power’. In addition to dual light output levels, the control circuit manages switch function, battery level indication, emergency powerfail illumination and low battery cut-off, maintaining and protecting the battery from deep discharge damage.

The ATEX Worklite’s stainless steel construction is designed to withstand the rigours and corrosion of harsh industrial and offshore applications. The battery and control circuit are in a box enclosure giving IP66 & IP67 protection from ingress of dust and water. The anodised aluminium lamp pivotable head is also IP66 & IP67 sealed and designed as a heatsink for the LED light source. The lens is impact resistant 6mm toughened glass. In shot blasting and painting applications, the lens can be protected using a disposable antistatic lens guard (3 supplied).



IMPA Codes

33 19 51 – WL-80, 33 19 52 – WL-85



NSN Codes

6230-99-3688359 – WL-80MOD


Features & Benefits

  • ATEX and IECEx Approved for Zone 1 explosive gas and dust atmospheres, and OP IS compliant
  • High power white LED beam with flood of lower level fringe light
  • LED light source ‘fitted for life’, no bulb replacement required
  • Long duration, up to 22 hours full power, 40 hours half power
  • Robust durable stainless steel construction battery enclosure and frame
  • Locking pivot head to direct light
  • Toughened glass lens with optional disposable lens guard
  • Rechargeable high capacity battery, fully managed
  • State of charge LED indication
  • Supplied with a mains charger with state of charge indication, powered from 100 to 254Vac


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