Flameproof Leadlamp

The Flameproof Leadlamp is a lightweight portable floodlight for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and is CE marked to the ATEX directive for safe use in zones 1 and 2 potentially explosive gas atmospheres, where a T3/T4 temperature class permits.

Three different versions are available, with the option of powering from a 12, 24 or 42 Volt supply. Bulb ratings vary from 55 to 70 Watts and all versions offer unparalleled light output over an extremely wide 100° solid cone of light, ideal for confined space operations. Flameproof leadlamps are used extensively in many explosive atmosphere applications, particularly in cleaning, grit blasting and painting operations in tanks, silos and pipelines.


The Flameproof Leadlamp has a die cast aluminium alloy construction making the product lightweight and portable, ideal for carrying during extended shifts in offshore and onshore cleaning operations. The Leadlamp is constructed as a flameproof enclosure, containing the halogen bulb, switch and connecting wires. A flameproof threaded joint allows internal access, making bulb replacement and other minor maintenance a quick and simple operation. A large hexagonal rubber moulded guard is fitted to the outside of the head of the lamp, ensuring the glass lens and the flameproof threaded joint are both protected from drop or impact damage. The handle is moulded in tough high impact plastic and fitted with a cable clamp, and provides protection for the increased safety clamped cable terminals. Cables and plugs of the appropriate rating and duty must be used and in explosive atmospheres ‘Ex’ component certified plugs, sockets and suitable fusing are required.


A leather carrying strap is supplied with each Lamp unit.


Features & Benefits

  • Complies with ATEX Directive. 94/9/EC
  • High output halogen light, up to 70 watts
  • Lightweight alloy construction for single handed portability
  • Zone 1 & 2, Gas group IIC T3/T4 certified
  • Designed for quick and easy re-lamping and maintenance
  • 12, 24 or 42 Volts models available
  • Integral operation switch
  • Oil resistant rubber guard for drop and impact protection
  • Ideal for cleaning, grit blasting and painting operations

ATEX Turbolite

The ATEX Turbolite is a high power compressed air driven lamp for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and meets EN 1127 ‘explosion prevention and protection’ in europe and FM Class 3600 ‘electrical equipment for use in hazardous (classified) locations’ in the USA.

Wolf airlamps provide illumination for shotblasting, cleaning and coating of storage tanks and vessels and pipeline and structural engineering activities, offering a safer alternative to mains and low voltage lighting where explosive atmospheres present a serious risk to the workforce.  Light models include: Bay provides a high level of all-round general illumination and Flood has a matt reflector giving a wide-angle diffused beam. Available in aluminium (A) or brass (B), usable in gassy mines and all lamps are nickel plated to protect against corrosion and are supplied with a bridle and safety hook fitted.


The ATEX Turbolite is powered, purged, pressurised and cooled by compressed air controlled by an integral regulator, which passes through the lamp head and drives the turbine wheel by means of three nozzle plates. The turbine drives a magnet rotor within windings, generating the 24 Volt ac electrical supply which powers the 250 Watt halogen bulb. Major improvements over other models, include sealed bearings, refined regulator, greater use of stainless steel components, bulb-life enhancing device and silencer with a particle trap.


Special certification conditions: clean, dry compressed air and anti-static air hose are used to operate the lamp to minimise contamination inside the lamp and dangerous accumulation of static electricity and in potentially explosive dust atmospheres a ‘remote exhaust’ must be used, exhausting air to the safe area. Accessories available include anti-static hoses, filters and stands, tripods, setting and testing devices.


Features & Benefits

  • CE marked to ATEX Directive, for use in zones 1 and 2 Hazardous Areas
  • Aluminium super-lightweight construction
  • 250 watt Halogen light output
  • Safe compressed air power source
  • Re-designed for greater reliability
  • Fitted with stainless steel exhaust silencer
  • Dust ignition protected for zones 21 and 22 using remote exhaust
  • Group I Mining approval with alternative brass construction
  • US Factory Mutual dual marking approval


The Turbolite is a high powered compressed air driven lamp developed from the well known Wolf Airturbo and is certified for use in zones 1 and 2 hazardous areas, commonly used in the oil and petrochemicals industries, for tank cleaning and pipeline inspections, offering a safer alternative to low voltage lighting in dangerously wet conditions as well as where flammable gases and vapours can accumulate in confined spaces.

The Turbolite A-TL44 has a bay light fitting comprising a ball glass and protective polycarbonate dome to provide all-round general purpose illumination and a hook provides for suspension of the lamp in the working area or for simple fastening to a folding tripod. The Turbolite A-TL45 has a reflector head fitting for direct illumination with a polished or matt reflector giving the option of a concentrated narrow beam or diffused wide angle illumination.


The housings are cast brass, a spark free material, and the safety hook is also brass, but forged for extra strength and all external parts are nickel plated. Internal components are of durable design making the products suitable for use in the harshest industrial environments. A clean dry air supply is a condition of certification and essential for the efficient running of these lamps, otherwise contamination will deposit into the inside of the lens, reducing illumination levels. Suitable air-line filters can be supplied. Another mandatory requirement is the use of anti-static hose, to prevent the generation of unsafe levels of static electricity.


The 24 volt 250 watt tungsten halogen bulb is available in two types offering a choice of 6,000 lumens for 2,000 hours or 9,000 lumens for 200 hours. Lamps are routinely run in, tested and set to the necessary output prior to despatch and are simple and easy to maintain.



33 06 37 – A-TL45 Floodlight

33 06 38 – A-TL44 Baylight


Features & Benefits

  • 250 Watt Halogen Ultimate Output
  • Electronic Setting Device
  • Generator Overspeed Protector
  • Advanced Internal Topology Rotor Design
  • Spark Free Brass Casings
  • Full Accessory Range Available


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