Pulsar SafeEar Remote Display Units

Extend the range of your Pulsar SafeEar noise-activated safety warning signs by connecting remote display units.


  • These safety signs light up when the pre-set noise level of the Master Unit is triggered
  • Extends the range of the SafeEar Master to cover a larger area
  • High visual impact to warn staff and visitors
  • Alert messages are available in four different standard designs as well as multiple languages
  • Custom design options for other graphics and text are available.


  • Suitable for any larger area to warn when noise levels are too high
  • For use by Facilities Managers and Health and Safety Practitioners to ensure the safety of staff and visitors in construction sites and factories for example, and to maintain noise comfort levels in hospitals, offices and call centres, universities, and libraries.

SafeEarWP Water & Dust Resistant Noise-Activated Warning Sign

This new SafeEarWP IP65 rated water & dust resistant Noise Activated Warning Sign lights up to warn workers and visitors when noise levels have exceeded a pre-set trigger and hearing protection must be worn or when noise levels need to be kept down.


  • Lights up to warn of high noise levels
  • Control the decibel trigger level yourself
  • IP65 rated (dust and water-resistant)
  • Quick and simple to install


  • Exteriors of business premises, outdoor maintenance areas and construction sites
  • In environments where water or liquid may be present or high levels of cleaning occurs
  • Outside public houses and entertainment venues

SafeEar MAX XL noise activated hearing safety sign

Pulsar SafeEar MAX extra large weatherproof noise activated hearing safety sign and danger warning sign.

  • Communicate noise safety messages to workers and visitors across large and complex industrial and construction sites
  • Lights up to alert your staff and visitors of dangerous noise levels and when hearing protection must be worn
  • Adjustable sound-activated lights and flashing beacon
  • Monitor and record ambient noise

Features of the SafeEar MAX large noise activated hearing protection sign

  • XXL large sign 650mm square
  • Adjustable sound activated lights illuminate a highly visual warning safety message when noise levels reach critical levels 80dB(A) and above
  • Large high-intensity blue beacon flashes when noise levels exceed selected trigger
  • Weatherproof (IP65 rated), dustproof, protected and mobile
  • Ideal for use in large, complex construction/demolition sites or factories
  • Adjustable, high-intensity white LED technology for maximum impact
  • Easily adjustable decibel trigger points.
  • Data logging feature and reporting software supplied as standard
  • 110v site power supply as standard
  • Developed in collaboration with Costain in the UK


A noise alert (indicator) system suitable for use across large and complex construction sites or factories

Pulsar SafeEar MAX is particular suited to promote the use of personal hearing protection of construction or demolition operating on complex sites or large redevelopment projects.

It is also suitable for use in large factories where management is keen to communicate highly visual warning safety messages to their workforce and to monitor noise levels during the day and night.

Noise Warning Sign – Pulsar SafeEar Master

The Pulsar SafeEar is an interactive noise warning sign that is there all the time so you don’t have to be!


  • Innovative noise-activated warning sign
  • Lights up with a warning message when noise levels are too high
  • Adjustable brightness & trigger level from 40-114 dB(A)


  • Four designs available suitable for all noise levels and applications including:
    • a hearing protection sign
    • a high noise level warning sign in offices & hospitals.


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