MSA M1 System SCBA

The M1 SCBA is fully customizable and can be configured to meet a broad range of needs. Buy per your budget needs and upgrade later.

Overall, the M1 breathing apparatus represents the most advanced, ergonomic and modular SCBA system on the market which was designed and developed side-by-side with firefighters. This all-new breathing apparatus platform includes several innovative and customizable features that help to enhance hygiene and improve comfort.

MSA Advantage® 3100 Full Face Piece Respirator

The full-face mask series Advantage 3000 provides both protection and unparalleled comfort. The soft sealing line made up of hypoallergenic silicone provides a pressure free fit. The large optically corrected lens ensures a clear, undistorted view, while the grey-blue colour gives the mask an aesthetic appearance. The patented Advantage head harness gives a perfect face piece-to-face fit.

Dräger FPS® 7000

The Dräger FPS 7000 full-face mask series sets new standards in terms of safety and wearing comfort. Thanks to its enhance ergonomics and the availability of multiple sizes, it offers large, optimized field of vision and a very comfortable, secure fit.

Dräger X-plore® 4700

This robust half face mask offers excellent comfort and outstanding leak tightness for demanding applications. Thanks to the wide range of filters available for protection against gases, vapours and particles, ideally suited for use in a variety of industries.

  • First class wearing comfort
  • Selection between two high quality materials
  • Drop down system
  • Optional with elastic harness
  • Extremely robust
  • Two filter connection types

3M™ Scott™ ELSA Emergency Life Support Apparatus

Intended for rapid escape from hazardous industrial and marine environments, the 3M™ Scott™ ELSA (Emergency Life Support Apparatus) is designed to be reliable, robust, and quick and simple to operate, ensuring maximum protection in escape situations.

  • Breathing apparatus provides a constant supply of air for quick escape from hazardous industrial and marine environments
  • Automatic quick-fire activation triggered by opening the carrying bag
  • Cubic hood design with large visor area and ori-nasal mask for reduced carbon dioxide dead space
  • Designed for reliability, robustness and ease of use for maximum protection in an escape situation
  • Available in durations of 10 or 15 minutes

Dräger Saver CF

The Dräger Saver CF constant flow emergency escape breathing apparatus allows safe, effective and uncomplicated escape from hazardous environments. Simple to put on and featuring automatic operation, this hood based, constant flow breathing device can be used with minimal training.

  • Up to 15 minutes of life saving air
  • Highly visible, even under adverse conditions
  • Low maintenance protection
  • Available in durations of 10 or 15 minutes


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