Emerald CX® 10-Gauge Cut-Resistant Glove with Foam Nitrile Palm

  • Blend of composite filament fiber and stainless steel
  • Reformulated nitrile palm for better grip along with great comfort and dexterity
  • Extremely high ANSI level-4 abrasion resistance
  • Unparalleled ANSI level 5 puncture resistance
  • These gloves are treated with Ultra-Fresh to achieve 99.9% antimicrobial status
  • To limit the risk of allergic reactions, all of our Canadian-made gloves are now crafted with latex-free materials
  • These gloves are also touch screen compatible

“We really liked the cut level A4 (S18TAFGFN) and A6 (S10NXFN) gloves for our drillers and mechanics, respectively. Their durability and cut protection definitely increased our confidence when performing our jobs. I have recommended that we purchase both gloves to add to our safety gear inventory.” – Mark W., Copper Mountain Mining Corporation

“Our production team loves them!! I have just ordered some more “¦ and will have to keep ordering until every operator has a pair. They seem to be very durable and are standing up well against the use we put them through.” – Nora G. (Facilities Assistant, Microspec Corporation)

TenActiv™ Impact-Resistant Cut-Resistant with Black Foam Nitrile Palms

  • TenActiv™ yarn provides excellent cut protection while feeling cool and comfortable against your skin
  • Foam nitrile palm coating increases grip in wet and oily conditions
  • Impact-resistant back-of-hand protection safeguards against knocks and bumps without impeding flexibility or dexterity
  • String-knit shell improves dexterity and breathability compared to traditional leather option

Emerald CX® 13-Gauge Nylon/Stainless-Steel Knit with Foam Nitrile Palms

  • Combination of nylon and fine-gauge steel for economical cut protection
  • Extra-long (3 ¾”/9 cm) knit wrists protect wrists, keep gloves fitting snugly
  • Lint-free nylon is lightweight and tough for better dexterity, yet comfy and dexterous with good touch sensitivity
  • A good choice for handling sharp steel or glass

Ground Hog™ Electro-Static Spray Painting Gloves/Polyurethane Gloves

  • Helps eliminate paint spray-back by grounding you to the spray gun
  • Lint free, cleanroom compatible materials and a double folded hemmed cuff edge, ensure the lowest particulate counts
  • A continuous, highly conductive silver strip that runs from the inside surface of the palm to the outside palm surface, effectively grounds a worker when they are holding a spray paint gun
  • Laminated polyurethane fabric resists solvents and is cleanroom compatible
  • Available as Class 100 cleanroom processed. Covered by Canadian and US Patents.

Superior Touch® 13-Gauge Knit With Dyneema® and Foam Nitrile Palms

  • Speckled grey 13-gauge gloves are knit with lint-free, continuous-filament Dyneema®
  • To increase grip and add some puncture resistance, we coated the palms with foam nitrile
  • Foam nitrile improves grip by absorbing and displacing liquids and oils on smooth objects
  • Gloves are washable and can be bleached, at cold temperatures only. (104°F/40°C)

Dyneema® is a registered trademark of Royal DSM N.V.

Superior Touch® 13-Gauge Nylon Knit with Polyurethane Palms

  • Fine-gauge nylon is highly touch-sensitive, and non-linting
  • Polyurethane coating provides great grip also low-particulate shedding
  • Great for fine assembly or any task requiring light cut protection
  • Snug fitting for all day comfort and dexterity

Contender™ Para-Aramid Cut-Resistant Knit Sleeves

  • Double-layer para-aramid cut-resistant and heat-resistant tubular knit sleeves
  • Soft, comfortable knit provides a snug fit that conforms to your arm contours for stay-in-place comfort
  • Good resistance to spark, flame and heat
  • Sleeves will not support combustion
  • To limit the risk of allergic reactions, all of our Canadian-made gloves are now crafted with latex-free materials
  • These Contender™ sleeves are approved for 2.5 seconds of incidental heat contact at 600°F

Available in the following lengths:

10″(#KAWC10),18″ (#KAWC18), 22″ (#KAWC22)

Superior® Lint-Free Slip-On Nylon Painters Glove

  • Surfaces are protected from fingerprints, oils, and scratches
  • Lint-free nylon makes gloves ideal for working with electronics, paint lines
  • Lightweight, comfortable
  • Slip-on styling for ease of donning and doffing
  • Washable

Dexterity® 13-Gauge Nylon Glove with Micropore Nitrile Palms

  • Micropore nitrile coating provides excellent grip by displacing oil on slippery surfaces
  • Nitrile coating keeps hands dry; oils and liquids will not soak through to palm
  • Black color on palms hides dirt and stains
  • Fully launderable

“I have used the gloves you sent me almost daily. I really like your company’s gloves. The gloves seem to be holding up really well. I like that I can hold a ¼ drive tool and pick up, install, and remove small hardware that is covered in hydraulic fluid, oil, and fuel. I believe Superior Glove has a great product.” Todd M., Infinity Support Services.

Sure Knit™ 7-Gauge Cut-Resistant Spun Composite Blend

  • High abrasion-resistance enhances cut resistance over the lifespan of the glove
  • Addition of composite filament fiber for dramatically higher cut protection
  • Gloves are snug fitting and comfortable: great dexterity and flexibility, washable
  • Grey speckled color hides dirt; hand-to-hand reversible for greater economy
  • Gloves can withstand intermittent thermal contact up to 325°F/162°C
  • Fully launderable in warm or cold water

Also available with double sided PVC dots (#SDYF2D).


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