Photolum Marking

Designed for safe Low Location Lighting egress pathway marking during power outages and emergency situations.

Go for Zero Guide

Every workplace accident generates cost, and potentially includes a severe human toll that impacts morale and productivity. Managing safety risks to prevent workplace accidents from happening is both a humane and an economically sound strategy to protect or even improve company profitability.

Brady’s guidebook provides an insight in the main safety risks in industrial sectors, includes components and tips to create a Go for Zero safety programme and presents tools to implement it on the workfloor.

Table of Contents:

  • The cost of workplace accidents
  • Main industrial safety risks
  • A safety policy
  • Management commitment
  • Safety communications
  • Hazard assessment & control
  • Safety & Health training
  • Safety planning, rules & work procedures
  • Accident investigation
  • Safety management system
  • Evaluation of risk assessment
  • Deming cycle
  • A practical example
  • Go for Zero tools
  • Lockout/Tagout, Safety signs, Area marking, Pipe marking, Visual Tagging, Spill control
  • Safety identification printers and Safety software

By creating a safety policy, implementing a continuous improvement safety management system and providing safety tools on the workfloor, the basic conditions are set for your Go for Zero safety programme.

Download the free guidebook!

Floor Marking

High-quality floor marking with Brady Labels and Tapes, an economical solution for marking the routes and potentially hazardous areas inside your factory quickly and easily.

Also available:

  • Anti-Skid Tape
  • Warning Tape / ToughStripe

Stands & Posts

Barricade potentially hazardous areas indoors or outdoors with portable plastic posts and chains. Their lightweight yet tough construction stands up to years of use in temporary or permanent applications.

Also available:

  • BradyCone Warning System
  • Floor Stands
  • Warning Posts & Chains


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