Blackline revolutionised personal gas monitoring with the introduction of G7c, the world’s only detector with integrated cellular communications and two-way voice calling to a live monitoring team. Delivering a broad range of gas detection and real-time safety features, G7c is the most connected gas detection instrument on the market.

We are changing the gas detection world again. Introducing G7 Exo — the world’s first cloud-connected area monitor with integrated 2G/3G/4G communications. From the moment G7 Exo is turned on, it automatically connects directly to the Blackline Safety Cloud and delivers a complete situational view to businesses. G7 Exo defines the ideal cloud-connected area monitor for facilities, maintenance projects, tank farms, fencelines, drilling rigs and disaster responses.

Unlike competitor solutions, G7 Exo area monitors do not need to be set up with a line of sight between each other. No more changing batteries every few days either. G7 Exo combines 100+ days of battery run-time and integrated communications for seamless remote configuration and monitoring.


  • 100+ day battery life
  • Diffusion and combination diffusion / pump model options
  • Internal 2G/3G/4G wireless works in 100+ countries
  • Works globally with optional Iridium satellite communication
  • Call for help using the SOS latch
  • Works seamlessly with Blackline Live cloud-hosted software
  • Communicates all data to the Blackline Safety Cloud — no need to collect data from the field
  • Blackline Live automates configuration changes, plus firmware updates automatically
  • Uses the same plug-and-play gas sensor cartridges as G7c
  • Blackline Analytics automates compliance reporting
  • InternalGPS and beacon location technology
  • Manage G7 Exo area monitors in Blackline Live alongside G7c personal monitors


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