Visual Tagging

Think about plant and equipment on your site. Without the latest information, people are prone to make assumptions.
  • How do you know if equipment is safe to use?
  • What maintenance has been carried out and when?
  • How do you identify it among the hundreds of similar items?

Brady’s Visual Tagging systems create a clear audit trail, ensuring you have a permanent data trail of inspections and work carried out as well as evidence in a court of law if you need it.

The Visual Tagging Catalogue lists all of Brady/Scafftag’s visual tagging solutions, which clearly communicate the latest equipment inspection and test status at the point of use. Our Visual Tags record a maintenance audit trail, uniquely identify equipment and reduce accidents in the workplace.

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Electrical Risk Lockout

Electrical Risk Lockout
These lockout devices accommodate a large variety of electrical applications.

Collapsible Gate Valve Lockout

Safely lock out gate valves with diameters up to 18 inch (457 mm) with the Brady’s new Collapsible Gate Valve Lockout. Easily store or carry the device thanks to its 3 time folding system. Watch the short video!

With the Collapsible Gate Valve Lockout, you can block large gate valves to neutralise or secure the flow of energy or materials to machines. Every worker servicing the machine can apply a padlock to the lockout device to lock a valve in the off-position while maintenance is ongoing. This prevents other workers from inadvertently re-energising machinery which could lead to impactful workplace accidents. Collapsible Gate Valve Lockouts can also be used to secure the flow of water to firefighting systems for example.

Easy and flexible to use

The new Collapsible Gate Valve Lockout is a practical tool to save lives:

  • Easy to apply: rotates around valves and fully covers them to make them inoperable
  • Easy to store and carry: folds to 1/3 of its full size
  • Flexible: 3 size variations can lock valves ranging from 3 up to 18 inch (76 up to 457 mm)

Durable solution

The new Collapsible Gate Valve Lockout is a rugged, injection molded styrene construction that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. The device can be coupled with any of Brady’s vast range of padlocks, available in several materials to suit the needs of specific industries. Up to two padlocks can be attached directly on the Collapsible Gate Valve Lockout, and even more padlocks can be added to safeguard larger maintenance teams by using Brady’s Lockout/Tagout safety hasp.


The unique TAGLOCK™ lockout solution enables operators, mechanical engineers, maintenance and safety personnel to quickly and easily lock out electrical circuits in order to prevent accidental engagement while maintenance is ongoing. With TAGLOCK™, the risk of electrocution and other accidents related to re-energising can be reduced.

TAGLOCK™ blocks circuit breakers in the off-position to prevent accidental re-engagement while maintenance is ongoing. By securing circuit breakers in the off-position during maintenance, you can reduce the risk of electrocution and other, re-energising related, accidents with potentially severe consequences.

Up to 4 workers can use the circuit breaker lockout device simultaneously, each with their personal, colour-coded cable tie. When their job is complete, each worker removes his tie and tag. The last worker also removes the circuit breaker lockout device when maintenance is done to allow circuit breaker re-engagement.

TAGLOCK™ can be installed quickly and easily:

  • apply the circuit breaker lockout device
  • run a cable tie through its hole
  • add a tag
  • attach a padlock for extra security

The TAGLOCK™ lockout devices are small enough to be applied on most circuit breakers that are positioned next to each other. Run one nylon cable tie through the holes of the applied circuit breaker lockout devices to block all circuit breakers involved in the off-position.

How to make machine interventions safer? Download the free Lockout/Tagout guidebook!


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