Confined Space Entry Kit with Rescuer

Improve your safety in confined spaces with MSA’s confined space entry kits!

Our user-friendly confined space fall protection solutions are designed and made with safety on top of mind, and they are extremely useful for work assignments with limited staff, as they can be deployed by just one person in less than 3 minutes without any tools.

The kits include a robust tripod with 4 anchorage points, a handy rescuer that combines an EN360 retractable lifeline with an integrated rescue lift, and optionally a rugged winch. This winch, certified to machinery directive 2006/42/EC, can be used to move up and down tools and other equipment up to 225 Kg. Both the rescuer and the winch are certified to the PPE standard EN 1496 class B, so they can be used to move and rescue workers up to 140Kg.

Our Confined Space Entry Kit with rescuer (ref. 10116521-01) includes a MSA Workman Tripod, a 15m Workman Rescuer, the necessary pulleys and carabiners and a handy Carrying Bag.

Our Confined Space Entry Kit with rescuer and winch (ref. 10116521-02) includes a MSA Workman Tripod, a 15m Workman Rescuer, a 15m Workman Winch, the necessary pulleys and carabiners and a handy Carrying Bag.

And we have many more solutions to keep your staff safe while working in confined space! Please check our portable gas detectors, respiratory protection and head, eye and face protection solutions!

Confined space entry solutions for wastewater workers

Confined space entry solutions for oil and gas workers

V-TEC™ Mini Personal Fall Limiter

Built as the most compact and lightweight personal fall limiter ever developed, the new MSA V-TEC Mini PFL has been designed with user experience and cost of ownership on top of mind.

Using an innovative sealed spring radial energy-absorbing technology, the new design eliminates the need for an external energy-absorber outside of the housing, requiring no additional lubrication which could attract dirt and debris, allowing a time-proof smooth use.

Featuring a highly durable polycarbonate clear casing which allows for easy visual inspection of the critical internal components, the MSA V-TEC Mini PFL is tested for up to 140 Kg withstanding temperatures ranging from -40° to +54° C

A highly ergonomic Twin-leg option is available by a special connector that is positioning two Mini PFLs as close to the user’s back as physically possible, so the equipment is not affecting the user’s center of gravity and therefore not causing discomfort during long work shifts.

The V-TEC Mini is also specifically tested and suitable for use on MEWPs (Mobile Elevating Working platforms) in Europe (Prüfgrundsatz PG -06-07)

Our V-TEC 1,8m PFL is available with many connectors, carabiners and hooks for a wide range of applications. 

Learn more about V-TEC Mini PFL

Interested in trying out an MSA V-Series product, self-retracting lanyard, personal fall limiter or harness?

V-TEC™ Self-Retracting Lifeline

With premium stainless steel components and innovative engineering, the V-TEC Self Retracting Lifeline incorporates a precision-made spring radial energy absorber that requires zero calibration or adjustment. The retraction dampening feature controls cable retraction speeds preventing pre-mature and accidental load indicator deployment.


  • Completely field-serviceable with minimal components
  • Spring radial energy absorbing technology requires zero calibration or adjustment
  • Retraction dampening features controls the cable speed to <3m/s
  • 20ft.(6m) length
  • High-impact, clear polycarbonate housing simplifies pre-use inspection
  • Fully rotating attachment point for complete user mobility
  • Stainless steel cable and components
  • 400lbs. worker capacity

Markets: Contractor, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Utilities

Applications: Confined Space, Working at Heights


Latchways Constant Force® Post

MSA’s innovative Latchways Constant Force Post was first launched in 2001. Standing the test of time, this product remains unchanged today through robust engineering design, exceptional load control performance and quality material choice.

The MSA Latchways Constant Force post has an integral energy absorbing coil that, in the event of a fall, deploys in a controlled manner to absorb the force generated. In doing so it ensures that the load exerted on the point of attachment will not exceed 10 kN and so allows the post to be fixed to a relatively delicate structure without the additional requirement to attach to structural steel or purlins.

The versatility and ease of use is making the Constant Force Posts the ideal choice for protecting workers as they go about day-to-day activities like maintenance, cleaning, inspection and more. It can be fixed to virtually all types of roofs, including standing-seam roofs, and composite roofs, BUOS roofs, secret fix roofs and bituminous roofs with steel, timber or concrete decks.

The MSA Latchways Constant Force Post has been successfully tested on over 500 different large scale roof samples, proving essential information of how Constant Force systems perform in real life.

For further information please contact your local MSA affiliate or visit

MSA V-FIT Full Body Harness

With distinctive design and extended padding, V-FIT range of full body harnesses provides high-level comfort for users in all applications.


  • Fall arrest rated textile loops at the front and a light weight Aluminum back D-ring
  • Harness version with two lateral Aluminum D-rings for work positioning
  • Shoulder & leg padding for increased comfort
  • Fully adjustable shoulder, chest strap & thigh straps for perfect sizing and fit
  • Dual load indicator to alert you when the harness has been involved in a fall event
  • Bayonet style buckles with locking engagement window to confirm secure connection
  • Elastic web keepers provide flexibility to manage excess webbing
  • A Velcro cover protects harness label
  • Lanyard keepers on shoulder straps to park a lanyard
  • Two tool holder loops at the back of the waist belt provide more tool holding options
  • 140 kg load capacity

Markets: Contractor, Industrial, Mining, Oil & Gas, Utilities

Applications: Confined Space, Working at Heights

V-FORM™ Full Body Harness

With lightweight and durable components, MSA V-FORM™ range of safety harnesses provide full comfort to the users. These full body harnesses come in the catchy color combination of MSA Green and Gray.

Designed to be comfortable, light and easy to use, the V-FORM harness combines simplicity with safety in a streamlined harness that can be fastened securely and released quickly. An intuitive design ensures correct fitting first time, every time.

MSA V-FORM™ harness – Features & Benefits

  • 3 different harness versions with 3- or 5-point adjustment − single dorsal D-Ring, additional two loops at the front, additional shoulder loops for use with the MSA Workman Spreader bar – ensure the right protection for the job
  • Color-contrasting thigh and torso straps simplify donning
  • Dual load indicator to alert you when the harness has been involved in a fall event
  • Choice of Qwik-Fit or Bayonet leg straps for easy adjustment
  • Web finials prevent fraying on web ends for additional durability
  • Come with a sub-pelvic strap for extended comfort
  • A Velcro® cover protects harness label
  • 140 kg load capacity
  • V-Form waist belt can be attached onto a harness for work positioning

MSA V-FORM™ Waist Belt

  • A waist belt is a part of work positioning system. It is used to hold a worker in place while allowing hands-free work at elevated heights. It can be attached onto V-FORM full body harness or used as an accessory. For work position applications, a separate fall arrest system must be used.
  • Hip D-rings for work positioning
  • Have a sliding belt on the back pad for comfort and easy adjustment
  • Webbing loops and plastic rings for holding tools
  • Can be easily attached onto a V-Form full body harness

D-Ring Extender

  • The D-Ring Extender allows easier access to the dorsal D-ring without any external help.
  • 0,6m D-ring extension with a webbing loop at one end, steel D-ring at other end
  • Abrasion resistant polyester webbing

Markets: Contractor, Industrial, Mining, Oil & Gas, Utilities

Applications: Confined Space, Working at Heights

Suspension Trauma Safety Step

The Suspension Trauma Safety Step is designed to help workers in a post-fall suspension position avoid the effects of suspension trauma. Workers can use a single Safety Step or two Safety Steps (one for each leg) to provide additional support, balance, and comfort.


  • Compact, lightweight, versatile
  • Multiple attachment point options
  • Fast, easy installation and deployment
  • Attaches to any harness
  • Multiple loop design accommodates all heights and sizes

Markets: Agriculture, Chemical, Construction, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Water Treatment, General Industrial, Mining

Applications: Confined Space, Working at Heights

Harness Accessories

MSA’s Harness Accessories maximize user comfort and allow customisation of harnesses.


  • Comfort pads provide additional comfort at seat, shoulders, and chest when prolonged suspension or extra tool loads are necessary.
  • Bosun Chairs include a padded seat and will keep the user in an upright position for long durations.
  • Economic back supports provide additional comfort at the lower back when prolonged suspension or extra tool loads are necessary.
  • Suspension Trauma Safety Steps allows workers to relieve pressure by insert a foot into the step loops and then standing up in the harness to increase blood flow.
  • Lanyard Connector Adapters extend the back D-ring attachment point 18" from the center of the user’s back allowing easier attachment of lanyards.
  • Check availability in your country.

Markets: Chemical, Construction, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Water Treatment, General Industrial, Mining

Applications: Confined Space, Working at Heights

Rope Grab Easy Move With Lifeline

The Easy Move device with lifeline is used to provide temporary fall protection on ladders or when climbing. This system can also be used to provide a secondary lifeline for suspended positioning systems used by building/structure inspectors, window cleaners, andmaintenance personnel.

The vertical lifeline kit consists of 15, 20, 25 or 30m of 11mm polyamide rope with sewn eyelets, Easy Move device and carrying bag.


  • All-in-one fall arrester: Rope adjuster and a guided type fall arrester
  • Light weight and compact for comfortable use and easy carrying
  • Developed to grip on dirty or icy ropes
  • Two operation modes:
  • REST – position in ascender mode/lanyard adjustment
  • GO – position in fall arresting mode

Markets: Chemical, Construction, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Water Treatment, General Industrial, Mining

Applications: Aviation, Building Protection, Confined Space, Firefighting, Food Processes, Painting, Port Surveillance, Public Events, Sanding & Grinding, Search & Rescue, Steel, Smelting, Foundries, Tactical/SWAT Teams, Working at Heights, Manufacturing

Anthron Descender

The Anthron Descender is a manually operated, controlled descent device most commonly used for suspended work positioning, self-evacuation, or rescue operations.

A cam assembly provides friction on the rope to hold a load or allow the load to descend at a controlled rate. The system consists of a 7/16" (11mm) rope, the Anthron Descender, and two carabiners. Proper roping and rigging diagrams are on the side of the device, which can be installed or removed at any point on the rope and has a working load of 300 pounds (136 kg).


  • Device can be installed/removed at any point on the rope.
  • Proper roping/rigging diagrams on the side of the Anthron Descender
  • Working load of 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • System consists of a 7/16" (11 mm) rope, Anthron Descender, and 2 carabiners

Markets: Chemical, Construction, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Water Treatment, General Industrial, Mining

Applications: Confined Space, Working at Heights, Aviation, Building Protection, Firefighting, Port Surveillance, Public Events, Search & Rescue, Tactical/SWAT Teams, Working at Heights


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