Restraint Lanyards

A fall restraint lanyard connection is used between the anchor point and the body harness to prevent the user from reaching the fall area and work positioning applications.

MSA restraint lanyards are available in web and kernmantel rope.

Energy Absorbing Lanyards

The MSA new range of shock absorbing-lanyards including the versions with a leading edge approval!

The energy absorber keeps fall arrest forces below 6 kN.

The lanyards are available in web and kernmantel rope configurations with a variety of connectors.

KeeGuard Ladder Kit

KEEGUARD Ladder Kit provides permanently fixed guardrail either side of an existing fixed ladder and a self-closing swing gate permitting safe roof access for the purpose of inspection or maintenance work on roofs.

The kit has been specifically designed to provide a “retro-fit” solution to existing fixed ladders/cat ladders to ensure the complete assembly complies with EN 14122-4.

EN 14122-4

EN 14122 – Safety of machinery – permanent means of access to machinery – Part 4 – Fixed Ladders, states that: “To prevent falling through the access opening at arrival areas the opening shall be provided with a gate. It also  states that atdrop edges of arrival areas”, a Guardrail should be provided at least 1.5m either side of the ladder, or if the drop edge is less than 3m in length, then one should protect the entire edge.

Our KEEGUARD Ladder Kit has been specifically designed to meet the EN 14122-4 standard, and was independently tested to check its conformity.

KeeGuard Lite

KEEGUARD Lite provides permanent edge protection for areas where regular access to the roof for maintenance and inspection is required. The system is ideal for harsh environments due to its high corrosion resistance. It can also be used in situations when aesthetics are important.

KEEGUARD Lite incorporates aluminium uprights and tube, and maintains its stability by using a steel base fitting, steel counterbalance arm and a 25Kg weight. As this is a free standing system, it does not require any physical fixing into the roof’s structure/membrane.

KEEGUARD Lite Compliance to EN 13374

The complete system’s design, manufacture, testing and installation has been externally assessed and tested to EN 13374: Temporary Edge Protection Systems – Product Specification Test Methods and have been awarded a Class A Pass. The standard bay size for KEEGUARD Lite when compliant to EN 13374 is 3m.

KEEGUARD Lite Compliance to EN 14122-3

The KEEGUARD Lite system  also complies with EN ISO 14122-3. In order to comply with EN ISO 14122-3 the maximum bay size is 2.4m.

KEEGUARD Lite Features

  • Aluminium rails & uprights
  • Recycled 25Kg PVC weights
  • 42.4mm OD tube for horizontal rails & 48.3mm OD tube for vertical uprights
  • Available for standard, radiused and raked uprights

KEEGUARD Lite Benefits

  • Safe, reliable and versatile collective fall protection solution
  • Does not penetrate the roof fabric
  • Lightweight & corrosion resistant
  • Minimal long term maintenance keeps on-going costs down.

KeeGuard Foldshield

Safety on roofs

When collective protection is the preferred method of providing a safe working environment but it is not desirable to have railings permanently visible on the roofline of a building, KeeGuard® Foldshield provides an ideal solution.

Designed for use on slopes up to 10 degrees, this folding system is suitable for use on asphalt, concrete, mineral felt or PVC sheet covered roofs and complies with the requirements of EN 13374 & 14122.

Utilising a hinged version of the standard KeeGuard® base fitting, the guardrail can easily be lifted into place when work is in progress and then quickly folded back down when finished.

KeeGuard® Foldshield offers all the flexibility of standard KeeGuard® allowing continuous runs, fixed ends, corners, changes in direction etc, or can be installed in 6m sections with ‘D’ returns to enable it to be folded quickly and simply. A simple locking pin is all that needs to be removed from the fitting to allow it to pivot.

With a maximum bay size of 2 metres it can be used in both restrained and unrestrained applications. In order to use the folding fitting in a restrained situation, an additional support prop is added to the uprights at six metre intervals to allow sufficient room for the fitting to pivot. A minimum roof up-stand of 250mm is required.

Folding safety system

  • Folding collective protection system
  • Folds down when not in use
  • Does not spoil building aesthetics
  • Main fitting can only pivot in one direction
  • System can be raised and lowered in sections
  • Recycled PVC feet do not penetrate the roof membrane
  • Available in galvanised steel or with aluminium top and mid rails
  • Complies to EN 13374 & 14122

Hinged version base foot

The unique hinged base foot provides support to the system and allows it to be set vertically at 90º. When the guardrail is not required this Base Foot allows the system to be folded flat on to the roof. The Base Foot connects the Cantilever Tubes and Counter Weights and is bonded with fluted rubber matting for membrane protection. Material: Malleable cast iron to BS 1562 and galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461.

Design & Installation Service

Kee Safety offers a full design and installation service to ensure compliance with all major standards and statutory requirements.

We can visit the location to execute a full inspection including a measuring service so that the correct information is gathered. Furthermore, we are able to provide a full installation service to assist in meeting any deadlines and site needs. Our installation teams are professional and excel in the assembly of our safety systems.

Kee Dome

Stand-Alone or Collective

Kee Dome® is a modular system designed specifically to prevent falls through skylights, rooflights and domelights. The modular Kee Dome® system allows contractors and maintenance crews to access rooftops for repair and maintenance work safely and easily without the risk of falling through glazed areas. The skylight guardrail system can also be used in seamless harmony with our other fall protection solutions.

Quick Assembly

The Kee Dome® system features a number of standard components which can be assembled around the designated area with maximum speed. These include vertical posts, hand and knee rails together with associated 90° corner components, and special recycled PVC feet with clamping rings. Kee Klamp® fittings and tube are used to construct a rigid frame. Various sizes are available designed around standard tube lengths of 1.5, 2.0 or 3.2 metres. Once the steel tubing rails have been cut to size, they can be locked into position by the corner components. The adjustable clamping rings are used to fix the feet securely to the corners of the rooflight base, which can be up to 4m 2 in area. Additionally a gate can be incorporated for access to roof hatches.

Fully Modular

Although designed as a permanent solution, the Kee Dome® system is fully modular, so it can also be taken down, moved and re-erected as required. Once constructed, it provides a maximum permissible horizontal load of 300 N/m and complies fully with the relevant rooftop safety legislation and EN 14122 pt3. The system is suitable for use on all roof surfaces, with a maximum pitch of 3°.

  • Simple and reliable collective fall protection system
  • Recycled PVC feet do not penetrate the roof membrane
  • Complies with EN 14122: pt3
  • Fits square and rectangular skylights, rooflights and domelights
  • Rapid assembly around the designated areas

Kee Dome Mini

The KEE DOME Mini is the latest design in our range of skylight fall protection products. Made from size 6 fittings and tube and incorporating new smaller recycled PVC bases, the product has been developed to maximize safety without being obtrusive when a building rooftop is visible.

The top cover of this new KEE DOME is very easy to assemble using KEE KLAMP fittings, making this a quick and effective collective protection solution.

KEE DOME Mini is designed to fit 1.2m x 1.2m skylights, other sizes up to a maximum of 1.8m x 1.8m available as special orders.

Kee Anchor

Personal protection solutions

In the absence of collective fall protection systems, mobile man anchor systems are commonly used to make working at height much safer.

The Kee Anchor® range of Type B, E and supports for Type C roof anchor devices for personal protection of workers carrying out roof level maintenance operations. Products from the Kee Anchor® range are designed for use on roofs where there are no permanent guardrails or other anchor devices.

Quick and easy installation

Our portable deadweight anchor system is quick and easy to handle. Very often there are just two men assembling the system and it is down to them to take the necessary components up on the roof, lift and re-position them as necessary, and take back down again. It can be heavy and time consuming work. To solve these problems, Kee Safety takes a modular approach to roof man anchor systems. By using individual, smaller components, our range of roof anchor devices are much easier to lift and carry to and from the point of use; a basic system weights only 250Kg, with no single item weighting more than 25Kg.


Weightanka® is a mobile, deadweight anchor device for use on roofs up to 5 degree pitch, where the installation of collective protection or permanent anchor devices is not viable. Weightanka® utilises a central pedestal which allows the attachment of a safety harness and lanyard and raises the height at which the arrest force is applied.

The system conforms to Type E EN 795:1997 and is approved to meet the PPE Directive.


Accessanka® is designed as an accessory to Weightanka® to provide a portable anchor device for rope access workers, allowing them to work safely. It does not penetrate the roof, is suitable for most flat roof surfaces and requires no attachment to structural members. When correctly installed, the system is extremely stable and will not migrate across the roof surface either in normal use or when arresting the fall of both a worker and rescuer up to 200Kg limit.

Accessanka® conforms to Type B EN 795:1997.


Wireanka® is a system of deadweight anchor devices designed to support Type `C’ horizontal, flexible safety lines to BS EN 795. It is intended for use on flat roofs, in temporary situations, or where it is preferable the penetration of the roof surface be avoided.

The system conforms to Type C EN 795:1997.


KEELINE Fall Protection System

The KEELINE lifeline system provides fall arrest / restraint protection where guardrails are not suitable or where planning considerations require a virtually invisible fall protection solution. A wire based horizontal lifeline system offers a flexible, cost-effective solution for protecting workers at height.

KEELINE provides complete and continual “handsfree” protection for up to three users when used as a fall arrest system.


The KEELINE system is fully compliant with the requirements of EN 795:2012, CEN TS 16415:2013, ANSI Z359 and CSA Z259, and has undergone extensive testing in different roof types, with full third party approval. Testing in roof structure was witnessed by Decra.

KEELINE Lifeline System

The KEELINE horizontal lifeline is designed to provide safe access to any area of a roof by allowing workers to be permanently attached to the line at all times and be able to freely move around the roof surface. The KEELINE system utilises 8mm grade 316 stainless steel wire and allows spans of up to 12m between posts.

The system is designed so that the traveller which connects the user to the systems simply glides over brackets, overcoming the need to detach from the lifeline.

KEELINE also incorporates PAS (Progressive Absorbing System). If the user falls, the shock absorbers, intermediate brackets and support posts will deploy and deform so that the loadings applied to the building’s structure is below 10Kn.

Solution for All Types of Roofs

The KEELINE system has been tested and can be installed on a variety of roof types e.g. bitumen membrane roofs, standing seam and metal profile roofs using either “top fix” anchors or a “through fix” anchorr (POSTANKA) where fixing to the main building structure is preferred.

The KEELINE horizontal lifeline can be installed to any steel cladding panel, beam/column structure, solid parapet walls and flat roofs via a support post. When a lifeline system cannot be fixed through the roof’s structure, a free standing fall arrest / restraint system can be provided using our KEE ANCHOR roof anchors.  A series of deadweight anchors can be linked at approximately 10m centres via the KEELINE horizontal restraint line.

KEELINE is available for mounting directly to concrete, steel, brick and stonework in either horizontal or overhead applications.

Features of the KEELINE Lifeline System

  • Personal fall protection system designed for roof installation and horizontal or overhead applications
  • Tested on multiple roof types
  • Maximum span between posts 12m
  • Traveller can pass the whole length of the system without having to be detached at any point
  • Open style, low posts suit metal profile and standing seam roofs
  • Specific membrane roof base plate and posts allow simple wreathing installation
  • Galvanised mild steel or stainless steel parts
  • Base plates allow multiple fixing options
  • Conforms to EN 795 2012

Benefits of the KEELINE Lifeline System

  • Proven fall protection system meeting all current legislative requirements
  • Safety assurance that the lifeline system is fully functional on all approved surfaces
  • Minimises the number of posts and roof fixings required
  • The user is always connected to the system
  • Posts designed to deploy and deform in event of a fall, minimising the load being applied to the building to below 10Kn
  • Saves installation time and reduces project costs
  • Long term corrosion resistance

Kee i-bolt

Safe window cleaning

Window cleaning is a hazardous maintenance task carried out on most premises. On buildings where access is regularly required using a harness, consideration should be given to using safety eyebolts to attach the harness line to. Safety eyebolts are ideal for single working person, reducing a risk of fall whilst carrying out external window cleaning and general maintenance.

Eyebolts should be positioned so that the operative can attach their lanyard and safety harness before being at risk, ensuring safe access and personal protection in the event of an accidental slip or fall.

Kee i-bolt® safety eyebolts product range

Kee Safety offers a comprehensive selection of Type A safety anchors designed to offer effective fall arrest protection for those carrying out high level window, façade cleaning or other building maintenance operations from an ‘open window’ position. However, it is important that the correct eyebolt is used to suit the material and the positioning is determined by a competent person.

The Kee i-bolt® range comprises two product brands named Ringanka® and Keyanka®.

Eyebolt specification should only be undertaken by a competent person, in order to ensure that the correct eyebolt is used for the given structure.  Re-certification of the product must also be carried out in accordance with BS EN 7883 and EN 365.

Ringanka® anchor devices

The Ringanka® portfolio comprises fixed eyebolts in a choice of three different sizes for straightforward and secure wall installation, suitable for use in a range of materials. The safety eyebolt provides a fixed anchoring point, either external or internally within the building, where workers can attach a lanyard and safety harness to ensure safe access and personal protection in the event of an accidental slip or fall. Available in a polished stainless steel, galvanised or plastic-coated finish to blend with prestige building applications and different interior schemes, the safety eyebolt can be securely fitted to different building fabrics, including brick, concrete, masonry and steel. The eyebolts are supplied with knurled inserts and resin capsules to allow easy installation and removal for periodic inspection. A PPE warning disc can also be provided as part of the range.

Keyanka® removable anchor

Keyanka is a removable safety eyebolt offering an unobtrusive solution to traditional eyebolts in more prestigious buildings. The anchor socket is permanently installed but discreetly covered by a white plastic cover. When required for use, the cover is removed and the special ‘key-type’ eyebolt, typically attached to the worker’s lanyard, is inserted into the socket hole. A simple key action activates a spring locking movement to provide a fast and safe attachment whilst allowing 180° rotation to suit usage requirements.

  • Comprehensive range of safety eyebolts and accessories
  • Provides workers with safe means of access
  • Suitable for use in tension and in shear
  • Both products conform to EN 795 Type A
  • Re-certification of the product must be carried out in accordance with BS EN 7883 and EN 365.

Kee Modules

KEE MODULES is a range of pre-designed upright assemblies to enable the quick specification and installation of EN14122 part 3 compliant structurally
mounted roof edge protection.

KEE MODULES are available in size 7 (42.4 mm) size and 8 (48.3 mm) Galvanised Steel or Aluminium. The standard configurations offer side fixing, top fixing or a fitting to enable mounting underneath aluminium copings.

Handrails can be in line or offset, with single or double rails and the Uprights can be supplied straight, inclined or radiused.


  • Galvanised steel or aluminium
  • Adaptable to many roof configurations
  • Multiple variations
  • Conform to EN ISO 14122 pt3
  • No threading, welding or riveting required.


  • Pre-assembled uprights for quicker installation
  • No welding, no hot work permits required
  • Can be adjusted on site to suit local conditions
  • Fittings don’t damage any protective coatings applied to the tube
  • Assured design loads
  • Consistent appearance
  • Easily installed by lower skilled and therefore less expensive labour.


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