XA-4000II – Portable Gas Detector

The XA-4000II from New Cosmos Electric is a portable 2-4 gas monitor featuring a 40-hour run time, a 2-year sensor life, and an IP67 rating.

Available in a rechargeable or battery-operated unit, the XA-4000II lasts longer and is more durable than other portables on the market. This unit is intrinsically safe with UL, ATEX, and Ex ia II CT 3 approvals making it perfect for the most rugged jobs. Record any incidents with the data logging kit to measure exposures and create a trend analysis. This device is made to last and made to save.

XPS-7 Universal Portable Gas Detector

The XPS-7 is a universal portable gas detection system designed for emergency response and survey gas detection. This system can easily be changed to monitor over 20 gases simply by changing a plug and play sensor.

PGD-120 Portable Universal NF3 Gas Detector

The PGD-120 is a flexible portable system designed to easily change gases depending on the requirements. It is in a class of its own for detecting NF3. The system is designed for emergency response and survey gas detection. This system can easily be changed to monitor over 20 gases simply by changing a plug and play sensor.

Cosmos SDM-73 Oil Steel Dust Meter

Enables simple diagnosis and trend monitoring of the wear condition of bearings, gears, cylinders, etc. by checking steel dust concentration in lubricating oil.

Cosmos SDM-72 Grease Steel Dust Meter

The New Cosmos SDM-72 grease steel dust meter employs a magnetic balance type electromagnet induction method as the measuring principle, and is a useful simplified diagnosis tool for inspecting the abrasion status of bearings and gears.

Single Gas Clip

The Single Gas Clip is designed and tested for use in the coldest and hottest environments. It is ready to withstand the harshest working conditions in order to provide quality worker safety.

The Single Gas Clip was designed to ensure customer safety and enhanced with the latest technology that works 100% of the time. The Single Gas Clip provides reliable equipment at a low cost of ownership; without hidden service and maintenance fees.

Unmatched sensor reliability for H2S, CO or O2

Adjustable alarm set points and real-time gas reading capability

50% larger battery capacity

0.1ppm resolution for sensor and display

Two-way IR comms for event downloads, bump tests & updates

Programmable unit identification

“Bump check” confirmation/identification

Single Gas Clip Plus

Longer Life with “Hibernate” mode.

The Single Gas Clip Plus (SGC Plus), is a maintenance free handheld gas detector with built in “Hibernate” mode for detecting hydrogen sulfide H2S or carbon monoxide CO. “Hibernate” mode allows users to place this disposable single gas detector in a rested state when not in use. The SGC Plus is perfect for seasonal/turnaround contractors or rental fleets. When your job or turnaround is finished, simply synchronize the instrument with our GCT IR Link or SGC Dock to put the detector in a rested state. When you are ready to use the detector again, simply press the power button to reactivate.

Use it when you need it.

By hibernating the detector when not needed, you can spread 2 years of use over a 3 year period. This mode can only be enabled via IR communication with either the IR Link or SGC Dock. Only authorized personnel can place the detectors in “hibernate” mode.

Rugged and configurable.

The SGC Plus also provides the most advanced maintenance free disposable single gas detector on the market. The SGC Plus combines a rugged design with and reliability and advanced sensor resolution (0.1 ppm for H2S models). This detector allows for quick configuration adjustments to comply with current and future industrial health and safety gas exposure regulations.

  • Unmatched sensor reliability for hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) and carbon monoxide (CO)
  • “Hibernate” mode
  • Adjustable alarm set points
  • Real-time gas reading capability
  • 0.1 ppm resolution for H2S sensor and display
  • Two-way IR communication for event downloads, bump tests, detector configuration and firmware updates
  • Programmable unique 6 digit detector identification
  • Bump Test notification and confirmation when intervals are set
  • Calibration optional
  • Calibration notification and confirmation when intervals are set
  • Docking capability with Gas Clip Technologies SGC Dock

Be sure to compare these features to our Multi Gas Clip and Single Gas Clip to find the right product for your current application.

XP-702 III Portable Detector

The XP-702 III-A can be used to detect multiple combustable substitutes all in the same unit

The unit is flexible, quick (as low as 3 seconds) and detects low levels (10 ppm City gas, LPG, etc & 30 ppm CFC’s). For more information on this XP-702 III Series

Gases Detected:

City Gas

XP-3110 Portable Gas Detector

The XP-3110 is a great economical portable combustible gas detection system.

The XP-3110 comes standard with datalogging capablities. New digital display with simulated analog scale. Continuous digital numeric readout and simulated analog scale are displayed simultaneously. Simple and reliable sensing allows you to use with confidence.

Gases Detected:


Range : 0-100% LEL

IsoSense Sampling Unit for MDI

The IsoSense is a portable and economical sampling device ideal for measuring vapour and aerosol levels of isocyanate compounds (TDI & MDI) down to 1ppb. Specially designed for personal exposure evaluations, area surveys and emergency response.

IsoSense Kit Includes:

Carrying Case

MDI Anodized Card Holder or TDI Anodized Card Holder

Pump unit (includes charger)

Calibration Flow Meter

Isocyanante Test Strips (20)

MDI or TDI Estimator (color strip)

Gas Detected:




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