BradyPrinter i3300

The BradyPrinter i3300 Industrial Label Printer is a completely hassle free, easy to use PC-based printer. It can print a full range of safety and facility labels and signs as well as die cut labels for wire identification, product identification and laboratory identification.

Features & Benefits:

Print a huge range of labels & signs

  • Highly versatile with over 50+ label materials compatible for wire & cable, product, laboratory, safety and facility identification.

Designed to last

  • Prints on reliable, industrial grade labels that last in challenging conditions. Technical Data Sheet available per label material.

Extremely easy to use

  • Thanks to auto-calibration, automatic label setup, 20 second material changeover, and full Brady Workstation app platform compatibility.

Printer Ribbons

All Brady ribbons are developed to meet the performance requirements of the materials to be printed, because the bond between the ribbon and the label is critical to the success of the legend permanence.

Printer Applicators / Speciality

Brady`s printer applicators offer an automated solution to applying print-on-demand labels to circuit boards, wire and cable and a variety of other products.

Products available:

  • Wraptor™ – Wire Identification Printer Applicator
  • BSP61 – Print and Apply System
  • ALF Label Feeder – Modular label feeders for automated traceability
  • BSP31 – Label Attachment System

S3100 Sign & Label Printer

The S3100 Sign & Label Printer enables you to easily print a wide range of reliable safety signs and facility labels, even in standalone mode, to increase workplace safety and efficiency on demand.

Designed to last

  • The S3100 prints on Brady’s industrial grade vinyls that offer 8-10 year outdoor durability, and on durable polyesters including ToughStripe floormarking. Signs & labels printed with the S3100 can be used both in- and outdoor, which is extremely useful for safety & facility identification in large plants, in and around production halls, warehouses and logistics & distribution centres. Brady’s sign & label materials are designed to last in industrial environments and have been tested in line with international ASTM test methods. Technical data sheets are available for every sign & label material.

Extremely easy to use

  • The S3100 Sign & Label Printer is extremely easy to use and features auto-calibration and automatic label material setup. This will enable you to just walk up to the printer and start printing the signs and labels you need. Switching to another label material is easy and extremely fast thanks to the printer’s ‘drop-in’ label materials and matching ink ribbons that can be switched out in less than 20 seconds. An intuitive user interface with touch screen offers a wide variety of sign & label design options, even when the printer is used in standalone mode. When connected to a computer, sign & label design options can be further expanded using Brady Workstation label design apps, available for download from the Brady websites.


BradyJet J5000

Full colour safety signs & labels in a few seconds. Brady’s inkjet printer quickly prints safety signs, lean labels and pipe markers at location and on demand. The J5000 combines high print speed and full colour printing with a durable material range for indoor safety signs.

Full colour high resolution messages succeed best in attracting people’s attention which is incredibly important to warn co-workers for potential dangers with safety signs and pipe markers, or for lean labels that help co-workers make efficient decisions on the work floor.

  • General & Industrial Identification
  • Hazardous Substance Identification
  • Lean Identification
  • Safety Identification
  • Pipe Marking
  • Warehouse Marking

Request a free demo at your site and download the product sheet

BMP™61 Label Printer

The new BMP™61 Label Printer offers great performance that matches your own. It is portable, fast and can handle a lot of identification challenges thanks to its wireless connectivity and a wide range of durable labels to print on. The rugged BMP61 is designed for quick and efficient identification of wires, cables and components. With high performance materials that can handle the toughest industrial identification applications, the BMP™61 Label Printer is a durable partner in the field and a dependable workhorse in the shop.

Features & Benefits:

  • Large colour touchscreen with on-screen indicators: Easily check which label is installed and how many labels you have left. Quickly review your label on the display before printing to avoid mistakes and material loss.
  • USB list feature: Read spreadsheets directly from external USB-memory and integrate the data into labels ready for printing.
  • Wifi-version available – compatible with mobile apps: Create or upload label templates on-site with your smartphone and send them to your printer.
  • 33.8 mm/second print speed: Don’t wait on the label you need.
  • 600 labels and ribbons + custom labels: Don’t be satisfied with a half-baked solution. Choose from 600 label materials and ink ribbons, or ask Brady to develop custom labels to answer your needs! BMP61 has a label for your identification challenge!

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Create a Visual Workplace

Visual Workplace is a lean concept that’s all about putting important information right where employees need to see it. This concept plays a critical role in some of the most popular lean tools, including 5S. That’s because it creates a sustaining base for lean improvements to remain clearly visible, readily understood and consistently adhered to.

To sum it up, using labels for safety information, procedures, facility identi cation and a variety of other applications is a great way to help reduce waste, improve knowledge and improve productivity for the long haul.

Download the free 5S Plus Guide

Print Lean & Safety Signs On-Site

Reduce workplace accidents and increase productivity with well placed visual workplace signage.

Increase productivity

  • Productivity increases of up to 40% have been connected to visual workplace implementations that follow the lean 5S methodology. 5S achieves productivity increases by reducing the workplace to its essence, through standardisation and by clearly communicating procedures, available tools and information in places where these have the most impact.

Reduce accidents

  • Brady has built on 5S, creating 5S PLUS to include more safety in the visual workplace. The reason for this is that safety signage can also increase productivity, by reducing accidents, production interruptions and the number of co-workers in sick leave.

On-site printing power

  • Brady’s complete range of on-site Sign & Label Printers is well equipped to help implement and support a 5S Plus workplace. Every printer meets a different set of customer requirements. Able to create signs and labels on demand in a great number of shapes, colours and sizes, these printers enable you to create every lean and safety sign your facility needs to reduce accidents and increase productivity whenever the need arises!

Best practices for a leaner and safer workplace

  • Get up-to-speed on how you can reduce waste, improve productivity & improve employee knowledge.
    See examples of just what you can do with the power of 5S Plus.

Download the 5S Plus Guide


Brady offers Bar Code scanners that can meet the needs of a variety of tracking applications including; Basic Data Entry, Electronics, Lab, Shipping & Receiving, UID Initiatives, WIP and more.

Products available:

  • CR1400 Scanner with 1.83 m USB cable
  • CR3600 dark grey Palm scanner with bluetooth, battery and a charging station with embedded modem and a 1M USB charge cable
  • CR3600 dark grey scanner with handle, bluetooth, battery and a charging station with embedded modem and a 1M USB charge cable


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