PPE LANYARDS are the secure connection to INNOTECH anchor points. There are a number of variations which fulfil the respective requirements in terms of operation and loading.

  • Solutions for use as fall arrest, restraint, and positioning systems.
  • Can also be used to some extent as a horizontal lifeline system.
  • Use of high-quality textiles and connection components.


PPE ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT from INNOTECH is the ideal addition to the INNOTECH harness models. Their purpose is to extend the use of the harnesses in their respective applications, and they provide practical solutions for cable access technology.

  • Practical solutions for stowing and organising PPE.
  • Very varied associated equipment from well-known producers of climbing gear is included in the range.
  • Solutions for digital management and inspection.


Intuitive use, optimum comfort, top quality: Just some of the characteristics of our anti-fall harness systems. The PPE STRING harness system is available in Basic, Comfort, and Pro models. All harnesses allow optimum freedom of movement and guarantee that the user is caught safely in the event of a fall. The woven polyester impregnated with PTFE means that the harness straps are repellent to water, oil, and dirt. Thermo-transfer fixing makes the harness straps less sensitive to the memory effect from kinking than harness straps made from polyamide, for example. The large adjustment range of the harness straps allows sizes between S and XL to be covered by a single universal harness size. Projecting harness strap is held in place by a VELCRO excess strap attachment.

  • 3 harness models: Basic, Comfort, Pro.
  • Simple to use.
  • 1 universal size for S to XL.
  • Low weight.
  • Anchor points with one fall-arrest eyelet on the front side and one on the rear side.
  • Automatic insertion buckles on the leg locks.
  • Comfort and Pro harnesses: Equipped with the Life Safety System (LiSA).
  • Comfort and Pro harnesses: High-quality shoulder padding.
  • Pro harnesses: integrated FALLSLIP system.


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