BARRIER LIMIT is used wherever a visually recognisable barrier must be provided for a danger area. The system is particularly suitable for drawing attention to danger sources in locations at height. The barrier is quick to install and is ready for use in a few moments. BARRIER LIMIT, held by superimposed load, can be deployed flexibly, regardless of the area of use. The use of special tools can be avoided completely.

  • Easy and rapid installation, thanks to the uncomplicated assembly without special tools.
  • Low superimposed load, thanks to the wide post separation of 7,5 m.
  • Simple creation of gangways, thanks to the practical chain holder.
  • Visual recognisability of the danger source, thanks to the coloured link chain.


The BARRIER ASCENT LADDER guardrail system is used wherever it is necessary to secure the exit area of an ascent ladder, where a fall edge is present after exiting onto the roof surface. Depending on the substructure (parapet) present and structural requirements, two different assembly variants are available for an optimum result in securing against falls. The guardrail system held by superimposed load is designed in such a way that it can be installed quickly and easily by clamped attachment to the customer’s ascent ladder. With this system, roof penetrations are a thing of the past.

  • Simple to retrofit, because the system uses superimposed loads.
  • No roof penetrations, because system is held by superimposed load.
  • Thanks to the optional toe board, the system can also be used for edges without an existing foot guardrail (Parapet, etc. )


The BARRIER MACHINE SAFEGUARDING guardrail system is used wherever fall edges on machinery or in an industrial environment have to be secured. The guardrail system is so flexible that it is possible to individually solve the various requirements in different areas of industry. In order to fulfil both safety and aesthetic requirements in the best possible way, various installation options and foot units are available. For example, there is also the option to fold the system up and down completely, and this is particularly practical in industry. The simple installation of the guardrail system ensures that it can be deployed rapidly.

  • Certified solution for securing fall edges in the area of machinery.
  • Variable system, thanks to the different installation options provided by the foot units.
  • Visual barrier indication through use of signal colours is possible thanks to the various coating options for the guardrails.
  • Practical to deploy, because the system can be folded down completely when not in use, and expanded again for use.


The BARRIER ESCAPE ROUTE guardrail system is used wherever a prescribed route out of the danger zone has to be created so that persons can leave it safely. Regardless whether it is a case of straight runs, or whether corner layouts must be created, the guardrail system ensures optimum safety. Depending on the construction circumstances, the Vario escape route system and the concrete slab escape route system provide two guardrail system variants held by superimposed load. The BARRIER ESCAPE ROUTE guardrail system was designed to ensure simple installation.

  • Certified solution for implementing an escape route which complies with standards.
  • Vario escape route system provides individual setting of escape route width, depending on the number of persons escaping.
  • Space-saving concrete slab escape route system variant, using customer-supplied concrete slabs to provide superimposed load.
  • Simple to retrofit, because the system uses superimposed loads.


The BARRIER SKYLIGHT guardrail system is used wherever skylights must be protected on roofs of up to 10° inclination. Regardless of the size of the skylight, the superimposed load system provides optimum fall protection, and thereby neutralises the source of danger which results from a skylight. If various skylights are present on a roof, then the guardrail system can be adapted individually to the actual size of each skylight. In this regard, several installation variants are available. The guardrail system places no restrictions on the functionality of the existing skylight and also ensures optimum light penetration into the space below.

  • Variable system which is simple to retrofit, thanks to the various installation variants.
  • Optimum safety without technical modification of the skylight (no impairment of smoke extraction capability).
  • Simple, space-saving installation, thanks to the intelligent adapter directly on the concrete weight.
  • Secured access from the skylight to the flat roof, if an optional door set is installed.


The BARRIER FLEECE guardrail system is used wherever the fall edges of flat roofs up to 10° inclination must be protected. It creates a barrier to the fall edge, and so all persons located on the roof can move about in safety. This system is suitable only in combination with a green roof structure or a gravel fill, and was specially developed for this application area. Thanks to the green roof or gravel fill acting as a superimposed load, there is no need for additional weights on the roof, and so roof penetrations are a thing of the past.

  • Efficient installation and few roof penetrations, thanks to post separations of 2,5 m.
  • Optimum adaptability to the structure of the building, thanks to the surface coating options for the guardrail.
  • Optimum use of the green roof s intrinsic weight, so there is no need for additional weights on the roof or for roof penetrations.
  • Prevention of stumbling events, thanks to the boom s location beneath the roof system.


The BARRIER PARAPET guardrail system is suitable only for combination with an existing parapet construction. Once the system has been attached to the parapet construction, it provides optimum fall protection for all persons located on the roof. There are many attachment options for the guardrail system, and so an optimum solution can be found for every situation. The BARRIER PARAPET’s various feet ensure an optimum visual result. For example, one of the feet also allows the system to be folded down completely, and then folded back up.

  • Optimum result thanks to various installation options on the parapet (at the side and on top).
  • No additional load on the structure of the flat roof, thanks to direct installation on the parapet.
  • Visually matching overall appearance thanks to various models (also foldable if required).
  • Efficient installation and few roof penetrations, thanks to post separations of 2,5 m.


The BARRIER-VARIO guardrail system is used wherever the fall edges of a flat roof up to a maximum pitch of 10° must be protected. The guardrail held in place by superimposed concrete weights creates a barrier around the fall-risk area, and thus ensures optimum fall protection for everyone located on the flat roof. The substructure is of no significance for fastening the guardrail system. With this system, roof penetrations are a thing of the past. The guardrail system was designed to ensure rapid and simple installation.

  • Efficient installation thanks to the post separations of 2,5 m and a practical solution for corners.
  • No impairment of the roof s various sheet layers, thanks to our foot units with an included release layer.
  • Compensation of roof height differences up to 12,5 cm, thanks to simple height adjustment of the foot.
  • Optimised user-friendliness, thanks to stackable concrete weights, each of 12,5 kg per side, and 100 % plasticiser-free.


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