Infrared Temperature Measuring Camera – IR37

The IR Temperature Measuring Camera is a facial biometric thermometer which uses a wide-angle camera and accurate temperature sensor to give a clear indication of people’s temperature before they can enter the workplace.

Key features

  • Medical level accuracy +/-0.3°C measure distance between 30cm and 75cm
  • Infrared body temperature detection module, designed and manufactured in Germany
  • Ultrasonic real-time dynamic distance sensor: applicable range from 30cm to 200cm
  • Anti-back-lighting wide dynamic camera, with a read range of 2m
  • 10,000+ database with likeness recognition algorithm*
  • Read speed 0.4 sec
  • Suitable for multi-applications, and two thermometry modes, including precision and fast mode
  • Attendance reports available via local download/PC software download
  • UK sales and Tech support
  • Installation support
  • Training available if required

*Optional under GDPR rules

Choose which stand you need for the IR37 Infrared Temperature Measuring Camera.

  • Desktop stand (comes as standard)
  • Wall-mount fixing
  • Pedestal stand

Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer, Digital

This non-contact infrared thermometer makes fever detection easy.

Digital Forehead Thermometer

This Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer instantly and accurately takes human body temperature with a quick trigger press and without the need for any physical contact. Simply point the thermometer at a person’s forehead, press the trigger and the thermometer “Scans” their temperature. It is instantly displayed on the screen (coloured Green if its ok, Red if it’s too high).


  • Non-contact: This infrared thermometer body temperature forehead device has been specially designed to take the human body temperature at arms-length with a 3cm-5cm (1.2″-2″) distance from the forehead
  • Accurate and Reliable: The infrared technology scans and measures the temperature of the temporal artery on the forehead to take quick, accurate and reliable measurements
  • Temperature scale: The thermometer can display temperature in either ℃ or ℉
  • Traffic light colour display – Green, Amber, Red
  • Fever alarm: The large backlit display will turn RED and the audible alarm will sound if someone’s body temperature is more than 38℃ (100.4℉).
  • Memory: The body thermometer can memorize the last 32 temperature measurements.
  • Thermometer for adults and children giving accurate temperature readings: 100% Safe and Hygienic, safe for all ages/groups and completely hygienic
  • RoHS and CE Certified
  • Power saving: The units are equipped with automatic power-off (30 seconds) to save battery life.

The thermometer also comes equipped with three different temperature-taking modes: Body, Room, and Surface temperature modes.


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