The OEM module Pico-pH-SUB is a fiber-optic meter for integration into custom-made underwater housings. It consists of a Pico-pH OEM meter combined with a pressure stable optical connector (optical feed-through).


The ultra-compact Pico-pH is a fiber-optic pH meter intended for OEM applications based on the proven high-precision REDFLASH technology from PyroScience. It features very low power consumption, contactless read-out of pH sensors through transparent vessel walls.


The FDO2 oxygen sensor is a factory calibrated, robust, accurate, fast response, long lasting and almost maintenance free oxygen sensor for demanding gas sensing applications, e.g. for oxygen gas monitoring in glove boxes, portable equipment, exhaust gases, Mars rovers and more. Although the form factor is similar to conventional electro-galvanic oxygen sensors (oxygen fuel cells), the sensor operates on a completely different, an optical principle. The optical measurement is based on a propriatary luminescent sensor dye from PyroScience, which is sensitive to oxygen partial pressure. This principle is very robust and shows virtually no interferences to other gases. It does not deplete over time, unlike electro-galvanic oxygen sensors with their very limited shelf and operation life. Optics and electronics are hermetically sealed from the measured gas and the sensing surface is highly hydrophobic, so water droplets do not disturb the measurement. For typical indoor environmental conditions a 10 year operating life is expected.

The flow-through cell FDO2-FTC enables simple integration in a variety of gas-streams. The USB interface cable FDO2-USB comes together with a versatile evaluation software (more details under Accessories).

Outstanding Features

  • factory calibration
  • fast response time (t63 <2 sec)
  • low drift (typ. < 1% O2/year at 21% O2)
  • long life (> 5 years)
  • simple 1-point user calibration (e.g. at air)
  • wide measuring range (0 -100% O2, up to 200% O2 on request)
  • standard form factor (M16x1, Ø=28 mm)
  • ease of use (digital output of partial pressure oxygen)
  • integrated ambient air pressure sensor can be used for calculating %O2
  • reliability (e.g. tested and integrated by NASA in Mars Rover 2020)
  • highly hydrophobic sensing surface (water droplets do not disturb the measurement)
  • full RoHS compliancy (lead/Pb free)
  • simple communication interface (UART, command or broadcast mode)
  • low energy consumption (3.3V, typ. 8mA)
  • linearity over the full oxygen range and sensor lifetime


  • Incubators
  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Inert gas processing chambers (glove boxes)
  • Exhaust gas measurement
  • Inert gas monitoring
  • Portable equipment
  • Respirators
  • Monitoring fruit ripening and transport
  • High accuracy
  • Low drift
  • Factory calibrated
  • Long life, non-depleting
  • Fast response (t63< 2s)
  • Digital output of oxygen partial pressure
  • Temperature compensated
  • Low power consumption
  • Lead free



The OEM module Pico-O2-SUB is a fiber-optic oxygen meter for integration into custom-made underwater housings. It consists of a PICO-O2 oxygen meter combined with a pressure stable optical connector (optical feed-through). It can be used for many different applications like water column and sediment profiling, eddy covariance studies, etc.

  • 1-channel underwater OEM device
  • A broad range of different compatible sensors
  • Compact dimensions 59 x Ø17 mm
  • Very low power consumption
  • UART interface


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