Aquaprobe PC-KIT

AquaCal Features

  • Allows you to connect your Aquaprobe to a PC using the adaptor kit
  • View live readings from the Aquaprobe on your PC
  • Log data from the Aquaprobe on your PC
  • Fully calibrate your Aquaprobe without the need for an Aquameter
  • Produce calibration reports after calibration


The BlackBox is a data converter that allows any model of Aquaread water quality probe to be interfaced directly to a third party processing, control or logging device. With a choice of industry standard digital interfaces the BlackBox offers a versatile and cost effective data conversion solution.

BlackBox features

  • Compatible with all Aquaprobes and AquaPlus probes
  • Integral barometric pressure sensor for depth and DO correction
  • Able to output data from any Aquaread water monitoring sensor; standard, optical or ISE types
  • SDI-12 Digital interface
  • Modbus (RS485) Digital Interface
  • Wide operating voltage range
  • Rugged construction with strong fixing flange
  • LED status indicator
  • IP67 rated
  • Suitable for long term unmanned deployment


The AquaLogger is a rugged data logger designed for short – medium periods of unmanned monitoring. It features a large 15,000 data set memory, houses a pressure sensor for barometric pressure measurement and it is powered by Lithium batteries.  There are 2 versions available, depending on the Aquaprobe you are using.

AquaLogger Features

  • Rugged construction for a solid deployment
  • Houses an air pressure sensor for pressure compensation
  • Large memory to capture 15,000 full data sets, including calibration data
  • Uses lithium batteries to provide battery life of 6-12 months (Dependent upon logging and events set)
  • Supplied with the easy to use LoggerLink PC application for logger set up
  • Features programmable event triggers to increase logging under certain conditions
  • Feature the all metal AquaConn connectors
  • Download data via USB into AquaLink

GPS Aquameter

The GPS Aquameter is the original handheld water quality meter with built in GPS. The built in GPS receiver allows the meter to record the location of every dataset, meaning you will always know where your data was captured. The meter is designed to be picked up and used by anyone intuitively. It requires no boot up or warm up time and allows you to record data with a single button press.

GPS Aquameter features

  • Built in GPS receiver to enable location tagging with every data set, view data in Google Earth
  • Display of all the parameters being measured; scroll left and right to view
  • Record your data set at the touch of a single button, press M+ to record full data set including all parameters, GPS data and calibration data
  • New low power auto data logging mode allows automatic data capture for up to 38 days
  • Built in air pressure sensor for atmospheric compensation
  • Ergonomic curved design sits nice in the hand, with rubber gasket for added grip in wet conditions
  • Rugged, metal AquaConn connectors provide extreme durability where its needed most
  • AquaLink PC application and USB cable provided with every GPS Aquameter for data management


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