CEL- 630 Series

Ensure compliance with workplace noise legislation with the CEL-633 and to assist with the selection of hearing protection. For environmental noise monitoring, the CEL-633 can be used for boundary noise assessment, noise nuisance complaints or in the construction industry, section 61 notices.
  • Ideal for Noise at work and environmental applications
  • Simple operation
  • Logging of time history
  • Audio recording and voice notes
  • Broadband Class 2 model

CEL-620 Series

Use the CEL-62x Series to carry out occupational noise assessments or machinery noise tests as well as to assist with the selection of hearing protection. Choose a CEL-62x Series model to suit your requirements, either with a Class 1 or Class 2 Microphone for precision, and with or without Octave Band analysis, to aid you in the choice of hearing protection. The CEL-62x is a simple to use meter and data is displayed on the high resolution colour display. Measurement screens are intuitively colour coded according to the mode of operation, i.e. green if a measurement is being taken and red when a run has ended. Data is graphically displayed to give a clearer picture of the noise environment. Calibrate easily on-site with the 120 Series Calibrator to comply with best practice. The instrument also has six selectable setups – four that are pre-defined to legislative standards and two that can be customised so that you get the data you need. Regardless of the setup, the CEL-62x measures and stores ALL parameters, even if not selected and these can be viewed in the software. All runs are date and time stamped and the CEL-62x stores up to 100 runs. Simply connect your CEL-62x to a PC via the USB connection and the data can be easily reviewed without the need for proprietary software. The instrument has a single large measurement range of 20-140dB meaning that you don’t need to change range. On the CEL-620B, Octave band analysis is shown in real-time in both graphical and tabular format with the dominant frequency highlighted. Time history of the broadband noise level is displayed in real-time, so a user can see how the noise level varies with time.
  • Noise at work applications
  • Simple operation
  • Rugged design
  • Selection of hearing protection
  • Calculation of noise exposure
  • Pre-defined and user configurations available

CEL-240 Sound Level Meter

By implementing the latest digital technology, the CEL-240 gives absolute reliability, ensuring the highest levels of accuracy and performance, all housed in a rugged and compact design. With the graphical display the CEL-240 can display the time-history of noise levels, allowing an easy assessment of the current noise environment.
  • Perfect for noise at work applications
  • Rugged design suitable for most environments
  • Measures instananeous, maximum (and average levels on the CEL-246 model)
  • Fully compliant with IEC 61672 2002 class 2; IEC 60651 type 2 (1979
  • 30 – 130 dB RMS measurement range
  • A and C weighted sound levels
  • Selectable fast, slow or impulsive time weighting
  • 2 key operation for intuitive ease of use
  • Simultaneous display of instantanious and maximum sound pressure level measurement
  • Bargraph or graphical time-history display of noise levels, allowing an easy assessment of the current noise environment
  • Maximum hold function
  • Easy calibration, the CEL-240 automatically recognises the application of a calibrator and with a single key press adjusts the calibration
  • AC output provided for DAT tape/PC wav file recording or headphone applications


Dose, status, level alerts and more can be accessed through the free Airwave app and sent directly to your Apple or Android enabled device. Casella’s dBadge2 noise dosimeters capture every possible noise exposure related parameter in a single measurement run, and make it available for subsequent download and analysis. Email summary data, photographs, and even notes for review or inclusion in reports.

Ensure the correct hearing protection is chosen for each application and location. The measurements taken are in accordance with CFR 1910.95, ISO 9612:2009, and UK Guidance document L108. The LCD displays current noise levels in color-coded format for easy interpretation of alarm conditions at a glance. Use the preset alarm limits to adhere to OSHA, ISO, MSHA, and ACGIH guidelines, or set your own.
Each personal noise dosimeter comes with two mounting clips, one at the top and one at the bottom, for secure shoulder attachment and features a reliable and robust 1/2″ diameter microphone with windscreen. Order a kit to get started and add additional units as needed to cover an entire fleet!

dBadge2 Personal Noise Dosimeter Kits allow remote start, stop, or pause of a measurement run without interrupting the user—ideal for hazardous locations, positions, and filed data capture.

This item is intended as an add on to a kit. This single meter does not include a docking station/calibrator, charger, USB cable for direct data transfer to PC, Insight data analysis and summary software, a case to house up to 10 dosimeters, or access to the free Airwave app for your handheld device. Please order a kit to get started.

  • Airwave software to check monitoring remotely
  • Multiple ‘simulated’ dosimeters
  • Simple operation
  • Rugged design
  • Long battery life
  • Full colour display
  • 1 second time history profiling
  • Motion Sensing
  • Pause function
  • Measures all noise dose parameters simultaneously

Casella dBadge2 IS Pro – Personal Noise Dosimeter

Intrinsically Safe with Bluetooth connectivity and octave band analysis, the Casella dBadge2 Pro is an advanced personal noise dosimeter which is available for rental and purchase.
Designed to be capable of meeting the latest 2014 revisions of the globally recognised IEC 60079 series standard, the dBadge2 Pro is ATEX Approved and Intrinsically Safe, making it suitable for use in potentially explosive areas in the oil and gas, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries

Typically found on handheld sound level meters, the dBadge2 Pro can also provide real-time Octave Band frequency Analysis. LEQ and LMAX values are displayed in either a graphical or table format and provide additional information which can then be used to decide on the appropriate control methods required for managing hearing protection.

Using the Airwave App, you can remotely monitor the dBadge2 Pro via a mobile or tablet device. Available on Apple and Android devices, the Airwave App provides you with data directly from the dBadge2 – this is particularly useful if you’re working at a separate location or cannot disturb the end user. For easier reporting, the data can be emailed (along with any pictures or notes) directly to PC.

The dBadge 2 Pro measures in accordance with L108 Controlling Noise at Work and is capable of recording audio clips. You’re able to store up to 15 seconds of voice notes and can set parameters to trigger an audio recording when a limit is exceeded.

Weighing only 117g the dBadge2 Pro is suitable for all day use and has an exceptionally long battery life. Depending on the mode you’re using, the unit can run for up to 35 hours.

Key features:

  • Personal Sound Level Meter
  • Standards: L108 Controlling Noise at Work (UK)
  • Intrinsically Safe: Yes – designed to be used in potentially explosive areas
  • Octave Band Analysis: Yes – nine octave bands 31.5Hz to 8 KHz, A or Z weighted LEQ (nHz) and LMAX(nHz)
  • Audio Recording: Yes – store up to 15 seconds of voice notes
  • Triggered Audio Recording: record the actual noise associated with triggered events
  • Reporting: Real-Time Display + Bluetooth Connectivity for remote analysis (connects with mobile and tablet). Connects to PC via USB
  • Battery Life: 35 hours using Broadband Mode, 15 hours using Octave Mode


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