VisAlert™ Series

Brady VisAlert Series Indicating Labels are designed to provide immediate visual indication of water or heat exposure. Water indicating labels change from white to bright red when exposed to water, without triggering false positives. Temperature indicating labels offer continuous monitoring and records a permanent, irreversible reading for the highest temperature attained.

  • Immediate visual indication of water or heat exposure
  • Continually monitor product, components or equipment
  • Various ranges and designs

These labels can prevent frequent breakdowns and shortened equipment life due to overuse or exposure to harmful elements as well as prevent fraud or product misuse. Ideal for motors, gear boxes, electrical equipment and product or component monitoring, these labels are available in various designs and ranges.

B-7598 Polyester Tag

The B-7598 polyester cable identification tag has been developed to keep cables identified in outdoor environments. It offers up to 10 year outdoor legibility and durability and is available in 7 colours.

The B-7598 polyester cable identification tag is able to resist UV, heat, cold, dirt, rain and a range of chemicals when printed with Brady’s halogen-free R-6000 ink ribbon. B-7598 also resists tears and scratches without the use of an overlaminate. It is available in a variety of sizes and shapes, and in 7 colours, of which the white tag features up to 10 years outdoor durability.

The B-7598 polyester tag is a general identification tag for cables exposed to extreme conditions. It requires cable ties to apply to cables with various diameters.

Common applications for this cable tag material are:

  • Identification of multi-conductor cables
  • Identification of cables in mobile phone towers
  • Identification of datacom or telecom cables in general
  • General cable identification that must be extremely resistant

Wire, Cable & Panel Markers

Brady offers a wide range of label, sleeve, tag and flag sizes and materials ideal for your wire, cable and panel marking applications. Materials are available for printing on a variety of print technologies.

Also available:

  • Self-laminating labels – Brady’s self-laminating wire labels and cable markers protect your label’s legend from extreme temperature, chemicals, and solvents.
  • Sleeves – Non-adhesive, printable wire marker sleeves and cable heat shrink sleeves fit snugly around wires or cables for maximum insulation protection and permanent identification. Full- circle design provides fast, permanent wire marking.
  • Component Identification – Brady’s electrical component label materials are specially engineered to resist the harshest environments. We offer hardware labels to identify all components found within an electrical panel.
  • Tags – Brady’s printable wire and cable tags provide clear, unambiguous marking for both indoor and outdoor applications. Tags can be attached to a wire or cable using cable-ties or by use of a self-fastening design.
  • Carriers with inserts – Due to their special tubular shape, carriers fit on various cable diameters thus cutting down on stock requirements. Ideal for cable indentification.
  • Terminal Block – These specially-designed narrow-width markers are ideal for terminal block identification. Available for printing on a variety of print technologies.
  • Electrical and Patch Panel Labels – Labelling solutions for Electrical Panels. Brady has a wide selection of panel labels, markers and tags to identify all connections.
  • Flags – Brady High Quality Wire and Cable Flags
  • Wrap-around Labels – Conformable material designed to adhere to highly curved surfaces ideal for marking wires and cables.

Regulatory Labels

Brady Pre printed labels to apply to current legislation. Regulatory labelling like special labels for CLP, GHS, WEEE and RoHS

Also available:

  • ANSI/OSHA Labels – A wide variety of ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) compliant labels.
  • CLP/GHS Labels – CLP (Classification, labelling and packaging of substances) and GHS (Globally Harmonized System) Compliant Labels.
  • WEEE/RoHS Labels – WEEE (Waste in Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Identification Labels and products for compliance with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) legislation.

Laboratory Labels

Brady’s laboratory identification products are designed to serve biotechnology, agricultural, environmental and forensic laboratories.

Also available:

Bottle & Flask & Dish Labels

  • Brady’s labels for bottles, flasks and dishes are easy to handle and flexible. This enables the labels to be placed on curved containers and remain attached.

Bottle Tamper Seal Labels

  • Brady’s bottle seal identification provides tracking information with the added feature of security. These labelling materials are designed to fracture easily in order to show signs of sample tampering and to prevent one – piece label removal.

Centrifuge & Microcentrifuge Labels

  • Brady offers a wide range of Centrifuge and Microcentrifuge labels, which are also suitable for Eppendorf tubes and PCR process

Conical & Large Tube Labels

  • Brady offers several sample identification labels which are perfect to identify conical and large tubes. They are easy to handle, have great flexibility and easily wrap around curved sample containers.

Cryo Tube & Vial Labels

  • Brady’s cryo tube & vial labels are designed specifically to identify laboratory samples in liquid nitrogen storage

General Lab Identification Labels

  • Brady offers a range of materials suitable for identifying drawers, cabinets, shelves, storage units and laboratory equipment

Slide Labels

  • Brady’s slide labels are designed to provide crisp and clear sample identification throughout the sample generation, inspection and storage process no matter what conditions they are subjected to.

Straw & Rod Labels

  • Brady labels allow 2 lines of text to be clearly visible when applied to the internal coloured weight in the straw

Tissue Cassette Labels

  • Brady’s range of polyester Tissue Cassette Labels, offer superior resistance to chemicals used in tissue processing (when used in conjunction with BSP31 Label Attachment System) while vinyl cloth labels are suitable for re-identifying cassettes post process.

Vial Top Labels

  • In combination with Brady’s vial labels, vial top labels enables you to identify every size of vial in your laboratory

Vial & Tube Labels

  • Brady’s range of vial labels and tube labels is developed for short to long-term sample tracking for various capacity and types of laboratory glassware

Well Plate Labels

  • When total tracking of all sample collections is required, then Brady has a solution for Well Plate identification. Our well plate labels guarantee crystal clear text and barcoding for most lab environments.

General Labelling & Equipment Identification

Brady offers a broad range of labels designed for general industrial applications including packaging, rating plates, asset/equipment identification and other general purpose labelling. With a variety of finishes such as gloss, matt or metallised.

Also available:

Asset Labels

  • Brady offers a wide selection of Property Control & Asset Tracking products. Select a category below that best meets your application.

Brand Protection & Security Labels

  • Brady and its partners will help you identify and protect your points of vulnerability in both the physical world and on the internet. Brady combines both covert and overt technologies in tags, labels and packaging to create a customized security.

Safety & Warning Labels

  • Create your own safety and warning labels with our wide range of printing materials and printers – Right to know labels!

Servicing and write-on Labels

  • Use our labels on your machines and equipment to make a big impact on safety.

Visual Workplace Labelling

  • Visual Workplace Labelling to create a safer and more efficient work environment.


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