Half mask CA-5

This universal single filter half mask

with connection thread RD40×1/7“ according to EN 148-1 is made from resistant thermoplastic elastomer and has a four point head harness which ensures comfortable and safe fitting. Its 40 mm connection thread can be used with certified canister filters with weights lower than 300 g or CleanAIR® powered air purifying respirators.

Shigematsu GX02

High-end full face mask with advanced ergonomic design

The full face mask Shigematsu GX02 offers the highest level of respiratory protection in highly contaminated environments. The mask can be used with a wide range of standard canister filters and powered air purifying systems CleanAIR®. The mask body is made of a high quality silicone which ensures extensive chemical resistance and a long operation life. Its double seal flange maintains maximal seal while keeping the high level of comfort for the wearer supported by two exhalation valves reducing the breathing resistance and keeping the mask cool and dry. The six point head harness ensures secure and easy fit. The wide panoramic visor provides a broad visual field. The visor is equipped with antiscratch coating that guarantees high mechanical resistance which can be further increased by a protection foil. The visor is exchangeable. The mask is equipped with a speech diaphragm which facilitates communication.

Safety helmet CA-40G with grinding shield

A combination of a grinding shield and safety helmet with an integrated air distribution system.

Ensures protection of the head, respiratory tract, eyes, face and hearing while grinding in highly demanding environments.


Always a great view and perfect air conditions when protecting your face is necessary.

Unlimited clear view of your workspace, filtered and clear air with adjustable air distribution make SeeMAX the unique face and respiratory protection system with the highest safety level. The easy to change DIN5 front cover lens expands the system to the perfect protector for efficient plasma cutting.

Protective shield CA-4

Lightweight industrial safety helmet with air distribution

The helmet can be equipped with further safety elements: an additional flip-up polycarbonate visor for protection of eyes against impacts of particles with medium energy, earmuffs and a long cape for protection of the neck. The wide panoramic visor with an anti-fog coating enables a good orientation. The helmet fits well thanks to the adjustable headgear and is provided with a sweatband.

Protective shield CA-3

Spacy shield with an unlimited view

This popular light protective shield with a wide acetate visor provides respiratory protection and face protection against splashing chemicals. The visor offers a broad and clear field of vision, high chemical resistance and protection against liquid spraying.

Attention! There are two types of shield acetate and polycarbonate. Acetate type of visor is not recommended for grinding operations. It provides protection against liquid spraying in accordance with the standard EN 166.

Omnira air


Grinding shield with integrated air distribution for the highest  respiratory protection, protection of eyes and face. It also offers high protection against high speed particles. The shield can be extended with a welding shield, which gives you a full-fledged welding flip-up helmet.

It is adapted for use with powered air purifying respirators CleanAIR® or with continuous flow compressed air breathing apparatuses CleanAIR®.


Light universal face shield providing the highest comfort and safety

The highest level of breathing protection with enhanced inner airflow regulation and a visor with excellent optical and mechanical features make this universal light face shield a true leader of its class. UniMask is light (just 380 g) and offers excellent user´s comfort – the inner airflow regulation allows the user to set direction and intensity of the air to be delivered to the face or directly into the breathing zone. The users can opt for a soft textile or a neoprene face seal according to their preferences. The visor provides clear and undisturbed view of the highest quality (class 1 according to EN 166), high mechanical resistance and anti-fog coating. UniMask is easy to use and all spare parts are quickly and easily removable which enables fast and simple maintenance.


Heavy-duty welding hood

This robust leather welding hood incorporating easily removable safety helmet ensures uncompromising respiratory and upper body protection where the welder´s safety is the highest priority. Perfect for application in tight spaces – thanks to compact design and removable safety helmet it allows you to squeeze into spaces where access with conventional helmet is not possible. It is compatible with the airline system CleanAIR® Pressure ARES.

Safety helmet CA-40GW

Safety helmet CA-40GW with grinding and welding shield

Multi-purpose safety helmet with a welding and grinding shield provides 5 levels of protection at once: eye, face, head, respiratory and optional hearing protection. Stable fl ip-up is compatible with auto-darkening fi lters or passive fi lters in dimension of 110×90 mm. Superb quality visor with anti-fog / anti-scratch coating guarantees excelent fi eld of vision and increased duarability. The easy to change DIN4 or DIN5 visor expand the system to the perfect protector for efficient Plasma or Oxy cutting. The product is suitable for the most challenging welding tasks including welding preparations (positioning, clamping) and further surface operations (grinding, cleaning, polishing).


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