Brushed Nylon Sweatband

Comfortable replacement sweatband with 2mm foam.

  • Black brushed Nylon, soft to the skin, laminated to 2mm foam

Key Features

Product Code: S31N

Helmet Compatibility: 1125

4 point EN 397 Chinstrap

Ergonomically designed chin strap conforming to EN 397

  • Designed to seamlessly complement the Nexus range of helmets, but can be used with a number of Centurion helmets

Approved To

Meets the mandatory Chinstrap test within EN 397

Key Features

Product Codes: S30LY

4 point EN 12492 Nexus Chinstrap

Designed specifically for the demanding Nexus Heightmaster helmet, a replacement Chinstrap to ensure EN 12492 compliance.

  • Grey in colour to differentiate workers on site

Approved To

Meets the mandatory Chinstrap test within EN 12492

Key Features

Product Codes: S30NY

2 point EN 397 Elasticated Chinstrap

2-point chinstrap accessory to complement the Centurion range of helmets, fully compliant to EN 397.

  • Fitted with chin cup for extra comfort

Approved To

Meets the mandatory Chinstrap test within EN 397

Key Features

Product Codes: S30E

Concept and Vision Plus Helmet Lamp Bracket and Cable Clips

Bracket and clip accessory to allow the fitment of lamps to the Concept safety Helmet

Approved To

Helmets still approved to electrical resistance option within EN 397 when fitted as no metal parts or riveting to shell due to simple but strong adhesive backing (non vented helmet only)
Helmet not approved to Molten Metal when lamp bracket and cable clip fitted

Key Features

Weight: 16g

Product Codes: S30LBCC

Concept SecurePlus

The Concept SecurePlus Safety Helmet offers high safety with low weight. Reassuring strength with feel-good comfort. Complete with our SecurePlus quick release chinstrap for total ease.

  • Complete with 4 point SecurePlus EN 397 quick release chinstrap
  • Fitted 4 point quick release chinstrap
  • Internal card holder for identification or medical information

Approved To

EN 397: 1000V a.c, LD, MM, -40°C,
EN 50365 and ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014 Type 1 Class E.

Key Features

Weight: Only 330g

Material: Shell: Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS)

Peak Type: Reduced (20mm)

Internal Features: 6 point sewn durable and hardwearing Terylene webbing Cradle with Slip or Wheel Twist2Fit Ratchet, complete with Dry-Tech Sweatband

Product Codes: S08C*L (Slip Ratchet)
S08C*RL (Wheel Ratchet)
* Insert colour of helmet (i.e. W for White)

Concept Forestry Kit

Providing high safety with low weight – the Concept Forestry kit offers reassuring strength with feel-good comfort. Expertly customised with our forestry mesh visor and ear defenders.

  • Orange Helmet, Black Mesh Visor and Orange Baltic Ear Defenders
  • Internal card holder in helmet for identification or medical information
  • 6 point Terylene webbing harness for maximum comfort

Approved To

EN 397
EN 50365
ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014 Type 1 Class C
Ear Defender – EN 352-3
Forestry Visor – EN 1731:2006

Key Features

Weight: 318g (helmet)
170g (ear defenders)

Material: (ABS) Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene

Peak Type: Full (40mm)

Internal Features: 6 point sewn durable and hardwearing Terylene webbing cradle, complete with Dry-Tech Sweatband

Product codes: S25CCOF
(consisting of S71CE Scala X Ear Defenders, S59CE Forestry Visor and S09COF Concept Orange Vented Helmet)

Classic High Temperature Screens and Carrier

A complete screen and carrier system designed to supply specialist protection in areas at risk of radiant temperatures. (shown on Vulcan helmet sold separately)

Approved To

All comply to EN 166 with the following options
S598: 1 F T 9 3
S760: 1 F T 9 3 (EN 171 4-5)

Key Features

Material: Carrier: Polyetherimide
Face Screens: Triacetate Clear and Gold Polycarbonate

Visibility Length: 210mm

Product Codes: S57CE – Carrier for Vulcan helmet
S57TCE – Carrier for Vulcan helmet (fitted with Thumbscrews)
for Ratchet adjustment
S598 – Face Screen – Triacetate Clear
S760 – Face Screen Gold Polycarbonate

ArcPro Clear Arc Flash Screens

ArcPro screens designed to protect against Arc Flash risks posed by electrical faults, and tested in accordance with EN 166.

  • Designed to be fitted to a Nexus, Vision, Concept Unvented or Vulcan Helmet using the S57 Hi-Temp 300 Carrier
  • Clear ArcPro screen approved to EN 166 option 8 (Protection against Short Circuit Electric Arc)

Approved To

EN 166:2001 with the options for Face screens:-
Clear: 1 B 8 9 3 (EN 170:2002 2-1,2)

Key Features

Material: ArcPro 225mm Face Screen and ArcPro 180mm
Face Screen for Chin Guard: 1.5mm Polycarbonate
ArcPro Brow guard and ArcPro Chin Guard: Polycarbonate
ArcPro Carrier: Polyetherimide

Screen Size: ArcPro Face Screen: 210mm visible length when fitted
ArcPro Face Screen for Chin Guard: 160mm visible length when fitted

Product Codes: ArcPro Clear 225mm Face Screen: S590AEA
ArcPro Clear 180mm Face Screen for Chin Guard: S910AEA
ArcPro Browguard: S89CAEA
ArcPro System Kits
ArcPro Helmet & Clear Screen Kit: S25WCCAEA

Classic Browguard System with Chin Guard

Use the Classic Browguard system for industrial, impact rated headband mounted face protection. The Browguard system allows you to fit our range of general purpose Face Screens or Chin Guard Face Screens without the need to mount directly to a safety helmet.

  • Reduced COVID-19 transmission due to maximum facial coverage
  • System suitable for industrial applications such as grinding due to grade B impact rating
  • Browguard system including Slip harness for simple cleaning and disinfection
  • System designed to be re-used, ensuring it is more economical and environmentally sound than single use alternatives
  • Polycarbonate screens for maximum impact protection and Acetate screens for chemical resistance.
  • Chin Guard Face Screens can be used with the Classic Carrier for when head protection is required.  Classic general purpose screens (without chin protection) can also be used with the Classic Browguard.
  • Flexible headband, fabric sweatband and dual strap system ensure maximum comfort and personalised fit.

Approved To

All comply to EN 166 with the following options for the face screens:
S910: 1 B 9 3
S911: 1 F 3
S912: 1 F 9 3 (EN 170 2-1,2)

Key Features

Material: Brow guard – Nylon.
Chin Guard Face Screens: – Polycarbonate Clear, Acetate Clear, Acetate
Antifog Chin Guard

Product Codes: S89 – Browguard
S91C – Chin Guard
S910 – Chin Guard Face Screen Polycarbonate
S911 – Chin Guard Face Screen Acetate Clear
S912 – Chin Guard Face Screen Acetate Antifog

Visibility Length: 160mm


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