Quantum: Cloud-Based Noise Monitoring Network

Quantum is a network of plug-and-play noise monitors, connected through a cloud interface, that has been specifically designed as a permanent/long-term solution for the measurement of noise levels in a variety of indoor environments, including factories, workshops, offices, bars, theatres, and cinemas.

Key features:

  • Minimal user setup required, simply plug in, log in and start measuring.
  • Web-based interface means you don’t have to install any software.
  • Cloud connectivity means you can access your data whenever you need to, wherever you are.
  • Live noise data including LAeq and LCPeak.
  • Upload a floor plan of your work environment to get a visual understanding of noise levels.
  • Low-cost cloud subscription plans make it incredibly easy to expand functionality of your monitors.

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AWSoundSign – All Weather Noise-Activated Warning Sign

Benefits at a glance

Lights up when a preset noise level is exceeded

Quick & simple to install

Trigger level from 40dB(A) to 114dB(A) for use in any environment

High intensity white LED technology for high visual impact and a long operating life

Use text and graphics to communicate specific noise level warnings

Suitable for outdoor use or locations requiring regular cleaning such as hospitals or food processing

The AW SoundSign features IP65 rated connectors with integral microphone

In addition to the traditional Noise at Work style sign, the AW SoundSign is also available with a range of other graphics and text which allows it to be used in environments where the noise levels may not reach those where hearing protection is required, but where there is still a need to warn or indicate excessive sound levels.

Ideal for Noisy Environments

Use the AW SoundSign in noisy environments such as factories, workshops, and other areas which could be exposed to the elements to warn when noise levels become too high, and indicate when hearing protection must be worn. For example, the “Hearing Protection Must Be Worn” version can be used to reinforce the need to wear hearing protection when noise levels reach a set level.

A noise survey may have indicated that the levels will exceed 90dB(A) when certain processes occur but this may happen at random intervals throughout the day. The wearing of hearing protection may not required at all times and so the use of the SoundSign will inform employees when it is required and when it can be safety removed.

Environmental Noise Measurement Kit

The CK:685 outdoor noise kit is suitable for outdoor use with the Optimus+ Green sound level meters and provides you with a complete outdoor noise measurement solution for environmental and community noise monitoring.

Key features:

  • Fully weather protected outdoor noise measurement kit.
  • Purpose designed or use with the Optimus+ sound level meters.
  • Provides weather protection for an Optimus+ green sound level meter & microphone.
  • Hydrophobically coated windshield for optimum weather protection.
  • Battery power for 7 days operation with one standard battery pack (supplied).
  • Additional battery pack provides an additional 7 days power for up to 14 days operation.
  • External power connection for longer operation.
  • Secure lockable case with space for all standard instrument accessories.
  • Standard 10m microphone cable.
  • Optional microphone extension cables up to 100m.
  • Optional tripod available.

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SoundSign – Noise-Activated Warning Sign

The SoundSign™ is a highly visible noise activated warning sign that has been designed for use in environments where there is a need to clearly warn or indicate when a preset noise level is reached.

When the ambient noise level exceeds the preset level, the SoundSign will illuminate, clearly showing the graphics and text.

n addition to the traditional Noise at Work style sign, the Sound Sign is also available with a range of other graphics and text which allows it to be used in environments where the noise levels may not reach those where hearing protection is required, but where there is still a need to warn or indicate excessive sound levels.

Ideal for Noisy Environments – Show when hearing protection must be worn or when high noise levels occur

The SoundsSign is idea for use in noisy environments such as factories, workshops, pubs and nightclubs to warn when noise levels become too high and indicate when hearing protection must be worn.

When a noise survey or risk assessment has been made, areas may be found where hearing protection must be worn or where high noise levels will occur during the working day.

It may not be practical for employees to wear hearing protection constantly, especially where the noise levels are intermittent or vary significantly over the day. The SoundSign Version 1 can be used to show when hearing protection must be worn in these areas. Where hearing protection is not required but there is still a need to show when the noise levels are high, the SoundSign Version 2 would be appropriate.

If it is essential for anyone entering these areas to be prepared and already wearing hearing protection, a CR:202 SoundSign Remote Unit can be connected to the Master unit and positioned outside of the work area, next to an entrance or door for example. This will ensure that anyone entering the room will be aware of the high noise levels and the need to wear appropriate hearing protection.

A CR:203 Data Logger can be added to gather a record of when the noise levels were over the trigger level and to help monitor the effectiveness of hearing protection.

The SoundSign for Music & Entertainment

Noise levels in pubs, clubs and other entertainment venues will often be high to create the right atmosphere. However, if you have any noise limits or controls put upon you or if you are looking to protect your employees from noise exposure, then the SoundSign is the ideal product.

Lightweight and simple to use, the SoundSign can be used for temporary venues as well as for permanent installation. In music colleges and schools, the SoundSign can help to educate students as well as staff about the risks of noise exposure.

Ideal for Quiet Environments

The SoundSign can also be in quiet locations such as schools, hospitals and libraries to indicate when noise levels must be kept down.

The Version 3 and Version 4 SoundSign units can be used in these environments with different messages from those versions designed for high noise levels.

The SoundSign in Hospitals and Healthcare

Noise is often the primary cause of sleep deprivation and disturbance amongst patients and so keeping an eye on noise levels can help in the recovery process as well as help to create a calm and peaceful working environment.

Visitors and staff can be informed when the noise levels are getting above an acceptable level using the SoundSign. The SoundSign Version 4 shows an effective and clear message which can be displayed in public areas.

The SoundSign for Schools and Colleges

There have been many studies which show that high noise levels in a learning environment can affect both students and teachers. Any environment where children and students gather is likely to be noisy! Controlling noise levels can help to reduce the risk of hearing damage in young children as well as making the learning environment more pleasant.

Many buildings that are used for education were not designed with noise in mind, with hard walls and floors often creating a noisy environment with only a few students. The SoundSign can be used to show students when noise levels are getting high and also to inform staff of when problems may occur.

The SoundSign can be used in cafeterias, classrooms and corridors when examinations are in progress to help to maintain a quiet environment. SoundSign Version 4 (SHHH! Quiet Zone) is ideal for these locations.

SoundSign Remote Display Units

The Sound Sign is also available as a Remote Display Unit which is controlled by a Master Sound Sign. When the SoundSign lights up, the Remote Units light up in the same way and for the same period of time.

The Remote Display Units are connected by a simple cable to the Master and up to three units can be daisy-chained together so that a wide area can be covered.

Remote units are ideal in applications where the main unit cannot be seen. For example, in a factory where the main SoundSign is out of view of employees, a remote unit can be installed to ensure that sufficient coverage of the noise warnings is available.

Another common use for the remote units is to position one at the entrance to a high noise level environment. This can help to ensure that anyone entering this environment is aware of the need to wear hearing protection or is aware of the risk of high noise levels.

Enhance your SoundSign with a range of options and accessories

As well as the CR:203 Data Logger and the CR:202 Remote Display Units, we can provide a range of accessories and options to enhance and expand your SoundSign.

If you need to place the microphone away from the SoundSign, we can supply a range of microphone extension cables, preamplifiers and microphone capsules to allow you to put the measurement microphone up to 50m from the SoundSign.

We can also provide acoustic calibrator, a simple CR:306 sound level meter to help you set the trigger level, as well as outdoor microphones if your noise source is outdoors.


Safety Officer’s Kit

The Safety Officer’s Noise Measurement Kit is a complete set of noise measurement tools that can be configured to meet your exact needs.

Included in the kit:

  • Optimus+ Sound Level Meter (of your choice)
  • Windshield
  • Acoustic Calibrator
  • doseBadge (of your choice)
  • Batteries
  • Power Cables

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Intrinsically Safe doseBadge Noise Dosimeter

The doseBadge Noise Dosimeter is available with Intrinsic Safety Certification and this is known as the CR:110AIS version. This version is identified by the gold coloured case.

The CR:110AIS version of the doseBadge Noise Dosimeter can be used in hazardous zones, for example in underground mines, petrochemical plants and other areas that require safe measurement equipment.

Explosive atmospheres can be caused by flammable gases, mists or vapours or by combustible dusts and the CR:110AIS doseBadge is ideal for use in these types of environments.


Features of the Intrinsically Safe doseBadge

  • ATEX, EEx, IECEx, FM & SIMTARS Intrinsic Safety (CR:110AIS version)
  • MSHA Intrinsic Safety (CR:112AIS version)
  • All of the same benefits and features as the standard version
  • Ideal for use in Petrochemical, Mining and Confined Spaces
  • High level of protection with a rugged, robust design

The measurement functions and data provided by the CR:110AIS is the same as for the other versions of the doseBadge and this allows instruments to be used in a number of different applications.


What is Intrinsic Safety Certification?

The Intrinsically Safe versions of the doseBadge have been independently tested and verified by a number of different test laboratories to ensure that it meets the requirements of the different Intrinsic Safety standards.

These tests ensure that under defined test conditions the doseBadge will not cause a spark or will not heat up and cause a flamable atmosphere to ignite. Within these standards there are many different levels of performance and it is essential that you have the correct level of performance for the environment in which your equipment will be used.

It is not sufficient to say that an instrument is Intrinsically Safe and assume that this is suitable for all applications and environments. Always check the level of performance before purchasing Instrinsically Safe equipment.

The CR:110AIS version of the doseBadge has a very high level of certification to ATEX, EEx, IECEx and FM (US & Canada) as well as to SIMTARS and can be used in almost any hazardous zone or environment where there is risk of explosion.


doseBadge Industrial Noise Dosimeter

The doseBadge Noise Dosimeter is the original wireless personal noise dosimeter, ideal for carrying out occupational and industrial noise measurements, and provides a unique solution for these applications.

Key features:

  • Measures and stores the essential occupational noise parameters.
  • Simple operation.
  • Compact, rugged design.
  • Dual channel with noise profile data stored as standard.
  • Robust metal case prevents damage & servicing costs.
  • No external controls, cables or displays reduces damage, tampering and misuse.
  • 90-minute charge time with 24-hour battery life (typically)
  • Intrinsically safe version available with ATEX, EEx, IECEx & FM Certification for hazardous atmospheres.

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Optimus+ Green Sound Level Meters

The Optimus+ Green is the all-in-one solution that gives you all the noise data you could possibly need for both environmental and occupational noise.

Key features:

  • Backed by our 15-year warranty.
  • High performance to Class 1 or Class 2 standards.
  • Quick, simple and easy-to-operate.
  • Simultaneous measurement and data logging of all available parameters.
  • Compatible with select environmental noise monitoring kits for a total environmental noise monitoring solution.
  • Bluetooth connectivity that allows the meter to be controlled from compatible smartphone.

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Optimus+ Red Sound Level Meters

Measuring noise at work doesn’t need to be a time-consuming task. The Optimus+ Red Sound Level Meter uses the very latest technology to save you time.

Key features:

  • High performance to Class 1 or Class 2 standards.
  • Quick, simple and easy-to-operate.
  • High resolution colour OLED display and back-lit keyboard
  • Measure up to 140dB(A) and 143dB(C) peak with a single 120dB measurement range.
  • Pause and back erase as standard.
  • 4GB memory with the option of expanding up to 32GB.
  • Long battery life

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