Gas Detection Tubes

Gas detection tubes are successfully used for the quick measurement of harmful gases and vapors in the atmosphere and also the distribution of their concentration in the working area.

Fire/Explosion Prevention

Available to prevent fire and explosion by detecting combustible gases leaked or generated in workplaces, and by foreseeing spontaneous combustion in coal mines.

Process Control

Where gases are ued as raw material or intermediates in various industries, impurities in the gas can be measured by gas detector tubes. This ensures high product quality and production effeciency by preventing deterioration of catalysts.

Industrial Waste Water

Effluent can be analysed for certain types of pollution simply and quickly. Instant checks can be made almost anywhere.

Air Pollution Control

The Model P-10FG Flue gas sampler for air pollution control economically measures a range of flue gases such as Nitrogen compounds, SO2, CO, CO2, HCl & O2.

*For a complete list of tubes and ranges please review the price list.

Air Sampling Pump Kit AP-20

Its moulded contoured grip makes sampling easy. A single stroke is all that is needed. A Sample Finish IndicatorTM provides a positive visual indication that sampling is complete and the detector tube is ready to be read. Its integral detector tube tip cutter retains the glass shards and allows for their ultimate safe disposal.

Available in a variety of colors

AP-20 – Blue
AP-20G – Green
AP-20R – Red
AP-20Y – Yellow


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